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  1. A big Snowshoe Siamese guy needs a place
  2. BOSTON: Cerebellar Hypoplasia kittens need homes
  3. Desert Lynx desperately in need of a home! *Update* 1/30; post #6
  4. Urgent Help needed! Special needs cat needs assistance ASAP (Bethlehem)
  5. *Crosspost* Free pure white cat to good home (harrisburg) *Deaf*
  6. 3 legged CH'er needs a home
  7. Crosspost
  8. Anyone near Harrisburg area, PA??
  9. I'm at it again....BABY KITTENS CAME TODAY :)!
  10. CROSSPOST: 2 Neglected Cats in need of Foster or Permanant Homes ASAP!! Philly
  11. Urgent! Must Rehome Gorgeous Pure Black Kitten, Half-Siamese ASAP!! (Newville)
  12. SAN DIEGO: URGENT! 3 cats by SUNDAY 2/28
  13. 8 cats in cages in storage barn will be gassed urgent OHIO
  14. Happy ending for a stray
  15. Desperate situation in CT...
  16. Warwick RI Shelter Flooded, Foster Homes Needed
  17. 7 Month Old Female Kitten Looking for her Forever Home Calico!
  18. Please crosspost far & wide
  19. Special Needs Kitten In Need Of Home-Pictures Added
  20. Groveling...
  21. Cross Post - From Dog Rescue
  22. Bogey
  23. Need Help transporting kittens from SE KS to OK or TX
  24. Update on mini-6/1/10
  25. Oh GILL.....
  26. URGENT!!!!!! Sweet Annie to be killed in a day or so!!!!
  27. Two cats in Gainesville Florida need a home!
  28. Rome GA - URGENT 60+ kitties to die Wed 6/16 8AM
  29. I need a lactating mama cat in CT...
  30. Hundreds of Cats at Pennsylvania Animal Sanctuary Rescued by ASPCA With Assistance
  31. Look what I saw on Petfinder.com
  32. Cat needs a new home
  33. olser cat in tx needs home
  34. XXX URGENT phil, PA SPECIAL NEEDS NEED OUT NOW 35+ litters dumped today!!!! Please he
  35. Hey Anikaca77...
  36. Little Molly formerly known as Phoenix is spending a few days with me...
  37. Urgent plea for transport help!!! Ky to ny, ma and ct!!
  38. Kitten Help
  39. Two kitties need loving homes...
  40. Some great cat rescues.......
  41. Persecution of No-Kill rescue by Humane Society
  42. Myles and his new human...
  43. Rescued kitten in central VA needs a home
  44. Just driving down the street...
  45. PAST URGENT the death list, some starting tomorrow
  46. Kitten with eye injury needs help
  47. Deaf cat Andy needs rescue ASAP
  48. cat needs sponsor immediately or will get put down eye problem
  49. Cat in need of home for a few months
  50. Urgent-Please HELP if you can
  51. Cat fosterer needed near swanley, dartford, bexleyheath area
  52. Need Immediate rescue cat to be PTS
  53. Another kitty may be hanging with the rest of the Ploss crew...11/27 UPDATE!!
  54. emergency!!! cat needs medical attention or will be killed
  55. Home desperately needed!!!
  56. 6 kitties needed help.. pics post #11
  57. I'm Very Upset!!! Update 12-11-10
  58. Home Needed for Stray Cat....Why Me....Tis the Season right :)
  59. Big Bob Is Ready For A Home
  60. Havahart traps $89.99 at Overstock.com
  61. Kitten in Tampa, FL SHE IS HOME!!!
  62. Orange Tiger Up for Adoption
  63. so side allentown missing white young cat
  64. Four kittens need a home
  65. California - 40 cats need help!!!!
  66. Introducing 14 year old bart the magnificent! Pictures! UPDATE 2/2
  67. Blind Cat Rescue
  68. My cat enclosure
  69. Adolf, my newest rescue
  70. Urgent: Ch babies need a home
  71. cat with head injury needs out of shelter TODAY(california)
  72. SO. CAL: URGENT- CH temp. foster needed
  73. CH Kitty Needs a Home
  74. So Cal: Urgent Special Needs Kitten Needs Loving Home.
  75. SoCal: Urgent: Special Needs Kitten Needs Loving Home
  76. Took another possible "baby daddy" off the streets
  77. Donna / MoosMom!! Sphynx need homes
  78. Tired and weary...How I spent my Memorial Weekend
  79. We need prayers
  80. We Need Help For This Kitten In New York (Upstate)
  81. Sweet Surprise
  82. PLEASE SAVE A LIFE! Cochrane and Area Humane Society - cats!
  83. Ohio Pyle area of PA URGENT!!!!!! All safe!
  84. Central Ohio: 2 CH kitties need home ASAP
  85. URGENT: 100+ Cats in SOUTH NJ need intake BY Jul 12th
  87. CLEARFIELD, PA: 2 yrs old, broken back but gets around OK
  88. Huntington, NY - Another CH kitty needs a home
  89. Cats need homes in Houston
  90. 2 Kittens Need a Good Home
  91. Maxwell, Senior FIV KITTY NEEDS A HOME!!! S. California.
  92. Sonoma California: JONAH, CH Kitty in Animal Control
  93. URGENT! LONG ISLAND, 3 CH kittens: rescue near Boston will take!
  94. Urgent: 3 ch kitties need placement asap! Michigan people!!
  95. young mom and 11 week old son need a home
  96. CLIFTON, NJ: Senior kitties need medical fostering
  97. CONNECTICUT: 2 CH adult kitties
  98. CENTRAL OHIO: 2 CH kitties need home ASAP
  99. Who should I get?
  100. Richmond VA - : owner dead, Turkish Angora needs rescue/home
  101. SALEM, OREGON: CH cat urgently needs a home
  102. Urgent: Transport, Eugene OR-Gig Harbor WA, CH kitty
  103. Michelin desparately needs a home!
  104. CT Two Sphynxes need homes!!!
  105. VA (Fairfax County AS): URGENT: Foster for Maine CoonX!
  106. MD: Turkish VanX -- hit by car needs commitment TODAY! TIME SENSITIVE!!!!!
  107. URGENT: Sched. euth 9/22: 3 CH kits, Santa Rosa CA
  108. Ch kit in s. New jersey needs rescue
  109. INDIANAPOLIS: CH kitty needs home
  110. DIABETIC CAT, MORRO BAY CA: Owner Kim just died
  111. BROOKLYN NY: 2 ch kitties in desperate need of rescue group or adoption
  112. Cats found because of Jack
  113. Socializing three 9 week old feral kittens...UPDATE 11/9//11
  114. Okay, call me INSANE!!!!! UPDATE WITH PICTURE!!
  115. LOS ANGELES: Kitty w/no tail and resulting poo problems
  117. PATERSON NJ EMERGENCY: 7 Cats immediate shelter needed
  118. URGENT: Foster, Brooklyn/Queens/NYC area
  119. Sandy Sweet Girl Looking for a Forever Home
  120. NW corner of Indiana: 4 CH kittens
  121. Orange Co., CA: kitten w/seizures
  122. Bergen Co., NJ: 2 CH females
  123. LOS ANGELES: CH boy with deformed foot
  124. ARKANSAS: DECLAWED CH kitty needs rescue - URGENT
  125. STOCKTON, CA: 6 mo. old Male CH kit
  126. GRIFFITH, INDIANA: 4 CH kittens
  127. UTAH: So. Salt Lake: CH kitty Sam
  128. Cincinnati, OH: 2 Cornish Rex need new home
  129. NJ, Monmouth Cty: URGENT - female tux cat to be killed at MCSPCA TUESDAY - Owner died
  130. Newark NJ: 2 cats alone in foreclosed home
  131. Bridgewater, NJ: URGENT - Healthy but diabetic 3 year-old male cat needs home
  132. NJ: IMMEDIATE foster needed for elderly cat or will be PTS
  133. URGENT - Ziggy has till 7 p.m. tonight!
  134. New Haven: PLEASE SAVE THIS POOR CAT- Abandoned gray cat in apt. hallway
  135. Any contacts in Paterson NJ? All cats at pat pound euthing today
  136. NJ (VINELAND): Tabby needs home IMMEDIATELY
  137. NJ (Haledon): Person moving TODAY? cats need rescue
  138. CT (Darien): DIABETIC DECLAWED CAT needs a new home!
  139. 17 year old cat...
  140. Cat Ladies - Canadian documentary from 2009
  141. CARSON, CA: 5-yr-old Russian Blue needs out of Carson shelter TODAY, Tues. Jan. 31
  142. Phillipsburg, NJ: Urgent - kitten needs intake asap!
  144. Bridgewater, NJ: XXURGENT SENIOR DIABETIC declaw CAT WILL BE PTS- Owner can't afford insuline
  145. Northern NJ: URGENT 2 Cats, DEXTER & SHADOW Need Rescue/Place NOW
  146. HARLEM, MANHATTAN, NY: URGENT- Court ordered mass SIAMESE CAT kill
  147. Montgomery Township, NJ: NEEDLESS CAT KILLINGS 14 cats killed - Pls forward to your contacts.
  148. Manalapan, NJ: 3 kittens, outdoors and starving
  149. PATERSON NJ: URGENT - Friendly orange boy stray....no place to go.
  150. Montlclair, NJ: Help! Indoor cats abandoned and tossed outside when owners moved!
  151. GREAT UPDATE, post #2 - Re: Phillipsburg NJ: SICK STRAY!!! PLEASEEEE
  152. NEWARK NJ: 5 month Kitten needs rescue or will go to Newark kill shelter! Vetted
  153. TETERBORO NJ: Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitty in Shelter needs rescue ASAP!!!!!!
  154. BELLE MEAD, NJ: Blind cat abandoned in a carrier needs rescue from kill pound
  155. Parsippany NJ: 4-wk-old Kittens and mom need IMMEDIATE help
  156. SPRINGFIELD, PA (Delaware County): Rocko needs a home - DECLAWED orange tabby
  157. Van Nuys, CA, nr LA: Mild CH Kitty at East Valley Shelter Needs OUT NOW!!
  158. RAHWAY, NJ: ONLY HAS UNTIL FRI. 3/30 - See #2
  159. CAMDEN, NJ: URGENT - kittens in house set to be boarded up
  160. NY - Tappan Zee Bridge area: Two 17-year old cats being tossed out to make room for in-laws!!
  161. LAMBERTVILLE NJ: 4 cats need adoption ASAP!
  162. WONDERFUL UPDATE! - BORDENTOWN, NJ: Beautiful orange tabby, neutered, FRONT DECLAWED, male cat dumped
  163. VIRGINIA BEACH, VA: 76 cats in seriousl danger of being taken and put down
  164. PLAINFIELD, NJ: Sick and suffering cats (one blind) are being abandoned.
  165. CHERRY HILL, NJ: Urgent!! pecial-needs Siamese going to kill shelter 4/11/12: Urgent!! Urgent!!
  166. VINELAND, NJ: Sweet Young One Eyed Kitty Needs Home, Being Picked On By Colony Cats
  167. NORTH NJ (Transport Available): Two Orphaned Kits Lost their Mom & HOME! NOWHERE TO GO!
  168. OLD BRIDGE NJ - URGENT - Young neutered m cat / needs rescue by 4/13
  169. LONG ISLAND, NY:-2 Adorable kittens found.. Need Foster ASAP before person releases them
  170. BRIDGEWATER, NJ: Super sweet, spayed, declawed 5 year old female CUDDLES will be homeless very soon.
  171. HALEDON, NJ: URGENT: If these cats end up at the Paterson shelter, they donít stand a chance.
  172. MORRISTOWN, NJ: 2 baby kittens need foster parent who can bottle-feed
  173. DOVER, NJ: need foster for nursing mommy cat & kittens - now living in abandoned car
  174. MT. LAURELl, NJ- 2 house cats abandoned on street. Beautiful Long haired Orange
  175. PASSAIC, NJ SHELTER - Five - 6 week old kittens need RESCUE!
  176. BARRIE, ONTARIO: CH KITTY Needs Rescue or adoption.. Her other cats are beating the crap out of her...
  177. CLIFTON, NJ: CODE RED!!! Nursing moms and kittens to be trapped by ACO.
  178. SOUTH FLORIDA: Ivory, special needs boy, handicapped as a kitten
  179. COLLEGE PT., NY - URGENT: tiny kitten abandoned by mother; eyes crusty and closed
  180. CONNECTICUT: TASHA, SEAL POINT - Will be put to sleep if not rescued by June 8
  181. LONG ISLAND: Beautiful Tula the cat-White Beauty Needs Immediate Help..Owners Leaving Her!!
  182. MONTCLAIR area, NJ: Please help Frances, diabetic cat
  183. WASHINGTON STATE: Rescue needs our support to help Pixie rescued from Hoarding situation
  184. KING GEORGE COUNTY, VA: Need help for 18 cats being abandoned
  185. STATEN ISLAND, NY: Semi- Bottle baby - Russian blue - needs you ASAP!! SI ACC
  186. ALPHA, NJ: Deaf senior Persian boy
  187. CAMDEN, NJ: URGENT - Litter of Four Kittens, Four Weeks Old, Need Rescue
  188. JERSEY CITY, NJ: Persian kitty needs a home
  189. HALEDON, NJ: Tiny kitten found in sewer-
  190. WEEHAWKEN, NJ: URGENT SICK KITTEN : Help needed Mother Cat & Kittens ONE SICK!
  191. KEARNY, NJ: Kittens need intake
  192. JERSEY CITY, NJ: Sweet scared cat - Pumpkin Needs Some Help
  194. Rescued Cat ..
  195. ELIZABETH, NJ, URGENT: THIS WEEK: Kittens in basement - owner threatening them- they are in dire danger.
  196. MANHATTAN, NY: UPDATE: SHE'S SAFE! See #5 -(INJURED SIAMESE, female, gorgeous, needs help asap!)
  197. To My Foster Mom (or Dad)
  198. KEARNY, NJ: URGENT: RESCUER needs help . She is desperate . Cats are at risk of poisoning.
  199. REIGELSVLLE, PA - SOS !! FRIENDLY PREGNANT KITTEN needs immediate intake
  200. KING GEORGE, VA: URGENT - 7/1, KGAC IS OVER CAPACITY now for cats Can anyone save any?
  201. BANGOR, PA: Stunning long-haired 16-year-old Balinese, owner died.
  202. NEW YORK CITY, NY: SOS !! EUTH SCHED 6/25- Two beautiful declawed elder cats at NY Kill Shelter: Bonded buddies
  203. NYC, NY: Disabled--URGENT Tortie-Point Siamese tortured and now to be put to sleep!!
  204. MONTAGUE, NJ: 7 free to good home kittens need foster ASAP
  205. SADDLE BROOK, NJ: 8 year old cat will be put to sleep because of allergies.
  206. HALEDON, NJ: Four 6 week old kittens in need of rescue
  207. MOOSUP, CT: SUPER URGENT: 2 Neutered Male Indoor Cats Need a Home and Vet Care
  208. SAFE!!!(see msg #3) - HAMMONTON, NJ- 2 orange long haired & short hair kittens on street - help.
  209. NEWARK, NJ: URGENT NEED Foster home for Newark kittens!
  210. CHESTER, PA: UPDATE: Mothers need TNR too.. 5 long-haired kittens need rescue
  211. LONG ISLAND: SOS-RESCUE, mom with 5 babies under deck... FINDER WILL NOT FEED/WILL NOT HELP!!!!!URGENT
  212. Call me crazy...
  213. a pet or a child
  214. PHILADELPHIA, PA - Needs Rescue: Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitten Marco
  215. OLD BRIDGE NJ - URGENT =very sick kitten !! SEEKING HELP FOR KITTEN
  216. HARTFORD, CT: URGENT CODE RED! Homeless woman in car with SENIOR cats NEEDS URGENT HELP!
  217. SAFE now! - LONG ISLAND, NY: URGENT - cerebellar hypoplasia "wobbly" kitten in shelter -- will be PTS soon!
  218. EAST STROUDSBURG, PA: Craigslist (GRRRRR!) !! Free 2 year old maine coon cat. UTD and fixed.
  219. PASSAIC, NJ SHELTER - 3 Little Kittens at Kill Shelter - sched to be PTS Fri 7/6
  220. NJ/PA: URGENT BY FRI 7/6 PM: need hospice/sanctuary or rescue for for CH? cat
  221. PHILADELPHIA, PA - Three Vision-Impaired young Kittens in Need of Rescue
  222. WATERBURY, CT: Someone please help!!! Cats Dumped and Abused!! 3 Blind cats, another hit by car, another attacked by dog
  223. unwanted kitties on craiglsit in snohomish wa .. near everett
  224. NEWARK, NJ: Free cats on craigslist Newark : long-haired and siamese
  225. LOS ANGELES: UPDATE (see msg #4) -hit by car, broken jaw and head injury!
  226. PENNSVILLE, NJ: 2 kittens!!! SHE'S GOING TO EUTH 12 WEEK OLD KITTEN, Craigslist NJ, Vision Impaired
  228. CLIFTON, NJ: UPDATE, sick one safe (msg. 2) - SOS!! 2 kittens outside, one dying
  229. IRVING, TX: HELP!!! TIME IS TICKING! - Deformed Kitty "Forrest"
  230. NEWARK, NJ: SOS! Extremely sweet kitten living on streets
  231. BEVERLY, NJ: Mom cat needed to nurse 3 kittens
  232. SOMERSET, NJ: Blind cat!!! Needs home ASAP!
  234. LYMERICK, PA: Flamepoint Siamese, 2 y.o. male, FIV+, needs palcement by Saturday or will be PTS
  235. URGENT!!!!! Bonded Sphynxes need home NOW!!!
  236. MOORESTOWN, NJ - very friendly mama & kittens need help outside
  237. WAYNE, NJ -SAFE!!! (See msg. #2)!!!! Gorgeous RAGDOLL KITTY NEEDS HELP!
  238. UNION COUNTY (Central) NJ: Free kitten Affectionate little boy kitty Free - on Craig's List
  239. Central NJ: diabetic cat needs a new home
  240. LOS ANGELES (DOWNEY SHELTER): Help needed for rescued kitten, poss. CH
  241. LOS ANGELES:MORE URGENT now!!! 2 Cerebellar Hypoplasia Kitties In Need, NOW BEING KEPT IN LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!
  242. ADOPTED! (See msg. 4) -TOTOWA, NJ: BLIND KITTEN needs home!!!
  243. MILLERSVILLE, MD (DC Metro): Broken Jaw Mama Kitty + Kittens
  244. MOORESTOWN, NJ (South Jersey): HELP HELP! Very Friendly mama and kittens need rescue from outside!!!
  245. MANALAPAN, NJ: 5 kittens - VERY URGENT - 5 kittens under porch need immediate rescue!
  246. CHICAGO, IL area: Sad situation and story for 2 CH Kitties who need a cat rescue or an adopter please.
  247. CORAM, NY: (UPDATE: SAFE! (msg #2) 6 year old ORANGE FEMALE TABBY getting kicked out!!! NEEDS HOME!!!!! PLEASE HELP!!!
  248. NEWARK, NJ: URGENT - Sweet orange cat needs medical attention/foster.
  249. BELLVILLE, NJ: URGENT!! 7 Kittens poisoned already. Fosters and donations urgently needed!
  250. OLD BRIDGE, NJ: Housecat Dumped Outside-- URGENT-Needs Home or Rescue before August 9