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  1. Cats and human pregnancy
  2. Litter box lament
  3. introducing cats to each other
  4. jumpy kitty!
  5. My cat decided to forget the litter box
  6. Brother Cats now hate each other :(
  7. Two male cats that fight constantly
  8. OK, Explain this!
  9. How does your cat try to stop you from leaving?
  10. Chest pains
  11. Attack Mode
  12. How to transition an anxious/scared kitty
  13. Don't miss this!
  14. Stop scratching the furniture!!
  15. Chatty Cat Only
  16. Moral quandry about peeing foster cat
  17. Cat question
  18. Behavioral Problem?
  19. Treats Instead Of Food? HELP!
  20. Constant Meowing slowly driving me mad...
  21. Strange kitty problem (& Hello)
  22. How do I stop my male kitten biting the new female????
  23. My cat is a hero
  24. Another cat question
  25. My cat just started doing this...
  26. cats and babies
  27. New SCARED foster kitty... with MAJOR issues
  28. Cats opening doors
  29. Dropped and Found
  30. My Cat, the Fruit Bat
  31. My Cats Eating My Clothes!
  32. Just when you think you chose the right sofa...
  33. Angel and her LOVE for plants
  34. Is she allergic?
  35. kitty fun or funny
  36. What are your cats strange habits?
  37. My cat is totally afraid of the vacumm!
  38. Cat Track Observation . . .
  39. PLEASE help cat adoption issue!!
  40. Angel won't let me sleep!
  41. OH MY the change!
  42. In the cipboard...Again
  43. Cat problem
  44. A Couple Questions About Molly
  45. Need Help for Vita
  46. Cat bully
  47. Found Claw In Cochise's Head!
  48. cat spraying
  49. cat spraying
  50. Playful swat?
  51. No hiding allowed?
  52. Can cats see ghosts?
  53. What was your cat like after..
  54. Ollie's back from the vet...and Stewie hates him
  55. Aggresive Cat--Pls Help
  56. Eating weird stuff
  57. PT I Really Need Your Help!
  58. Feral cat transition questions
  59. Mocha has some Issues!!
  60. A question for someone who has introduced cats...
  61. Crying out for me when she can't find me- following me around the house?
  62. Help! I can't pet my kitten
  63. kitty peepee problems :(
  64. Cat urine removal ?
  65. Tips for a New Cat Owner
  66. Cat and New Baby
  67. A question for kitten people
  68. How do I get my cat to stop freaking out?
  69. Desperate about a crazy cat!
  70. Help my boys are peeing on their cat tower...
  71. Cat nursing stuffed bear...
  72. Odd Behavior....Why?
  73. neurotic cat?
  74. My cat won't poop in the litter box
  75. Catnip makes them grouchy?
  76. Matted fur
  77. Precious behaving NOT so preciously!
  78. Acting like a mother
  79. Cat Proof Window Screens?
  80. Feliway product does it really work?
  81. two cats keep fighting! HELP!
  82. Raising Kittens!
  83. A problem with roughplay
  84. Help with Male Spraying
  85. Bella is seriously misbehaving!!
  86. water bowl bumping
  87. Fat cat allert
  88. My Cat Pepper
  89. Buttermilk & being silly
  90. Ewwww - OSCAR!
  91. Traumatic Encounter with Dog
  92. Annoying Behavior
  93. Peculiar habits
  94. Tele-kitties
  95. What Does It Mean When Cats Give Nudges?
  96. New Cat In The House
  97. handicapped cats
  98. What can I do to keep the peace?
  99. Older cat sniffing new kitten
  100. Two females fighting!!
  101. I Need Advice.....
  102. Changing litter boxes
  103. Cat taking over the dog's bed!
  104. Why, why, why....
  105. Cat loves to bottle feed
  106. I'll have what YOU'RE having!
  107. my kitty bites
  108. To get a new kitty or not is the question!
  109. Bathing Cat! This is so good!
  110. Cat in the Box
  111. Just moved, cats know excessive licking
  112. Question regarding some strange behavior
  113. Cats scratching carpets & furniture
  114. Kittens ready for love.....
  115. tommy doesn't like his little sister
  116. Bad cat or sick cat...that is the question
  117. Kayleigh has a foot fettish?
  118. Mother hates her Daughter!
  119. Cat eats elastic???
  120. Cat fights
  121. Sweet little Winnie!!
  122. Sunny's Bullying Storm Again!!!
  123. She Won't Come Out from behind the Washing Machine
  124. Neurotic kitty! Abandonment issues?
  125. Cat wont stop spraying
  126. Please Help!!! Sunny's Driving Me Crazy!!!!
  127. Why can't we all just get along?
  128. Poor Makis... Please Help!
  129. Cat Personality test
  130. Socializing Feral Cats
  131. Cat's switching roles????
  132. Stress or meds? pulling tuffs of fur out?
  133. Can Anyone Help Me? Im so sad
  134. In Depth - Introducing New Cats
  135. My Kitten does not purr!
  136. Cat actually enjoys attacking dogs?
  137. Pet my cat, it pinch-bites then licks?
  138. Litter pan mishap?
  139. Male Cat Spraying
  140. my cat got out and now is acting crazy
  141. My cat bites people when they're excited
  142. Strawberries
  143. cat bad habit
  144. THANK YOU! Love, Bean
  145. i got a new cat and my acts actin different.. help
  146. Drinking out of the bathroom faucet *Update 8/9*
  147. why is she biting him
  148. the biting cat ps
  149. Unprovoked,random attacks <long post>
  150. I Lost my Cat
  151. Biter and Swiper
  152. My cats are pooping all over the lawn!
  153. Smart Cat
  154. Why does this happen?
  155. eating flies
  156. Cat peeing on dryer. A not uncommon problem?
  157. Cats and Music
  158. If mamma ain't happy...
  159. Cerain pets act oddly to musc
  160. Do other cats do this?
  161. Help! Curiosity is going to kill my cat!
  162. Halloween Cats???
  163. What is he howling for?? Please help...
  164. Wet Cat
  165. Leg stretch to show affection?
  166. Help: kitties don't get along!
  167. kitten pooping in front of door - HELP!
  168. Stopped Using the Litter Box
  169. Cats and Christmas
  170. Is it okay to change a cats name??
  171. Just wondering...cats and whistling
  172. Cat RUNS like crazy before POOP
  173. sig is chewing up the furniture
  174. my cat is depressed
  175. my cat keeps throwing her water out of her cat dishes
  176. Several questions
  177. My cat has a weird personality
  178. Serious Cat Issues!
  179. One cat beating up the other
  180. Help
  181. 2 cats suddenly not getting along
  182. New Cat Not Getting Along w/ Others :(
  183. War of the Felines!
  184. What's he doing?
  185. He's dropping little poo pellets!
  186. Keeping the peace when you have more than one cat
  187. Male cat that is still catting around.
  188. Our cat is attacking our new kitty!
  189. Cat urinates on couch and bed???
  190. Mini Blinds in Danger
  191. crazy cat?
  192. Spoiled Cat?
  193. Cat peeing on my daughters bed
  194. Mental Malachi...
  195. My cat has food issues
  196. Adopting a cat from same litter question
  197. Hissing Cat
  198. Cat poops outside of box
  199. Friends turned enemies
  200. Does your cat sleep with you?
  201. Are Cats Jealous?
  202. Opening the cat food bag...
  203. Night Warbler...how to curb...help!
  204. New kitten being a bully...
  205. How To: stop male declawed cat from urinating on the furniture?
  206. What to do about my unhappy cat
  207. Adopted cat licking my clothes whenever she is on my knee!
  208. Cat pooping and peeing EVERYWHERE
  209. Talking to bugs...
  210. Need to retrain cat
  211. food obsession
  212. Poop & Pee On Chair - Outside
  213. Do you think this will work?
  214. My kitten is a bully !
  215. Dry food messy eaters solution?
  216. He's peeing again...HELP!!!
  217. Taz is eating his cat litter
  218. Does your cat like shoes?
  219. Cat is "talking" to deceased / Spirits ?
  220. Our cat Rascal started spraying for no reason
  221. She let the cat out. Now it ALWAYS wants out.
  222. Cat Positioning on Humans
  223. Is this normal?
  224. Kitty's reaction to my son-in-law.
  225. Cat freaked out by a comb
  226. Help with Cat
  227. Two Cat Question
  228. Abandones Kittens......Questions
  229. Sylvia is pooping everywhere!
  230. Help me Please!! My cat is eating everything! Is there something wrong?
  231. Water Cat!
  232. My Neutered kitten mounts my spayed kittens
  233. Elastic String
  234. Why is my cat so angry now?
  235. Toy ideas to use up Lexi's spare energy!!
  236. Did You Ever See
  237. New Cat Item
  238. Kitten terrorizing the household.
  239. Two Sister Kitties, Two Different Sizes
  240. My sad kitten
  241. My Slightly Crazy but Lovable Cat...
  242. senior cat
  243. Switching From Dry to Wet Food
  244. Need kitten advice
  245. Cat behaviorist
  246. Peaches is a scardy cat
  247. Miss Hissy Fit*update*9/27
  248. Begging Cat
  249. Biting.... Aggression? Playing?
  250. Anti scratch-furniture spray?