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  1. Who has a bed?
  2. Follow me
  3. Telling your pets when you'll return...
  4. Pet Poll Totals
  5. If Your Pet Is In Your Favorite Chair.......
  6. Does your pet wake you up in the morning?
  7. Do you wrap your pet's presents
  8. do u wrap your pets presents?
  9. signing x-mas cards
  10. How Smart Is Your Pet?
  11. Do you buy your pet clothes?
  12. Treats?
  13. Should people be allowed to own ferrets?
  14. YES!!!!!!!!
  15. Do You Carry a Photo of Your Pet in your Wallet?
  16. Do you own your pet? Not in Berkley!
  17. Let's Dance!
  18. Your Pet and MUD!!
  19. Who owns the dog?
  20. Does your pet liked to be brush?
  21. How many pets do you own all together?
  22. Do Your Pets All Get Along?
  23. How often does your pet bathe?
  24. Do You Have Your Pet Professionally Groomed?
  25. Do you let your pet eat off your plate
  26. Do You Include Your Pet in Your Family Photo?
  27. What is the reason that you don't take your pet on vacation with you?
  28. Do You Dream About Your Pet?
  29. nothing
  30. Favorite Season
  32. "Is Your Pet Protective?"
  33. Has anyone got there pet to appear as pet of the day?
  34. What would be the best vacation for your Pet?
  35. Do you feed you pet table scraps?
  36. Does your pet know when your calling his/her name?
  37. Do you celebrate your pets birthday?
  38. Do you Give your Dog Christmas Gifts??
  39. "do you smell your pets feet"
  40. Does your pet have a website?
  41. Do you carry a photo of your pet with you?
  42. Do you make your own pet treats?
  43. Do you pay more attention to ads with animals in them?
  44. Does your pet eat unusual things?
  46. re: Pet Polls
  47. Broccoli-eating cat
  48. poll site, please help!
  49. Is your pet well-behaved?
  50. Is your pet a source of comfort...
  51. Laura Bush
  53. talking (and other stuff) in sleep
  54. Do your dogs run to the door when they hear a doorbell on TV?
  55. Pictures here, please! II
  56. Does your pet lick you?
  57. will your pet lick by comand?
  58. Hotdiggetydawg contest
  60. Do your pets like Trick or Treaters?
  61. indoor or outdoor pet???
  63. Does Your Pet Sleep On Their Back?
  64. Morning "Peep"
  65. Sleep on bed?
  66. Yours answers to message : my pet DUKE
  67. Do you know your pet well?
  68. Do you believe in pet psychics?
  69. Does your pet snore?
  70. How would your pet react to a burglar
  71. singing to my kitty
  72. Bed Hoggers
  73. Does your pet have bad breath?
  74. Do you leave the radio on for your pets?
  75. Do your dogs like to get groomed?
  76. Do your pets greet you at the door?
  77. Does your pet like to travel?
  78. Is my dog the only one who SCREAMS??
  79. Is your pet sneaky?
  80. Does your pet get in trouble a lot?
  81. Does your pet follow you around?
  82. Is your pet destructive?
  83. I voted NO!
  84. Has your pet every been attacked by an animal?
  85. Does your pet like to swim?
  86. Is your pet too noisy?
  87. Is Your Pet Too Noisy?
  88. Does your pet chew on furniture?
  89. Is your rabbit.....
  90. dddd
  91. The Big Bed
  92. Does your vet think your pet is mean?
  93. Earwax
  94. Does your pet think it rules your house?
  95. Pet names??
  96. Do you take your pet shopping in the pet store?
  97. cat snacks
  98. Do your animals ever refuse food?
  99. Do you teach your pet tricks?
  100. Does your bunny...?
  101. Do you dress your pet for special occasions?
  102. Do you think we should be able to talk about religon on PT?
  103. Do you think that people should freeze dry their pets?
  104. Does your pet embarrass you?
  105. The most embarrassing thing...
  106. How old are your pets?
  107. Does your workplace allow pets?
  108. Will my Beagle grow?
  109. Names?
  110. Does your pet eat too much?
  111. Does your pet sign greeting cards?
  112. Dog ??
  113. Move the name box off the photo
  114. Cat's Names? Help!!
  115. Is My dog the only one that can talk
  116. I'm New here how do you check messages?
  117. Is Your Pet Craaaazzzyyy???
  118. do you feed your dog people food
  119. leaving radio/tv on for pets
  120. Spending enough time with your pet
  121. fave rodent!!!
  122. Tv
  123. horses
  124. Spend more time with your pet than people?
  125. Does your dog like cats?
  126. fave colour shepherd
  127. "Bragging" about our pets?
  128. showing off?
  129. potd?
  130. bird and shoulder
  131. how do you make polls?
  132. dogs best friend?
  133. where does your dog/s sleep?
  134. big wet kisses.
  135. MALE vs FEMALE!!
  136. How many treats a day does your pet get?
  137. What size dog do you have?
  138. Does your pet hide when it has done something wrong?
  139. Summer fun
  140. How many cats/dogs have we all rescued here??
  141. Does Your Pet Have Its Own Bed?
  142. how many ppl here havent rescued.
  143. Does your pet like having a bath?
  144. do you agree with reckless breeding?
  145. black dogs.
  146. Do your pets get you a mothers day present,or a card?
  147. A Two Part Poll: Part One
  148. do you make your pet dance?
  149. pick a color! any color
  150. does your dog smile?
  151. Do you get pictures?
  152. *Poll*Does Your Pet like to Ride in the Car?
  153. Re: more time with pets than people?
  154. What is your dog's status?
  155. brushing my pet
  156. Cats VS Dogs
  157. Do your Pet's feet smell like Fritos?
  158. Colored Poodles
  159. commands
  160. How many have had to put a pet to sleep, or take it to the pound
  161. American or English?
  162. Fav cocker?
  163. Rodents
  164. What type of Dachshund fur do u favor?
  165. Horses
  166. Favorite Color Horse
  167. What kind of Riding Have You Done?
  168. Shetland Ponies
  169. What grade are you going into??
  170. Is Your Pet Overweight?
  171. What kind of water does you pet get?
  172. Favorite Sporting Category
  173. Favorite Hound Category
  174. What color dog?
  175. my grandma's cat is really cute
  176. What Kind of Husky...?
  177. Kitten colors :)
  178. Eyecolors
  179. What colour rat?
  180. does your pet sing?
  181. Online pet games
  182. School colors, mascots & student #'s
  183. Favorite Rat Coat Type
  184. Is there any type of pet wpuld you NEVER want to have?
  185. oscar with bump on tail, pls help
  186. Should I leave my pomeranian unattended with my big dogs?
  187. Do You Kiss Your Pet On The Lips?
  188. Poll: What is your favorite breed of dog?
  189. What color of husky :)
  190. How do you....?
  191. What kind of setter?
  192. favorite forum?
  193. Which you visit first?
  194. I need names for my gecko that I am gonna get pretty soon....!
  195. :-)
  196. What is you favorite dog breed?
  197. Pet vegetarianism
  198. Favourite Christmasmelody?
  199. This weeks poll? What does it mean?
  200. Favorite Pinscher...
  201. Where would you go?
  202. Animal shelter
  203. Do you prefeer small dogs or big dogs and why?
  204. do your pets wake you up in the moring?
  205. Stuffed animals
  206. Will you get another pet THIS year?
  207. What Is Your Pet's Favoroute Toy?
  208. Do you read your pets their horoscope?
  209. would you ever??
  210. Do your pets of different species get along?
  211. Would you consider adopting a ....
  212. poll:which pet do you have
  213. poll:what does your pet eat
  214. poll:how many pets do u have
  215. What is ur favorite mastiff?
  216. Favourate thing to do with your pet
  217. How Many Nicknames does your pet have?
  218. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
  219. poll:
  220. Had your pet been POTD/DOTD/COTD??
  221. The current poll on the main site
  222. Fave thing kitty does...
  223. Animal Jobs
  224. Do your pets snore?
  225. what do you like best about your pets
  226. What kind of pet texture do you like?
  227. Groomer or Do it yourself?
  228. Does your pet attack your feet?
  229. How many toes are at your home?
  230. Does your pet suit it's name?
  231. Does your pet eat nuts?
  232. What does your pet do that really ticks you off?
  233. Whats the cutest thing your pet does?
  234. Parson or Jack?
  235. Is your pet a 'pig'?
  236. What are your other hobbies?
  237. Your pets favorite color?
  238. Does your pet like to be brushed?
  239. Favorite Animals
  240. More likely to buy a product if there is an animal in the ad??
  241. Beso
  242. Small and wet....
  243. Cat names
  244. Is your pet smart?
  245. Is your pet smart?
  246. Horses
  247. Hdz
  248. Small rodents
  249. Does anyone have a tattoo of an animal?
  250. Favorite Animal