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  1. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword.
  2. A Real No Brainer
  3. Selling to the highest bidder...
  4. Hundreds Of Dogs Found In Puppy Mill
  5. Emaciated dog we got *pics*
  6. Do you have a geeky hobby?
  7. Thursday- Windows #95!!!
  8. Three more for that room in Hell
  9. Interesting theory on dog attacks
  10. I need Bachelorette Party ideas!
  11. Desperate fishwife
  12. Just the "bare" facts Maam
  13. Man bites dog
  14. BTK was arrested...
  15. New diet????
  16. The BSL is official
  17. THURSDAY THREAD #96 - "Can't every day be Thursday?"
  18. bite me???
  19. S.N.A.P in Mexico Needs Signatures by March 8th!
  20. Naked dining?
  21. There's a cat on your roof!
  22. Home coming for the troops
  23. Journalist crosses the line with his opinions on Pit Bulls
  24. Another Reason Wild Animals ...
  25. There's no sliced bread in Poland.
  26. wow
  27. Really Really Sad.........:(
  28. Wisconsin owners better watch out!
  29. Not again! Does this sound familiar to you?
  30. Vicious breed of teenagers attack Pit Bulls
  31. Trouble Next Door.
  32. I don't hate anyone!!!
  33. Good Advice From H.S.U.S! About Web Sites that Promote Animal Cruelty
  34. Hell Hath No Fury...
  35. 6-yr-old suspended after mother refuses to spank him
  36. Russian roulette!!!
  37. #97, Something Thursday this way comes.
  38. Changing sexual preference??
  39. Stupidest court cases EVER..
  40. Thought this was interesting...
  41. The right way to teach gun safety?
  42. This is horrible!
  43. HEY!!! I'll give you a ring later on..
  44. Annual Vaccinations
  45. Junk Food Accident - OOPS!
  46. Man superglues his eyes shut..
  47. Happy about a church commercial!
  48. Escape From Neverland Game. Help keep the boys on the ranch!
  49. This is how dog attacks should be handled
  50. How bad is too bad to post
  51. When Is A Dog Not A Dog ?
  52. Veterinary Malpractice lawsuits on the rise...
  53. Best Friend Rant!
  54. Flowers, a card and....
  55. Senate votes to open Alaskan wildlife refuge to oil drilling...
  56. Thursday #98- Thorn Thursday.
  57. Willing to do illegal things for this cat!
  58. Scott Peterson sentenced today...
  59. Robert Blake verdict in...
  60. Dog Survives Having Nails Driven Into Skull
  61. how stupid do people get...
  62. Terri Schiavo - so sad :(
  63. Interesting
  64. So sad, what is wrong with people
  65. Shame On Canada
  66. Forensics: Veterinarian blazes medical trail
  67. Animals From 'Puppy Mill' Ready For New Homes
  68. this is just wrong
  69. Missing Florida girl found dead
  70. No Sign of Wayward Pet on Doggie Death Row
  71. another Banana story...
  72. Old discus throwers don't die.....
  73. Women Who Steal Dogs And Why....
  74. Thursday #99 bottles of beer on the wall
  75. What do you think of this?
  76. Human finger found in Wendy's chili
  77. Ugg... stupid doctors!!
  78. Woman Gets Jail For Killing Dog
  79. Easter Bunny Gets Pummled by Boy at Mall
  80. Horrible Incident 10 minutes from hom
  81. Police dogs?
  82. Has this been posted?
  83. Satan and the turtle
  84. Hospice care for pets
  85. *A picture I found....*
  86. Do you pray with your pets?
  87. The road to less road kill
  88. Mr. Slick?
  89. Centennial Thursday #100
  90. Cover Up That Venus!
  91. home delivery????
  92. E.T. - the sequel???
  93. American Idol? More Like Shame
  94. Terri Shiavo passed away today...
  95. Are you missing something????
  96. And the next breed(s) to be banned in Ontario are......
  97. Teen Mum Video Game
  98. Zoo's?
  99. The Pope
  100. The Pope is gone
  101. World's Largest Turkey Baster
  102. Frank Perdue dead at the age of 84
  103. Self defense and personal safety
  104. Pit Bull saves the life who saved him first
  105. Domestic Cats Fair Game in Wisconsin
  106. Shooting sled dogs??
  107. Can this really be true?
  108. After Bloody Seal Hunt, Canadian Seafood Boycott Proposed
  109. Thursday 101...
  110. where's my food???
  111. From Police/Fire Log in a Local Newspaper (roflmao)
  112. Actual ads...
  113. It's Raining Men....
  114. Time for a small reminder.....
  115. Coworker's 8-year-old son hits cat with baseball bat!
  116. How much would you pay for a healthy pet?
  117. thoughts on premarital sex....
  118. Girl marries dog to protect herself!
  119. Oh How I'd Love to Hunt Down This Monster!!!!!
  120. ok, this is awful!!!
  121. how sad...
  122. Thursday-brew 102!!!
  123. What's Going On In Our Schools?
  124. It's a VERY sad day in Wisconsin
  125. Are you offended by facial piercings?
  126. Which commandment is this???
  127. The Color Purple.
  128. Petco agrees to stop large bird sales!
  129. A poll for the women...
  130. The Latest Fad in Internet Animal Cruelty: Pay-Per-View Hunting (sickening)
  131. Mom Traded Daughter For Car!!! OMG!!
  132. life death and taxes....
  133. Please Do Not Drink and Drive *Sad*
  134. Do lobsters feel pain when immersed in boiling water?
  135. I'm Glad Some People Are Waking Up About Puppy Mills!
  136. Thursday #103
  137. Gator looking for new pair of gloves
  138. Apartment rules about pets
  139. If your child was gay..
  140. Texas tries to ban gay foster parents
  141. Sale of euthanized pets troubles DuPage official
  142. Woman who made Wendy’s chili claim jailed
  143. Restoring the dignity of animals
  144. Meth labs are taking a toll on family pets
  145. Animal activists seek to bar woman from owning pets
  146. Proposed ban on gay foster families in TX. >:(
  147. New Law in Italy
  148. Letourno getting married!!
  149. How very bizzare! But I guess she's saving lives
  150. I would like to share this email with you.
  151. Do you get mad when I...
  152. Drama in St. Petersburg
  153. Iams
  154. Happy 104th Thursday
  155. Letter from my apt. complex
  156. Tacky humor
  157. Boss rant.
  158. Give this man a hand!
  159. Product warnings revisited........
  160. Creating 'human-animals' for research
  161. A new campaign for homeless animals
  162. Runaway bride?
  163. Dog's Vasectomy Reversed (and not your common canine companion)
  164. Veterinarian has theory on 'exploding' toads mystery
  165. your opinion on the michael jackson "thing"
  166. Attention!: Another Finger
  167. This is so sick!
  168. What do you think?
  169. Too funny..
  170. Thursdays 105 - Cinco de Mayo
  171. Sacrafices women make
  172. Texas Dog Owners Rights Threatened Again
  173. CT trying to pass a bill...
  174. Bomb Scare & Goat Heads
  175. Please Take a Moment & Sign This to Help End Animal Fighting
  176. Amercian Idol Fans?
  177. Telemarketers...
  178. Gay Marriages
  179. Major animal mill in SD
  180. Student Suspended Over Call From Mom In Iraq..
  181. Oh,geez...
  182. A touchy subject, declawing.....
  183. Family dogs maul toddler in MI
  184. Peta kills animals.
  185. Pit Bulls removed from homes???
  186. Animal lisensing
  187. New article on PETA
  188. 106?
  189. What Do You Think?
  190. Ghetto Resume--would you hire her?
  191. Animal and chipper
  192. The Chili Finger is fingered!
  193. Oh no!
  194. Small Rant!
  195. What do you all think of this? Anti-PETA Billboard
  196. I'm sick to my stomach! Live dog dissected!
  197. DOG SURVIVES FIRE HORROR...Ailing pup set ablaze by sicko.
  198. Wild, wild west
  199. Grrr!
  200. are you pulling my hose??
  201. Putting the finger on the dangers of...
  202. South Park goes Canadian!!!
  203. Shock the Monkey????
  204. If you want to take a pea...
  205. Something you didnt know about me...
  206. Pit Bull smothers baby
  207. alcohol and self worth...
  208. Denver to re-examine dangerous dog ordinance (and they should)!
  209. From Beauty to Sickness
  210. Thursdays #107
  211. Poor little kitties :(
  212. Family planning lawsuit over gator attack!
  213. Unruly Kids? Try the Bratzapper
  214. A case of cut and run Cat found abandoned after botched neutering
  215. Man gets 2 years for taping dog's mouth shut....should be longer, but YAY!
  216. Volunteers helping abused dog stay alive
  217. boxers or briefs????
  218. *OMG* Hundreds of dead cats found in woman's yard
  219. Weirdest Story Of The Week
  220. Round Hard Candy Ban? What's Next?
  221. dopey dog?
  222. Jail, housework? Jail, housework???
  223. 30 years??
  224. Tragedy strikes Trayi52 (Willie)!!!!
  225. After conviction, cat owner gets pets back
  226. Pregnant Woman Attacked By Own Dog
  227. I'll never forget this.....
  228. 108, don't be late - Thursdays
  229. will it EVER end??:((((
  230. Great article -- Denver pit bull ban
  231. Hospital Memo
  232. I am starting to really hate men!
  233. Crash
  234. Welcome to America! Where we tell you what religion you can or cannot practice.
  235. Phil E. Buster.
  236. RSPCA pays price for the woman who kept 271 pets
  237. We killed Bill 1096 in Texas
  238. Woman Found With 250 Cats in Rental Home
  239. Here's one for RICHARD! Man Leaps From Car to Retrieve Cigarette
  240. Austria Lawmaker Wants to ID Dog Droppings
  241. New Form of Road Rage? Irate Parent Rams Van Into School
  242. Advertising
  243. Thursday's 109 - It's Summertime....
  244. The Ford boycott
  245. Ugggh
  246. Save the Mustangs!
  247. Side of the road puppy peddlers
  248. LOL
  249. Help fight against BSL
  250. Pardon me, your thong is showing