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Thread: Opinions about Revolution

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    Opinions about Revolution

    Hi all,
    I would be interested in opinions from those who are using Revolution for cats.

    We live in an area at risk for Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus. I had Lyme Disease last spring and my dog Anakin has tested positive for Lyme.

    My vet would like me to change from Frontline to Revolution due to the Lyme and WNV risk. So post away with your experiences!

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have 6 cats that live in a spare room with an attached outside pen. All of them are on Revolution. I only have to dose them each once a month to protect them from fleas, heartworm and ear mites, as well as some other types of worms. I also use it on my dogs.

    I'm looking into websites that sell it for less than the vet charges. I'm not really wealthy!


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    Anakins Mom,

    Revolution is excellent! It gets rid of not only fleas, but flea eggs, ticks, tick eggs and earmite! If my cats were outdoor cats, that's what I would use.

    Do Not use any topical Hartz products. It contains harsh pesticides that will make your cat very sick. There has been much publicity on it.

    Here's a link:

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    I have 8 dogs and 2 cats and they are all on revolution.
    It definitely works to prevent the heartworms and fleas,
    we live in a wooded area so ticks aren't really controlled
    by it, the dogs have to have tick collars for that. Yeah
    it is expensive. But it is nice to do the once a month thing.

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    Revolution works very well, and you can get kitten (8 weeks) doses for it. Most other meds have to wait until 12 weeks. Last year we had an earmite outbreak so we went through a lot of kitten revolution.

    Watch out for any topicals which contain a compound called "pyrethrin". That's the same stuff that's in Raid and is bad for cats that come in contact with it. Most OTC flea topicals and flea collars have this compound in it.
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    Thanks vet has never steered me wrong...just wanted to hear people's experiences with Revolution. Thanks again.
    Amy & The Hawkwind Critters
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    My vet advized me to use Frontline; so that's what I am doing! No incidents here.

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