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Thread: Can cat revolution be used on small dog?

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    Can cat revolution be used on small dog?

    I have 5 indoor cats & one small dog.Can I use the cat Revolution on my dog? I can't find the answer anywhere.I also order from the Petshed in Australia.They're great!And isn't it funny that they can send my order to me here in Maine for less postage & quicker than if I ordered it in the US? Thanks for any replies!

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    Here is a thread about using dog revolution on cats. Reverse of what you are asking. But it looks like you'd just have to use a LOT of the cat stuff on the dog.
    But you might want to contact your vet just to be safe. Actually, I just called my vet because I was curious. They said you CAN use cat revolution on a dog, but you need to find the right dosage. And since I don't know the weight of your dog I couldn't ask. But my vet doesn't sell revolution so they aren't as familiar with it.
    So I'd say contact your vet, or any vet in your area and ask them what dosage to use on your size dog.
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