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Thread: Revolution?

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    I've been thinking of switching my dogs to revolution this year as it is WAY cheaper to buy that than to buy the flea & heartworm meds separately. I'd save $51.98 per 12 pack.

    I know when it first came out they had a few severe reactions to it, but I have not heard of any since.

    I was just wondering who here uses or has used it?
    Does it really work well?
    Any problems?

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    I use it on all cats and dogs. Can't say enough GOOD things about it. Never had any bad reactions on anyone.


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    I have used it for years now and love it.

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    Revolution has been around for years now. It's so easy to use too!
    I've used it many times, largely on foster cats/kittens and haven't ever had any problems.
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    We use Sentinal, which I'm guessing is the same thing. One tablet per month and thats it.

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    I haven't heard of many cases of bad reactions (no more than the other brands), but it doesn't seem to work as well as far as heartworm prevention. I think since it covers so many things, it doesn't quite do as good of a job as Interceptor or Sentinel or other heartworm meds that are only for heartworm prevention.

    There have been several cases at the clinic where I work that an animal on Revolution got heartworms. I think its better to do the flea and heartworm meds seperately. Also, I notice Frontline and Advantage seem to be much quicker at killing fleas. We don't even sell Revolution at the clinic anymore since it doesn't do a great job.
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    Originally posted by aly
    Also, I notice Frontline and Advantage seem to be much quicker at killing fleas. We don't even sell Revolution at the clinic anymore since it doesn't do a great job.
    That's because Advantage and frontline are topical and the fleas don't have to bite the animal for it to work, where as revolution it does have to bite the animal to work.
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    The day we picked Major up, he went to the vet before he even came home. He had fleas, and the vet gave him Revolution. She said the fleas would be gone in 48 hours, but they weren't. It took about a week, but they were gone.


    I think that is all our vet sells. I really want to get some flea and tick preventative, does anyone know if the Revolution brand has that?

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