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Thread: Revolution questions???

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    Revolution questions???

    HI group, I am taking in my dogs for their annual check up. And I asked a vet tec before this what is best to use for not only flea and tick, but heartworms too. And she said that Revolution was what most vets used. But that even the Vets are saying that Revolution doesn't cover the heartworm problem as it says it does. That there is a specific heartworm med they have that is the best for it. It wasn't my vet that said this, I was at petsmart and stopped in to ask their vet tec about what the cost was of Advantage and Frontline. She said to ask my vet what is best for my dogs. Has any one else heard of this before?


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    I've ALWAYS used Revolution on my cats. It's the only one that works on fleas, flea eggs, ticks, tick eggs and earmites. Never heard about anything like that working on heartworm though. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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    I've never used Revolution; I have my dogs on Interceptor for internal parasites (including GI Tract worms and Heartworms) and Frontline Plus for external parasites. This combination has worked well for me.

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    Never heard of that. My dogs are on HeartGuard for heart worms.


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    Eeep! That is what I use on my cats! If it doesn't protect against heartworms (my number one concern as it is abundant here.) then I need to switch over meds and stop paying ninety bucks a month for six month supply (three, in all actuality, because they both get a seperate package each.). BUT I have never had a problem with it as they have been ahem *accidentally* let out a couple of times and have never shown a problem. I don't know. Maybe it is best to look into different things.

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