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  1. Dogs killed during hurricane.
  2. Don't 'count' on me! A boss story
  3. Thursday 127, A 'Homely' Thread??
  4. New law will require marriage as a legal condition of motherhood
  5. Poison Ivy for sale?
  6. Stuck up Animal Rescue Organization
  7. Check Out What's Happening In Our State...
  8. wanna know whats going on??:mad:
  9. ugh purpose mixes
  10. farm dog abusing
  11. Sex offenders in your neighborhood.
  12. Goose Gets Revenge Against Swedish Hunter
  13. Life Without Parole.... Period
  14. Walmart's new "pet of the month" grrrrr!
  15. What next? Pet Ghost Talk???
  16. A real 'dog house?"
  17. Scary stuff
  18. 128 - skuel dayzed & confused
  19. Failure...
  20. where do we get these people? (warning, graphic news story)
  21. Your opinions on Ghosts?
  22. Success???
  23. 16 kids and wanting more!!!
  24. Jumping in front of "speeding" car!!!
  25. Toledo makes national news
  26. Media LOVES Disaster!
  27. Powerball Jackpot 340 million
  28. Thursday 129- Why ME???
  29. Deer Runs Into Supermarket
  30. What is happening in this country???
  31. Driver goes 3 miles with lodged body
  32. The nun
  33. What to do? Stopping con artist rip off elderly
  34. Anyone can get your drivers license
  35. Celebs lecturing at university
  36. Couple Arrested for Animal Abuse Involving Hurricane Katrina Dogs
  37. This makes me sick......
  38. a love story
  39. This is too cool - I am a "bug wrangler"
  40. My Cat Hates You
  41. Rome bans 'cruel' goldfish bowls
  42. Thursday 130...When in Rome...
  43. Connected?
  44. Citizens Rejoice
  45. Miers withdraws Supreme Court nomination
  46. New peeve thread???
  47. Justice Served???
  48. how does this happen!?
  49. PET Pet Peeves! What do they do that annoy, gross you out....?
  50. One More City Bans Them...
  51. Thursday 131- Let's K.I.S.S.!!!
  52. Rescuer or Collector? Yikes................
  53. I Swear the Atrocities Keep Getting Worse :-(
  54. Man Kills Deer With Bare Hands
  55. Did I do the right thing? (Advice needed)
  56. The most horrific thing I've ever seen in my life :'( PLEASE sign the petition..
  57. Better Late Than Never
  58. Dog dies of cocaine overdose???
  59. Yay for Kansas!
  60. The taking of Thursday 132!!!
  61. I *did* do the right thing (follow-up)
  62. It rains here every year.
  63. What's next?? A Hare in my hot coco??? (sorry Miss Hoppy)
  64. Another Reason For Me To Become A Vegetarian...
  65. thursday 133-I flu the coop!!!
  66. The puggle
  67. Brooklyn Man Throws Mother's Dog from 5th Story Apartment
  68. Horses too much for some?
  69. WARNING very sad christmas story
  70. Do you keep your cat in the garage?
  71. Did anyone watch the American Music Awards last night???
  72. A very special Thursday-134! Aka Alice's Restaurant!!
  73. Thanksgiving funny
  74. ex FEMA head with a new job....
  75. When religion meets cruelty...?
  76. What happened to baby stuff???
  77. Wacky Signs from Around The World
  78. Cheetah abuse
  79. Too much technology!
  80. OMG look! Abuse stories
  81. The fruitcakes have landed
  82. Brave Horse Riders
  83. Sadam trial
  84. Appropriate Punishment
  85. Here's a Funny News Headline
  86. Man Arrested After Puppy Found Buried Alive In Yard
  87. Jail or War?
  88. Thursday 135 - The Little Shop(ping) Horrors?
  89. Song in my head!
  90. How could anyone do this???
  91. Crossposted from Yahoo group...this is awful!
  92. Boys Killing Kittens....
  93. 6yo child attacked and killed by 3 pitbulls
  94. Veterinarian arrested after allegedly kicking dog
  95. I. Hate. Small. Children! >:(
  96. Cause for celebration for many. :D
  97. Ear Cropping
  98. To "Serve and Protect" and Beat to Death?? (And still get paid)?
  99. Man Beats Dog To Death
  100. Peta
  101. It's starting to feel alot like Thursday #136..
  102. Howdy Neighbor???
  103. Why on Earth, were they cleared to land?
  104. Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog' (sounds like National Enquirer)!!!
  105. Aaaaggggghhhhh....seeds!
  106. Larry King Live-killing of dogs and cats in China for fur
  107. 2 Time Loser
  108. Tookie??
  109. On the 137th Thursday, My true love gave to me....
  110. Toys for boys and girls.
  111. This Carelessness Is Criminal
  112. Murderous Santa Display Draws Stares (YIKES)
  113. There's a new Jib Jab
  114. Terribly Sad
  115. Ok, This has been happening a lot around here
  116. What is the worst case of animal cruelty you have evr witnessed/heard about?
  117. Little pup Miracle hangs on, with help! I Pray the Demon Who Did This Is Caught!
  118. Ebay Auctioning Off Animals?
  119. John Spencer dies...
  120. Time to move out?
  121. Baby Penguin Stolen...poor thing
  122. Just for laughs...
  123. Johnny Damon
  124. Twas the night before Thursday #138
  125. Dog-nappers strike again
  126. Thursday #139 The Year is almost...
  127. Do It yourself Cemetery ?
  128. About 100 animals filled home
  129. What is wrong with some people?!
  130. Animals Eaten Alive in Unregulated Chinese Zoos (this makes me sick)
  131. Woman marries dolphin!
  132. E-Bay nixes idea of aucitioning off live animals after MANY angry letters...
  133. This is Truly Horrific! We Know it Happens in Asian Countries, But Europe???
  134. Cat Calls 911 to Help Owner, Police Say
  135. This is sad....
  136. We Call Other Species Animals
  137. Cat survives high speed ride
  138. Thursday #140-Here we go AGAIN!
  139. Isn't earth orbit "high' enough????
  140. Miner's Memorial to be Protested???
  141. The Revenge Of A Mouse
  142. 10 reasons why gay marriage should be illegal **This is a joke**
  143. Penn and Teller on PETA
  144. Thursday #141! Already?
  145. Jolie pregnant... ugh
  146. First the Runaway Bride....Now the..
  147. just a joke
  148. Stupid robbers?
  149. Some girl was raped in my high school!
  150. My Vice Principal is heartless!!
  151. Clarence Ray Allen execution
  152. 3 killed cat in the park
  153. Is this for real?
  154. Thursday #142--road trip.
  155. I have been misquoted!!!
  156. Cat Born with Cyclopic Eye
  157. Revisionism?
  158. anyone against bush, US president?
  159. Assisted Suicide
  160. Thursday's #143-The House of MOFF
  161. Kanye West Rolling Stone or rocks in his head?
  162. Tragedy in Lake Butler, FL.
  163. Especially for Richard....
  164. I hope this guy burns in H***
  165. Dress Shopping
  166. Chinese year of the dog article
  167. Bush Exposed
  168. This video has made me become vegaterian!
  169. Is it Thursday yet?????
  170. Muhammad cartoon row intensifies
  171. This is disgusting...
  172. Using Puppies to smuggle drugs
  173. Are you flattered, ladies?
  174. random things
  175. what have been some of your teacher's weirdest names (first or last)
  176. If Your Husband Suddenly Changes Barbers
  177. Getting Serious About Animal Cruelity
  178. PLEASE help the dogs in Asia...SEND LETTER
  179. I love the smell of ......
  180. Not expressly for Richard, but, he might like them...
  181. Thursday 145-Spa day!
  182. Even The Preachers Agree
  183. Some Dick Cheney jokes..
  184. Smoking ban! Yippee!
  185. Thursday #146- It's all downhill from here!
  186. Nice???? ICE!!!!
  187. Very funny joke... (warning) a bit gross
  188. Can You Believe This
  189. Make You Laugh (1-5)
  190. Sicko "Marriage Contract"
  191. Thursday 148-Better late than never...
  192. I AM APPALLED!!! (*long rant about rescues*)
  193. Terminating kitty pregnancy poll?
  194. help end the yearly Seal Hunt
  195. looking friend for your dog ?
  196. Will Farrell as Bush on Global Warming..
  197. Rape Victim Faces Jail
  198. Thursday #149 - Come All Ye Sickly
  199. Abused Dog's Reward Fund Above $6,000
  200. Should I let my mom?
  201. Why Does God Let This Happen
  202. Could 2006 Get Any Worse...
  203. No More Seal Killing!!!
  204. Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Thursday 150!
  205. Bin Laden's niece on reality tv...
  206. Slobodan Milosevic is Dead!
  207. A victory for Pit Bulls?
  208. VERY Disturbing Link *Warning* This is Beyond Sick!
  209. vegetarian cats...and more
  210. Thursday 151....
  211. OMG, who would do such a thing.
  212. Is This Possible?
  213. Cheltenham/Steeple chases in general
  214. An American Hero-The Pit Bull
  215. What a Week!
  216. Weekend Vacation ends on a sad note
  217. Celeb Mum of the Year
  218. Ladies... don't fall for this.
  219. Can't a girl get a drink around here? Thursday 152
  220. This is the way Afghanistan says thank you?
  221. How would you handle this?
  222. Oh Geeze , Can You Believe It ?
  223. This So Pis$es Me Off...
  224. Religious question for Popcornbird
  225. I have a drink problem - Professional opinion
  226. Cyber AA Meeting...Come on down!!!
  227. I Am Ashamed Of My Country
  228. Some people are so sick....
  229. Stupid lines from real people...
  230. Thursday #153 To Peep, or not to Peep....
  231. [ Earthlings ] --very depressing, but I highly recommend it
  232. American Airlines Sued Over Dead Dog
  233. A witness to animal abuse!
  234. Finally The Truth Will Be Told
  235. The Dame Lafave?
  236. Dog Decapitations Shock Michigan Town
  237. Should there be an age limit
  238. Thursday's #154 - Who's knocking at the door?
  239. Not Ashamed Of My Country
  240. NOT for guinea pig lovers...
  241. Ontario's worst mass murder!!
  242. Join my fight to stop seal killing
  243. Jerk Of The Year Award Goes To......
  244. Thursday 155 let's have fun
  245. This Is Not News
  246. Are You Registered?
  247. Animal Cruelty: Your help is needed.
  248. Kids, DVDs and the lessons involved
  249. Teenage pregnancies and the battle to end them...
  250. Update on abuse case...