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Thread: pooping everywhere!

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    I used to let Cassy and Sassy chomp drinking straws: they did look really cute with them. I quit when I noticed: 1) that there were a lot of ragged edges that could break off and get swallowed after chomping and 2) they were getting acquisitive over the straws in my sodas. I never lost a straw I was actually using to the kids, but forsaw problems (and REALLY grossed out visitors/ relatives) if they continued.

    For what it's worth...
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    Thank you, Popcornbird for creating this tribute to Summer starring Livvy and Cassy

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    Glad she is feeling better please give that pretty kitty a BIG HUG FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Alden is here!!
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    Hi Maxx's Mum and another Welcome to Pet Talk - she is the most BEAUTIFUL furbaby and I hope she's continuing to make good progress - is she still one the antibiotics? Don't forget to finish the course. I think I'd agree with T&P's Mum and AmberLee - little tiny pieces of broken straw could cause trouble.
    Look forward to more pics., of Maxx.


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    She was doing better until this morning when she decided to urinate on my favourite jacket, looking me in the eyes the whole time! I am really getting frustrated and beginning to think this is a behaviour issue, rather than a health issue. I never thought about the guests and my cat attacking straws. That is rather gross isn't it? Tonight I am going to completely clean her box and give her fresh litter and see what happens (although I've already done that and I am really good about keeping her box clean). I don't know what else to do!

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