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Thread: Pooping Question

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    Pooping Question

    Fenway hasn't pooped since 3pm yesterday (Sunday). Should I be worried? Last night he ate his chewy. What if he has some of it stuck and that is why he hasn't pooped? My sister is babysitting him right now and she said he's been peeing and that he just ate some tuna fish....but no pooping.

    How long should I wait to be seriously worried? I'm thinking if he doesn't poop by tomorrow morning, I should call the Vet.

    My poor Fenway.

    Please send poop vibes Fenway's way. Thank you.

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    Casey sometimes needs a walk to get those poop feelings in gear...can you take him for a walk? You could give him a can of grean beans, wait 30 mins and then take him for a walk, I bet you that you will be rewarded
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    Well is his tummy bloated and hard? Does he seem ok otherwise? Face gets constipated a lot and doesnt poo as much as Rita, there has been a day that passed where he has not gone, i would keep an eye on him, although i am over protective and maybe would call the vet at least ask them what they think? Then perhaps bring him in .

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    If there was a blockage, he'd probably be throwing up. I wouldn't worry - ask your sister to give him some un-sweetened canned pumpkin and exercise him.

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    I agree, if there was a blockage he'd probably be very lethargic, not wanting to eat or drink, vomiting, etc...

    I'd give him another day... maybe he's just having an off day. Unless of course there are other symptoms then I'd call or go to the vets.

    Hopefully he'll work it out on his own.
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    Here's some
    ~*~pooping vibes~*~
    to you, cute Little Fenway. I agree with the Pumpkin idea, that'll get things moving!

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    He's probably ok. At work there are dogs that won't go for nearly two days, but the doctors say they're fine if there are no other symptoms.

    You could try giving him a source of fiber (metamucil, green beans, pumpkin, etc.) to help him pass it.

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    Fenway, you go soon..

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    Your pooping vibes worked! For some reason, I don't think Fenway likes to poop for my sister or brother-in-law. As soon as I picked him up last night, we went outside and I told him to go "big boy potty" and he pooped.

    Very strange. But I'm glad he finally went.


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