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Thread: Frequently pooping

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    Frequently pooping

    Timber's food has recently been switched - and now she's "doing her business" more than what we'd like. We are gradually putting her on the food; it's being mixed half and half with the food she had before. So it wasn't a blunt switch, nor are the ingredients in the food very bad. She usually goes once a day, now she goes 3 times a day.

    Is this normal? Will it stop soon? I told my mom it is probably because this food is easier for her to digest, but she said she doesn't care. I can't clean it up in the day while I'm at school, and the kids keep stepping in it, so she's very mad. But I like this food better.
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    I have just noticed the same thing with Kito.
    I have switched him to a better food, and he is going 2-3 times a day now, instead of once like he used to--but it is smaller, and more solid, which is a good thing.

    What kind of food is Timber getting now??
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    She's on Nutro Dental Care.
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