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Thread: Pooping Promblem

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    Unhappy Pooping Promblem

    Hi my dog is 5 years old and he eats like a pig. But the promblem is he can't poop!! everyday for real we never had to open the door for him! But he is eating What is the promble please help
    Everyone should be treated like a dog!!

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    [QUOTE=Minnie, Patches, and Jesse]You shold bring him to the vet. This could be a serious blockage problem that he could die from. Please hurry. Do it before vacation so that I can give Jack one of the treats i made with Grandpa!
    Everyone should be treated like a dog!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JacksMommy
    when did pop pop give u treats
    ohh are you bring minnie to stone harbor???
    Everyone should be treated like a dog!!

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