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Thread: Your opinions on Ghosts?

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    Your opinions on Ghosts?

    Im just curious about how many PTer's believe in Ghosts or spirits? has anyone had any ghostly experiences? Do you believe in mediums or do you think they are all fakes?

    I personally believe in ghosts due to my own experiences and due to what I was told by a medium who hasnt even met me! She told me a few things that shook me up for a while but I can seriously say she turned out to be right and when I was younger I remember seeing a few things around my home that others couldn't see.

    So what do you all think?

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    I believe in Ghosts too. I'm not sure if i've ever had an experience with a ghost..some things i can't explain.
    I LOVE watching those ghost shows on TV during halloween,after school every day it comes on

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    It really is something that facinates me, I've been told that I got the right mind to see people/things but I'm not opening up enough for them to contact me properly, I've had dreams about my grandparents I believe that a way they contact me I know it would scare me now seeing someone but It wouldnt be a lasting effect I think it would be just a shock, When I was younger I remember my mum telling me to go to bed and my nan ( who passed away when I was little, I can remember the look on her face still today) was standing behind her laughing she always loved the fact that I was a little cow to my mum lol, Not many people believe it but I know what I saw!

    My boyfriends house has something to it, When we are downstairs you can hear footsteps upstairs walking the length of the hall, It was a bit spooky at first but I'm used to hearing it most of the night.

    I have to admit though hearing footsteps behind you on the computer at his house makes you kinda paranoid!! I can sense theres a presence there, like someone lookin over your shoulder but its never been a bad feeling and I've never seen anything, its mostly just the noises and the sense of being watched.

    It cant be anything bad, that house had a lovely feel to it, its one of those houses that you instantly warm to.

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    I am a firm believer that there are good and bad spirits.
    I had a couple experiences, after my grandfather passed, I think it was his way of helping me cope. My grandparents raised me from a baby.
    They really were my parents. He and I were very close. I thought I would lose it when he passed, but some things happened that I totally associated
    with him and I think thats what helped me get through it.
    Call me weird but I really do believe.
    But I also believe that there are bad spirits. Ive not had any bad experiences.
    But I think they are there. I guess there has to be a balance, you know
    Good / Bad. Call me crazy.

    Very good question. I totally believe in God, and some think he's a spirit.
    I definately will keep up with this thread to see the responses.
    just me

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    I don't believe in them.

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    I would love to think there are ghosts. It would be really cool to think they are in my house.

    Unfortunately though, I don't think they exist.

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    RE:Your opinions on Ghosts?

    I have to say I believe in them. Not that I've really ever seen them, but I've felt and heard things that there's no explination for. I really never want to see one because honestly I'd be afraid

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    I belive in them
    Thanks so much Ashley for the siggy!
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    Its a topic i try to steer clear from since when i tell ppl about my experince with ghost they look at me and go, shut up your scaring me. but anyway you asked so here its goes.

    Me and my mother can find ghost, i guess you can say. when know if a ghost is in the house and how many. My mother can tell that, and i have the worst gift (wouldnt call it a gift) but i can see them and tell them to stay clear from my area. i can send vibes that let them know this is my space, ya i know your think who is she kiddin vibes? but i know its sounds werid but bare with me. I have had a very encounters, i hate to say but one was threating and it was scary i still have nightmares till this day about it. Since i have moved so much every house has its own personality and its own group or one ghost in it. Well my first house had two little girls and a cowboy. the two little girls like to move stuff, they were always doing that which was not fun. Plus they were always laughing, i remember my mom rushing into my room one night and told me to stop laughing. I woke up and said mom i wasnt laughing i was sleeping. And then the threating encounter happened, with the cowboy i awoke one night with a gun in my face and him staring down at me. my eyes grew big and didnt know what to do, so i screamed and had my mother rushing in and him disapearring. Ya i know, wow how threating, but if you look about ghost they are usaully harmless and dont act like they will cause harm...well thats good ones. but he would be rated as threating even if he just followed around if i left my room to use the bathroom or something. My goal was not to leave my room much, he scared me.

    Then i moved to condo and which only old people had lived in before from our landlord informed us. well at night you could here someone walk around the condo, slowly and it sound like they were usin a walker or a cane. they didnt do much but walk around the house and stand at the door way and stare at you. you know when you have the feeling your being watched, like the hairs stand up on the back of you neck. well that happened alot, after the old person watched you for awhile it would move on and stare into the other rooms. it was a every night thing, thank god i only lived there for a year.

    Then i moved into this house, the house is about 25 years old but this house confuses me. there is someone else who lives here but it seems to hide, and does not only come out at night. it has day visits also. Well i live in the basment and everyone else lives upstairs. but there is back room to the livin room in the basement where we store stuff. well the ghost mostly stays back in the storage room but likes to come in the living room. it has its moments where it makes nosie. ya your think 25 year old house just creaks its not a ghost well your wrong. because i have caught this ghost but the sex confusing, i couldnt tell. i was coming out of my room to use the bathroom and there it was in the living room. creepy huh? now what would you do in this position? scream? hide? IDK but i was freaking out, i closed the door and pretended nothing happened and then a few hours later used the bathroom after i was sure it left. I know it saw me, but it walks around the house and itsnt just confounded down in the basement. i remember one morning everyone had left the house for work and school and my ride was late. so i was thinking ang sittin on the couch lookin at the window upstairs in the living room up there. Well in my house when you come up the stairs they creak every time you take a step. well what broke my thinking was the creaking of the steps as someone was coming up the steps. i was at a loss of words i screamed who is there. and then ran to closet and grabbed a baseball bat and ran to the stairs to find no one there and then my ride had arrived.

    but as i said before i send vibes so the ghost stays clear from my room, i dont need to wake up to another ghost. plus another time, i went to my room to take a nap. after nappin for a few hours i went upstairs to talk to my dad, he asked "why were you slamming doors, for the last few hours?" I looked at him confused "Dad i was sleeping" and no i dont sleep walk.

    And i have other talents than ghost seeing, i always can tell if something bad is going happen. i'm famous for that from my friends, if they are worried about something they ask me. plus i get dejavu all the time its really anoyying and after i know it i let my friends know. I tell them omg i have seen this before it mostly happens for advice or if something bad is coming. you can believe me if you want i have no gain in lying to you guys it wont help me sleep at night or something. so ya thats my point on ghost lol

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    I am really a non-believer, but keep an open mind and think well it is possible, I used to work in a Hotel and I lived in the Hotel when I was young, this Hotel now has weekend package deals and they claim it has a ghost, well I must say I never saw it the whole year I lived there, but hey its a money maker for sure, Clairvoyants, well I think some people do have this ability, but there are so many fakes, I had a telephone reading, and everything she said was nonsense, and none of it has come true, I mean how can you possibly tell some one there future by a phone conversation and knowing absolutely nothing about you., still it was fun.
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    I believe in them!

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    I believe in ghosts.. my house was haunted for 9 years!! we named him George... Dont ask. He never hurt anyone.. but he liked to steal things, move things, flicker or turn off lights/ or anything electrical.. he liked to knock on the walls, and write things in the steam in the washroom while somone was showering etc etc.. kinda creepy, I know.. I don't know what happened to him though.. One day he just left.
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    It's good seeing everyones opinions!

    Just_Me - I believe it was his way of helping you too, I strongly believe if you are left in this world then they care for you in their world, I know it sound strange but I've been told my nan watches over me and its a lovely feeling I wouldnt change it at all, So no I dont think your crazy I think your lucky to have that feeling of being able to still sense your grandparents presents.

    Can I ask if many people believe you when you tell them? I know many people dont believe me but I guess you cant please everyone!

    Kirbys mum - Omg I feel for you I would hate to see anything like you did, I can honestly say I havent and wouldnt want to see a bad spirit, I used to see a man and I used to sit and talk to him in this armchair for hours! my mum thought it was just me being young but she asked who it was and a few years later she told me about it and said the man I described was my grandad who I never met, she knew because he always wore a black leather jacket and had no hair, she didnt want to say when I was younger because it would of scared me, me and my mum are huge believers of ghosts!

    Kirbys mom I've had another similar experience as you. In one house my mum was putting the washing away at around 10pm when she heard someone crying outside her room she told me to go back to bed and she will come and tuck me in when she comes in, the crying didnt stop so she went out to the hall and found no one there, she went to my room and she found me in bed sleeping and I was in quite a deep sleep apparently so she knew something was there, it happened twice, on the stairs too.

    tikeyas_mom - We moved into another house and we had something like that happen quite a bit, it wasnt anything big and my mum believed it was a little boy playing around to get her attention, we had a big fish tank and the lights would be turned off by the plug along with the kettle if my mum was making a coffee or tea she woulc go to do the kettle and walk away to let it boil and then come back to a cold kettle lol she said she never felt lonely in that house! but yet again it was never anything to feel scared of.

    Righht whos up for more weirdness from me?! lol I lived in this old house before the one with the crying from earlier in the post and I remember having this dream it still makes me so scared even today, I had a dream I was a little girl running from these men in uniforms and with guns (they were really old fashioned) me and someone in front was running through this huge poppy field to this big house which when I looked back it was the same plan as my house, I ran upstairs and hide in my cupboard and I heard a gunshot and then the cupboard door opened and I got shot. I woke up and I had serious problems sleeping for weeks after that because it had such an effect on me, My mum needed to look up some local history for her course she does on writing and she came across a book with showed an old photo of my house! and she read that it had poppy fields around it. Not many people believe it but even today it makes me feel so weird, Im glad we moved from there.

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    I think that there are unknown things out there that cannot be explained by science, whatever they may be called. I've actually had two experiences which reinforce this.

    Almost 20 years ago a friend of mine and I went to the Bennington Battle Memorial, aka the "Psychic Center of the Universe." (It's an obelisk.) On the way back, it was dark, but very clear. All of a sudden there was this "fog" on the road which gave us the creeps, and my friend swerved to miss it. We called it "the demon on Route 7".

    The second one was when I lived in an apartment. At the time I had two cats, Smokey the Elder and Mobius. They would stare at a particular place in a corner of the ceiling. There was never a bug, shadow or any other reason visible to me or my SO. When we moved to our house, they never exhibited this behavior.

    Things that make one go,,,hmm.
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    I absolutely believe in them. After seeing my mom's aunt (deceased) in our house twice and having my sister in our house between the time she died and my brother died (3 months) I am a firm believer.
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