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Thread: My cat--seeing ghosts?!?!?!!!

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    My cat--seeing ghosts?!?!?!!!

    Omg this JUST happened like right when i was writing this!

    My beautiful siamese kitty Misty, is always with me. always following me and whatever. Well, this just happened. Misty (who was next to me (and still is) like 5 seconds ago when this happened) all of the sudden she stood up really straight and stared in to a spot in the hallway where the door of my room is. i looked there and nothing was there! She just stood there fur on end, tail fluffed up, staring at the one place. For like half-a-second, she glanced down on the floor in front of her. Nothing there. She looked back to that same spot by the door, folded her ears back, and eventually laid back down and went to sleep.

    Cats can also see angels. Each person in the world of all religions, has a gaurdian angel. Cats see them! And thats the reason why i think that Misty sleeps on the right side of me. Never the left! I always ask my angel to be beside me, not behind me. So if your cat ever stares at somethin like that, don't be afraid thats either a ghost (most likely a recently deceased loved-one comforting you) or an angel. Remember your gaurdian angel is always by your side to protect you!

    God Bless,

    Jayfeather <(WARRIOR CATS FOREVER)>

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    I guess the ghost or angel startled Misty until she sensed it was a friendly ghost (the Casper type hehe)!

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