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Thread: Waking up

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    I ENJOY sleeping but am a very light sleeper. I usually hit my snooze button 1-2 xs and then I get up. My husband, however, will set the alarm 30-45 mins. before he has to get up and then proceeds to let it go off for that long because he has problems getting up. It wakes me up and then takes me at least another hour to get back to sleep.
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    Wow....hahahaha i absolutely can NOT wake up with out my trusty arlarm. Its funny cause i sleep like a rock, so i had to by an alarm clock that starts loud and gets louder and louder....hahahahaha and sometimes that doesnt even wake me

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    I sometimes wake up before my alarms goes off because my Mom and stepdad wake up at 5:00 and are REALLY loud. It is hard for me to go back to sleep. But most of the time I am asleep until my alarms goes off. I am a very light sleeper and wake up the second the alarm goes off. I hate waking up early because right before I wake up I usually find a really comfortable spot.... I wish school would be at night, like from 3:00 p.m - 10:00 p.m.
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    depends on my crayola!!

    since I've had him each day for a year and half, I've noticed his a few minutes lateness!

    I turn on my oven timer, going down to a certain time I must get up...

    I usually, on weekdays, set up ten minutes early so it would give crayola time to realize it's beeping from his sleep throughoutly then wakes me up!

    I get up at the right moment...I get up like a six year-old kid!! (hate to sleep).
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    I need an alarm clock...otherwise I sleep in 'til like 9 or 10am! Usually it goes off, I hit snooze, wait another 5...10...MAYBE 15 minutes and then roll out of bed! (ha!) I am definitely NOT the morning person...I'm nocturnal! lol

    Thanks Kay!!

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    I always set my alarm clock, but wake up before it goes off. I just like to set it just incase. I hate the sound of the alarm when I'm sleeping so I wake up every few minutes just to see how close to the time it's getting -- finally, about 5 minutes before it is about to go off, I just get up. I hate it because for the hour before I get up I never get any sleep because I'm so terrified the alarm clock is going to go off. But if I don't set it, I wouldn't sleep at all because I'd be too paranoid that I'd be late for work!

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    I don't require an alarm clock, I wake up at the same time nearly every day, infact now spring is here I am waking earlier due to the light, 6am, is a bit too early for me, but tell my darn body that, I guess if I were going out to work, I would prefer to have a back up system like an alarm clock, just incase my very reliable body alarm dared to let me down even once,(sometimes I really wish it would) like a sleep in to 8 am weekends would be heaven.
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    My "alarm clock" is my very patient hubby. I sleep through anything electronic no matter how loud it gets. And the poor guy puts up with so much -- I can be pretty grumpy, too. I'm NOT a morning person.

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    I need at least 2 preferably 3 going off each about 1 minut after the other because these things work into my dreams, for example, I once dreamt that I was at school and my alarm was going off but the alarm became the school bell in my dream so I did not wake up lol then my other alarms started going off its not that I am not a morning person, I actually am, I just sleep so soundly that someone screaming in my ears wont wake me up, I actually START to wake up on time, because being partally awake is the only way I hear my alarm lol and that is the reason that when I have to get up early, I go to bed early or forget it lol
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    On a general basis, I set the alarm early and hit the snooze a few times.

    But if I know I need to be up early for a special event, I'm up as soon as the alarm goes off.
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    Very rare I use my alarm clock anymore. I've got the Gull Clock. I'm awakened by his cold lil' Collie Nose in my face at 6:15 every morning. No matter if week day or week end. Course on week ends, we go back to sleep after our lil' potty and play session.


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    Waking up

    Nope have not used a alarm clock for years & I am light sleeper & just wake on time && now the girls help some mornings running & playing thru the house & across the bed we go go..

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    Our alarm clock is set (by me) every night, except for the days that we don't have to get up for anything. Of course, my precious puppies will let me know when they are ready to get up if I don't get up on their time. My husband could sleep through anything, so I am definitely in charge of the clock. He would have to set it so loudly that it would upset me!

    Right now, there is no such thing as hitting snooze because some cat (could be either one of them) walked on the top of the alarm/radio and reset the snooze to one minute and that's not worth a flip! Hehehe! I've got to read the manual again to figure out how to change it back! LOL!!!! Someone gave us a Bose radio system when we got married and it is terrific, but complicated!

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    I definitely need an alarm clock. I love sleeping in the morning, so it's hard for me to wake up to school. Sometimes I turn off the alarm and I fall asleep again inmediately, I'm soooo lazy....
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    I ALWAYS get up when the alarm goes off.

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