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Thread: 16 yr old calico cat keeps waking us up

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    16 yr old calico cat keeps waking us up

    our 16 yr old calico cat has a history of behavioral problems and I take into consideration we are not the original owners ... she was my mother-in-laws beloved pet before she passed on and we have had her for the past 8 or 9 years now ... she tolerates us but is not a cuddly cat

    she was never fed dry food so will only eat wet food and now has taken to waking us up at the wee hours of the morning 2 am 3 am and one of us gets up to feed her but she demands more and cries again

    this cat also eats plastic, the plants anything that will make her throw up
    our vet advised us to give her a small dosage of an ant-acid and I also use a furball remedy from the pet store

    this morning she had me up at 3:30 and cried until it was time for us to get up

    she has been fed twice since 6 am and is now crying for more as I type

    what to do what to do????

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    Has she had recent blood work? Older cats are prone to hyperthyroid disease. One symptom is that they are ravenous, but lose weight. Is she warm? My RB Mr. Amber Cat was like an oven -- another symptom. The metabolism is so highly revved up, generating so much heat. But this may not be with every cat.

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    Since you've had her for over 8 years, I guess grieving isn't an issue. My thought is she's getting hard of hearing and, is possibly having a difficult time seeing at night. I have two senior cats and I always leave a nighlight on in my living room so they can find their dishes and litterboxes. Helps me not trip over things in my "landmind of a livingroom".

    I do think a vet appt is called for. She's elderly and could possible be developing medical issues. Good luck with this beautiful girl. Keep us posted!!

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    we have night lights on every night and yes you are right I should take her to the vet for blood tests
    and with all that she eats she is very sllim but I think that is because she does not eat the dry food
    I think the dry food is what makes the cats fat

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    Yes, dry food can make a cat fat. However, she may be crying about something totally different other than hunger. Please get her to a vet for some blood work and a good checkup. And keep us posted. Calicos are my absolute favorite!

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    When Kuhio became a senior kitty, she would sometimes sit in the hall in the middle of the night and cry for no reason. I think she was getting senile. It's like she was lost or lonely.

    I would pick her up and bring her to bed and she would usually settle down.
    Ask your vet about microchipping. ~ It could have saved Kuhio's life.

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    we hug her all the time

    but she really doesn't tolerate closeness she is very aloof

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    I would agree with having her tested for hyperthyroidism just to rule that in or out. This is a very likely condition based on what you describe and easily treated.

    The vet should also rule out hearing because my old cat Weebie at 18 years old apparently went deaf and tended to vocalize more, including at night. I was awakened one night by her yowling and found her on the sofa meowing vigorously at the cushion next to her as if she was hallucinating and "talking" to someone by her side. Of course when I appeared in the doorway, she looked up at me as if to say "What's your problem?"

    Also, by feeding her when she cries, you are reinforcing this behavior (she's learned that it works!) so you might reconsider responding to this. If it helps to put her in a room where you can't hear her as well and she has nothing she can get into, like plants and so forth, that might be the solution for you to get some shut-eye.

    Cats do best with well defined meal times and indoor cats don't need that much, especially at her age.

    Good luck!

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    our dear calico

    I just want to reply that our cat has never been abandoned or known what it is like to be mistreated in any way and yet she does not accept affection easily in any way or form

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