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Thread: Rex rats or dumbo-eared rats!

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    Rex rats or dumbo-eared rats!

    Hi everyone! My name is Julie and I am interested in obtaining a younger rat (or two).I am especially interested in a rex or dumbo rat. If there is anybody who is was breeder or knows and breeder located in New Mexico, it would be great if you could please give me some information. Thank you very much!

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    Hi Julie, welcome to PT. I have rats, myself. Make sure that you do get two rats if you don't already have any -- rats need to be kept in pairs or groups or they will become very depressed which can lead to health problems or even death.

    I did a search and this is the only breeder I could find in NM. I don't know them personally so I don't know how reputable they are.

    Fancy Rats Rattery (email) --- Santa Fe

    Good luck!
    I've been BOO'd!

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