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Thread: Not getting the baby rats after all, but i do have new rats.

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    Not getting the baby rats after all, but i do have new rats.

    Well, after talking to Tina today, she told me she took in 2 very old males a couple days ago, and she said since they are so old, she really wanted a retirement home for them where they could live out their lives... so, instead of taking the babies,

    I have decided to take in SINBAD and SMOKEY (their given names). Tina is going to take all the babies, and Paris. She is going to keep most of them, but already has 2 homes waiting (wanting a pair of rats each).

    Smokey is black hooded, and is 3 yrs. old. He is blind in one eye, and is paralyzed in one of his back legs, but he gets around really well, and can even climb up the bars of their cage..

    Sinbad is fawn hooded. He is 2 yrs. old, and is rather obese (don't worry, i will be putting him on a diet), but other than that, he is very healthy. Sinbad knows his name and comes when he is called.. He also started bruxing the first time I held him..

    Anyway, sorry this is so long... Just wanted to share my new boys with yall.
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    AWW congrats!! Lucky old rats!! Its spoil time
    R.I.P Rex
    - _HeAtHer_-

    Thanks MANDAMOO!!!!

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