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Thread: free dumbo rats!

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    free dumbo rats!

    sad to say i must give away 2 female dumbo rats. theses two are sisters from the same litter and are currently 8 1/2 months old. mother on premise.i live in rochester, ny and if anyone is interested plz contact me. must go to a very very good home. my e-mail is [email protected] or instant message me at harleyquinn2323 or sailormars2323. they are very good girls. a little shy of being picked up by anyone who is not me. i would prefer that they stay together. one is a beige hooded and the other a black wit a white stripe down the belly.
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    I hope you find a home for them - if you were closer, and we were less busy ... but Miss Hoppy might have something to say about it anyway! Good luck finding new homes - why do you need to give them away, if you don't mind my asking ...

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    leia jr. and sakura have been taken by a very nice and good aquaintance of mine. i am very happy were they have enden up and esme and i can visit them whenever we want.
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