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Thread: Johanna (Cataholic) & Sister Jessica continue to Request Prayers for young Samantha

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    That's really a lot of news. And the best of it is that Sammy's life now has some normality in it. I'm glad to hear about these pressure wear that isn't needed anymore and keep my fingers crossed for that insurance.

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    Beautiful child! We can all learn so much from you Sammy
    Give 1 for a poundie

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    We have a ** Sammy UppieDate**

    Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 09:31 PM EDT

    After a fun summer, Sam's ready for all the holidays.
    She continues to enjoy preschool and is learning a lot.
    Her last kidney check-up showed some elevated numbers, but her doc isn't concerned yet,
    as they expect the numbers to jump around; it's not an issue unless it becomes a trend.
    Our next kidney clinic is November 1st, so we'll see how things look then.

    Sam has started weekly PT with a nice therapist named Kate, who has experience w/prosthetics, so we're hoping to make more progress in that area. She still doesn't like having the legs on, but I'm able to get her to practice standing and walking a little each day.

    She enjoyed a visit with cousin Jonah on his 2nd birthday, and she also has 2 new girl cousins--Addison and Alexis--so she won't be so outnumbered by boys at family gatherings! Despite some rain, she managed to ride the merry-go-round at the Brown County Fair again, and she also got to sit on some real horses, courtesy of the McKeown family. She wasn't afraid at all. And, just like last year, she threw a royal fit when we had to leave!
    I'll try to get pictures in the gallery asap; some new poses from Sears are in there as well.

    Thanks for keeping Sam in your thoughts and prayers.
    /s/ Jessica

    Here's the August Flower Child >>>

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    What an amazing child! Prayers for Sammy and her family, for her doctors and specialists, for the insurance coverage, her PT, and continued healing of her body. Her story is so inspiring!

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    What a Beautiful and Couragious Child. She has gone through so much and has made remarkable progress. Her story serves us with inspiration and Gracious Blessings!!!

    Prayers for Sammy , her family , as well as for all the Wonderful People who are cheering her on!!!!

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    I'm glad to see and update! I'm still amazed at little Sammys progress.

    I've been keeping up with this since day one and it makes me happy to see how well things are going for Sammy now.

    Her continued good health will be in my prayers

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    Such sweetness!

    Oh Sammy, you dear heart you. You are my hero.

    We are all so happy that you have been doing so nicely. We all love you and want only the BEST for you.

    Happy Halloween to you! What are you going to be this Halloween? A princess? A kitty? We would love to see photos.

    Love and hugs from Sallyanne and all the campers!

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    What a wonderful update and gorgeous photo.
    ~Kimmy, Chipper, Zam, Logan, Raptor, Nimrod, June, Mei, Jasper, Esme, Lucy Inara, & Morla
    RIP my sweet Kia

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    Well, 4 1/2 hours later....I am finally up to date...WOW...I'm gone for a year or so and miss so much!

    I am so glad (and so is my student teacher who has been reading along with me) that Sam is making such wonderful progress. What a tough little cookie she is! She is an inspiration!!!

    Keep up little one! I just wish I could see more of the pictures...most of them are now little boxes with red "x"'s I will look at home and see if they are there. are unbelievable! What strength you guys are heroes in my book too!

    Don't buy while shelter dogs die!!

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    It is so wonderful to see how far Sammy has come and what a happy well-adjusted little girl she is! Absolutely precious!!!!
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinder & Smoke

    Sunday, October 15, 2006 at 09:31 PM EDT

    Here's the August Flower Child >>>

    Prayers have been continuing daily from me.

    Now doesn't this picture just make your heart sing?
    No matter what anyone does, someone some where will be offended some how!!!!
    Grandma (RB), Chester, Angel, Chip

    Leonardo (RB), Luke (RB), Winnie, Chuck,



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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinder & Smoke
    I'll try to get pictures in the gallery asap; some new poses from Sears are in there as well.
    Is there a link to another page ? Not sure where the "gallery" is Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cyber-sibes

    Is there a link to another page ?
    Not sure where the "gallery" is
    Me BAD - I didn't scroll down far enough to see these two >>>

    Here's Sam with "Barney" >>>

    Sam in her cute glasses >>>

    For some reason, all Sammy's "OLD Pix" keep being removed from the Gallery ...
    don't know if there's a time limit - or WHY the older pictures vanish.

    Sam's Care Page HAS a "Photo Gallery" ... but the last time I tried to *link* to it ...
    it didn't work ... you really need to be a "member" to see their stuff "directly".

    Here's a few *links* to try >>>

    Sam's Photo Gallery =

    Samm's HOME Care Page is =

    But I don't think they'll "work" - they're "cookie linked" to my puter.
    I'll try to find the "How to Join" page ...

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    Read posts 189 through 191. That explains how to get to Sammy's care page and view the pictures. (I think)

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    FOUND IT!!

    Here's how to set yourself up to "join" CarePages and be allowed to
    "visit" Sammy's Pages ... GO TO >>>

    * Click on the "New Visitors & Returning Members" clicker box - upper right ...

    * Fill in the correct ID which is SammyPotts
    ... capitalization doesn't matter - but the NO SPACE between Sammy and Potts DOES MATTER!

    Then play along with the CarePage signup procedure ...
    I can't take you any further - it jumps me past all the signup pages ...
    because my puter shows up as a Member puter.

    You DO need to cough up your e-mail address ... not sure what else.
    Seems like a lotta Red Tape - but to be "legal" with all the HIPPA Regs -
    they have to be careful and KNOW who's visiting the site.

    Just thought about *ME* posting all the Info here on PT ...
    sure HOPE Jessica doesn't mind that!

    PM me if you can't get signed up.

    /s/ Phred

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