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Thread: Samantha, Daisy & Jessica - the differences

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    Samantha, Daisy & Jessica - the differences

    Apparently there are people on this board who can't tell the difference between my girlies! I have now prepared a tutorial which attempts to point out the differences between my three grey cats. Now listen carefully, because I will be asking questions later!

    It's not easy to distinguish between them in photographs, however, Sam has a white stripe on her back which you can sometimes see. She once tried to climb through a collar she was wearing and it got stuck round her middle. For a while afterwards she had a white ring round her middle, but gradually the grey grew back, everywhere except that little bit on her back.

    She also has a little white spot that she was born with. You don't see it much any more, because now that she has grown into her skin, it sits just under her collar magnet that opens the cat flap.

    Samantha is top cat and bosses her mother and sister around. She thinks she has sole rights to our bed. She is a terrible daddy's girl. Some of these things can be hard to show in a photograph, but Samantha spends a good deal of time in the winter sleeping on her daddy!

    She has often worn a little red collar in the past, but once Daisy had one too, so in photos it can be a little confusing.

    Daisy is kind of the smallest, but is rather fond of her food, so she is now slightly heavier than Sam. Daisy is the sweetest and the most nervous and has the loudest purr! These things are all quite difficult to capture on camera!! She is quite a prim and proper little girlie and a bit shy.

    If you happen to see her at close range from above, you can see that she has a ridgey head.

    Jessica has the fluffiest tail, also the shortest tail. Jessica is the fluffiest cat all over! She has the widest head. It's kind of hard to do the standard head grip and force the jaws open to give Jessica pills. Even the vet says that it is difficult. She also has very strong jaws! She has the lightest fur. Sam and Daisy are a slightly darker grey, their daddy's colour. Jessica always, always glares at the camera; she doesn't hold with photography.

    Here is a short resume of the main points -

    Now I told you I would be asking questions later! Using all your new-found knowledge, who's who in this picture?

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    All right....I'll give it a try....

    Samantha is alpha cat so she is in the is Daisy...trying to hide from the camera (and wearing her occasional red collar) and bringing up the rear is momma Jessica...with the short tail.

    How did I do?

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    No doubt that Jessica is the one in front (of the picture). Well, lets see ... I believe Daisy is the one in the middle and then Samantha walking away. Am I close?

    Love all three of them, give they snuggles and headbumpies from us.

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Daisy in the lead (walking away) because she is shy and doesn't look at the camera. Sam in the middle (facing us) with the occassional red collar and a teeny tiny hint of white near the collar, and Mom Jessica bringing up the rear (nearest us in the pic) with her short fluffy tail!

    Now, how do I remember this. Sam - white stripe red collar, Daisy - shy and smaller, Jessica - fluffy and short tail. Hmmm....Sam/stripe....Daisy/small dainty flower.....Jessica.....hmmmm.....Jessica......

    Thanks for the tutorial. I'll have to bookmark this and save it for when you start asking questions again.
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    Ha ha

    Great tutorial! I agree with what Edwina's said. I think it's Samantha in front, Daisy in the middle followed by Jessica with the fluffy tail.

    I just love grey kitties. Give all three of yours some cuddles for me!


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    LOL! Nice tutorial! Lets see... from closest to me to furthest away....

    We have fluffy Jessica, then in the middle we have Daisy (do I see Ridges, and a confusing test of the red collar?) then Sam? That was a hard test Karen! I can't tell if either girl has any white anywhere to definitely say which is which!

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    LOL. I'm still confused! Just kidding! Great diagrams of the cutie patooties!

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    I can tell that even after seeing them in person (if you can count a 20 meters distance as "in person" ), I cannot tell them apart.

    I have all three of them on a big video, but only two on the pictures

    I wish I could have touched them, but they were very skittish

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    Good grief, but you people are good! It is Samantha who is walking away from us with her characteristic swagger. Both Jessica and Daisy walk with a bit of a stomp. Fluffy Jessica is closest to us and Daisy is turned round facing her mum.

    Top marks! I'm most impressed.

  10. It takes a gray cat to know one......

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    No sooner than I learn the differances then it will be time for me to go back to work and 28 days away.... leads into a lot of forgetting. They are all just so pretty and I will be one that will always be confused by who is who...

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Thanks for the lesson Karen, but knowing me, I'll try to take the test tomorrow and fail.
    May I give them all kisses anyway????
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    Ha-Ha you made me laugh a lot with the descriptions and pics!

    So , now the test: Jessica is the one on the right (short fluffy tail); Sam is in the middle (red collar), and Daisy is on the top, turning her back to the camera (darker grey than Jessica, same grey as Sam).

    Whether I am right or not, I would like to kiss them all three!!! Please kiss them for me!

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    Karen, all three are very beautiful. Great pictures!

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    We flunked, but we love your kitties anyway!!
    Tiger, Percy, Antoinette, Scooter,Norbert,Willy, Pippin

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