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Thread: 2 Years on PT for Johanna (Cataholic)!!

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    2 Years on PT for Johanna (Cataholic)!!

    Today is Johanna's two year anniversary on PT. Congrats on being with us for two whole years, Johanna!!! You are such a wonderful member of the PT family. It has been such a joy to have you and the furry states (that we need to see again ) here these past 2 years. I'm grateful for the wonderful friendship we have formed over the years, that wouldn't have been possible if you weren't here. I'm grateful for all the advice you have given me, for all the chats we've had, for the exercise competitions we've had , and for your friendship, most of all. PT wouldn't be the same without you, for sure. You're also getting a wonderful present for your anniversary, and that is a sweet little baby boy, any day now!

    May you be here with us for many, many more years to come. We love you!

    Ps. Popcorn and Muffin are proud to share their anniversary with you. Today is their 5 year anniversary in our family, and I have to snap some pics before I make them a thread in Pet General.
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    We are all so glad that you joined us on Pet Talk. You have given such wonderful advice that people really take seriously.

    I would love to see pictures of all of the "states," it has been a while!

    Also, I will send out a congratulations to Popcorn and Muffin for finding their forever home, five years ago. I can't wait to see the pictures, Popcornbird!!

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    I'm so glad I got to know you.


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    congratulations, daughter!!!!!!!

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    Congratulations Johanna!

    All things work together for good to them that love God.
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    From Decker with Love

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    Congrats Johanna! We're soo glad you're a part of Pet Talk!

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    Congrats to one of my favourite Pet Talkers!! How about some pics of the furkids to celebrate!!

    Thanks Kay for my great sig & avatar!!!
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    HAPPY 2nd PT ANNIVERSARY JOHANNA!!! It's been wonderful getting to know you and we need to see many more pictures of your furkids.
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    Congratulations! I'm glad to have you here with us!

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    Thank you everyone! Two years is a long time. I will snap some pics 'soon'. I have one tiny delivery to take care of first!

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    Congrats on two year here Johanna! I'm glad I've gotten the chance to meet you and the states

    Good luck with that "tiny" delivery...I hope you feel that same after the fact!!!

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    TINY delivery?
    I Have a feeling it's gonna be more then tiny!!
    Congratulations Jo, it's been a pleasure!
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    Congratulations on your Annivesary Johanna!

    You're a valued member of PT, and it's been great to get to know you! Hope you’ll stay on for a long time to come – in spite of your baby delevery. Yes, some pics of your gang would be great - but first things first.

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    Heres to many more years here

    Also good luck with the "TINY" delivery!

    RIP Jasper. I can't believe you're gone.
    RIP Tigger...I miss you every single day.
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    RIP Angus, I miss you!

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