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Thread: Johanna (Cataholic) & Sister Jessica continue to Request Prayers for young Samantha

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    This is indeed wonderful news!!!
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    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful news for you all!! Lots of kisses to that special little girl and all her family
    Give 1 for a poundie

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    We will not be forgetting this dear, blessed child. Going home is a HUGE WONDERFUL step.. but I think we all know it's a "step" and the journey is far from over. We will stay vigilant over every step of this wonderful child of yours.. nay, of all of this loving PetTalk family.

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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Sammy's home??!!?! Yipeee!!! Hooray!!! Wooo hooo!!!!

    I know she still has a long recovery ahead of her, but I'm sure that will all go much smoother now that she's HOME!!!
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    So are you home?

    I am in tears here. I know that Sammy surviving and getting stronger is a first class miracle- but there still is the knowledge of everything she still has to go through.

    But yes- we stay with you. Of course!

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    I would think that Mom and Dad will need our outpouring of support even more now.

    And Sammy will continue to need our prayers.

    We won't fail you - but there is "no place like home"

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    at beginning of the script.
    gosh...WHAT A MIRACLE!!! time for home...

    it has been one of a long, long journey we went through altogether! ..especially for this little wagon princess. those pictures made me sad but this word, "home" is great!!! and touchy.

    I'll pray harder for no critical setbacks at home so sammy wouldn't have to go back!! I can't believe when this thread first started along with my hospital thread at the same time and she finally is home two days ago. way to go and keep up, love!

    parents, take care of yourself but I hope to hear from you sooner!!
    rest and sleep softly sweet locke..

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    News from *HOME*

    Wednesday, August 17, 2005 at 01:35 PM EDT
    This is Johanna, posting on behalf of Sam, Jessica and Rob.

    First, Sam is safely at home, and seems to be settling in just fine. Jessica's computer is acting up, and I am posting JUST enough to get people through the next couple of days without worrying!! I really want Jessica to be able to tell the news, but, don't worry, it is all good news!

    Second, just a reminder that there is a Benefit on Sunday, August 28, at 5:00pm at the Felicity Church of Christ in Felicity, Ohio.

    It will be a dinner (Spaghetti, Salad, Roll, Desert, and Drink) Adults $10 and Children 10 and under $5. Concert by The Gospel River Boys, and a silent auction with many items to bid on. We have had so many donations from various companies and individuals. We are asking that everyone please purchase their ticket in advance so we know how much food to prepare.
    Contact information- Lisa Stutz at (937)379-2133 after 6:00pm or call the Precious Resources Christian Child Care (513)876-3516 from 6:00am to 6:00pm for more information or to purchase tickets.


    For those that cannot make it, but, would like to donate, please remember we do have a Fund established: The Samantha Chunhui Potts Benefit Fund, Union Savings Bank, 8534 East Kemper Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45249.

    /s/ Johanna

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    "Mom" says a few words ... and Road Trip Reports ...

    Wednesday Afternoon, August 17, 2005 at 05:39 PM EDT

    Hello. We are at the library up the street, until I get the laptop up & running at home. Sam is in the kids' area w/Daddy.

    The transition home was as smooth as it could be; we had loads & loads of stuff to bring in. Daddy, being mechanically inclined, had the feeding machine set up quickly. Mommy was just reclined. Just kidding; he let me mix up her formula.

    Our first nursing visit went well; she was very nice.
    She had an hour's drive out to the "boonies," and was greeted, after dark, by our 130-lb. rottie. (Rob was on his way to our neighbor's w/the dogs, to ensure a peaceful arrival for the nurse, but there's always "the one who got away"!) She was a brave woman, withstanding both that and our house-under-construction. She was w/us until nearly eleven, and we finally got a cranky Sam down to sleep, as she was up late.

    It took a while to sort out her various and sundry meds (which are still making her vomit), but we feel like we have it all somewhat under control now. She slept well, and had a nice first day at home the next day, w/stroller rides, time in the swing w/Mom, and a heartwarming reunion w/her Cozy Coupe. Mom drove her down to the lake to look around, and later on she cruised our porch in her coupe w/Daddy, waving hi to the dogs along the way. She's had a few drinks, but no food yet -- another goal to work on.

    Last night she met a new nurse, who only lives 10 minutes from us. Sam was very cute for her, all smiles, and had another good night.

    Today she enjoyed a trip to Kroger's, where the pharmacist helped us make even more sense of things.

    Words can't express how wonderful it is to have her home, and when we're on the road, to see her back in her car seat. (That empty car seat these past few months was so hard to take.)

    Tomorrow morning we see her ped, and see the kidney doc on Friday.

    We'll continue to have @4 nursing visits per week.
    Let's hope the rest of the week goes well, and Sam gets a stamp of approval from the docs!



    WOW! ~ Road Trips!!

    Kroger's and now the Library ...

    Quite the Lil Girl About Town!!

    WELCOME HOME, Sammy!!

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    Yahoo Sammy!!!!!

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    That looks so much like a "normal" life- it must be so good for Sammy to see you relax a little. This will help her more than anything else- even with 4 nursing visits and a lot of docs to see

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    Sammy you are a superstar!! Well done little girl for being such a brave little fighter...... tons of love and kisses heading your way
    Give 1 for a poundie

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    "Life on the Outside" ...

    Thursday, August 19, 2005 at 11:21 AM EDT

    Sam continues to enjoy life on the outside.

    Yesterday she saw her ped, and we just went over general stuff re: her illness. After that, we visited the library in Felicity, and enjoyed visiting everyone there. Later on that day, Sam spent time on our swing and in her car. She also tried a little rice and a few bites of plum.

    We just finished w/the kidney doc, who checked her over, and drew some labs, which I will get the results of later. She'll come back down in a week. All 3 of us will be typed/tested then, too, just in case we have to consider a transplant at some point. (If Sam should need dialysis again, they feel it's better just to go the transplant route, as dialysis is merely treatment, but transplant is more of a "cure.") We'll have to cross that road when we get there.

    We'll see another home nurse later this afternoon,
    then hopefully enjoy a nice weekend!



    Life just keeps gettin *Better & Better*!

    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    Such good news!

    I am so happy to hear that things have settled down now and that repairing from the damage of little Sammy's illness is now the positive part.

    I cannot believe how much love and attention this child has received and needed, as well. Jessica and her hubby and family deserve SO much credit for spending nearly all of their waking and sleeping hours with Sammy. She must have felt (and still does) so loved and secure. Such dedication. Such love. Such good people.

    I have shared Sammy's story with a few folks in my office. I am about to begin asking them to send a contribution to Sam's fund at the bank.

    Hugs and kisses to little Sammy. I have such respect for her friends and family. Especially her Mommy and Daddy!

    You all will be in my thoughts for years to come.

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    The Weekend Report ~

    Sunday, August 21, 2005 at 05:36 PM EDT

    Sam had a nice weekend,
    having fun at home and running errands with mom & dad.

    There was no major change w/the kidneys, so we'll see the docs again next Friday, along w/a plastics follow-up. Sam has PT this week as well.

    She has both her cars parked up about 2 inches from the TV,
    and she enjoys sitting in her car watching the Wiggles;
    it looks like a toddler drive-in.
    The hospital has made a TV junkie out of her,
    but we're working on weaning her!

    She had a couple bites over the weekend, and will drink water, but that's it.
    She seems happy, though, and we have time to work on her various issues.



    Can Sammy "drive" to the nearest Drive-In Movie?


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