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Thread: Would this freak you out or am I overreacting?

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    Would this freak you out or am I overreacting?

    So I'm preparing timesheets for submittal like I always do first thing Monday morning. My boss, Eric, came up to me this morning and said "Robyn (his wife) and I scoped out your house yesterday!" I was like, huh?? He went on to say that he overheard me giving someone directions a couple MONTHS ago and while he and Robyn were out yesterday, he decided to drive by. Why? Don't know. To see how nice it was? To see how we kept the yard? To know where I live so he can keep tabs on me when I call out? WTF? He finishes the conversation with "Yeah, I know it was your house because I saw your car**, and Josh's car, and Samantha was in the backyard."

    Dude. My freakin' BOSS is scoping out my house!! I talked to one of my coworkers about it and she found it really weird and unsettling too. Seriously, there has to be a reasoning for it. You don't just go look for your employees' houses for no reason.

    I *really* don't like the fact that he knows where I live now. I told Josh and his response was "#@$%in' fruitcake", but I'm thinking something a little more than that. Am I overreacting or is this spooky to anyone else?

    ** My car is pink, and very distinct.
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    I think it's rather strange, myself. You should have asked him why he didn't stop to say hi. I don't think I'd like him knowing where I lived. I'd stay away from him, if I could.

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    My house is very much a local landmark. I've had clients tell me they knew where my house was and my boss has stopped by on weekends to ask me a question because he was "just passing by". There was an online rumor that we were moving, so as a joke we put a For Sale sign up out front to see how fast someone noticed it, and whithin HOURS it was posted online as "proof" we were moving. I have always been very open about my house, and my life.

    Some people find it fun to look at other people's homes. If you were moving and had an open house, you'd be surprised at how many casual acquaintences would drop by. When the Vice Prinicpal of my husband's school had an open house, about 80% of the people there were teachers within the school. Call it Voyerism, noseyness, reality TV in reality.

    Its similar to people looking into your medicine cabinet (only on a much larger scale than a medicine cabinet). I was a bit freaked once when someone I invited to my house used the bathroom and then she forgot to close the medicine cabinet door after she peeked... its one thing when you know someone is going to look in there, and another to have such confirmation they did it. Like Duke's mom said, I would have asked him why he didn't knock and say hi for a few minutes. Put HIM back on the spot, make him a bit uncomfortable.

    I can see how it would freak you out that he had heard the directions months ago and went this weekend to scope it out. I guess if my house wasn't such a landmark and easy to get to that i'd be upset. I used to live in a house where it was fifty million turns to get to... and everyone always got lost. To have someone tell me they scoped out that house, I'd be a bit weirded out because it was sooo hard to get to. It means they went out of their way to find my home... one thing to pass it because they litterally pased it and another to pass it bcause they made all the turns to get to it.

    PS: I personally have no interest in scoping out coworkers or friends homes. And certainly not their medicine cabinets! I figure that if they want me to visit their homes, they'd invite me, but there are a lot of weird people out there with weird things that they consider fun.

    Sorry to write a book!

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    That's creepy! I wouldn't like that at all. I don't want my boss to know anything about my time off work. Maybe they were just in the neighborhood. But I don't think he's trying to be scary - if he was he probably wouldn't have told you!! What a weirdo.

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    That is creepy, but I wouldn't worry to much. On occasion, I've been driving somewhere and noticed a co-worker's car outside or something. Later on, I'd be like "Hey, do you live in such and such area, I think I drove by your area." But I never hunted for their houses!

    Hopefully, that was the frame of mind he had and just worded it totally wrong. I'd like to think that his intentions are good being that he brought the subject up. I do thinks it's odd him and his wife went for a Sunday drive looking for your house though.

    Thank you Wolfie!

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    I can understand why that would creep you out, but at least his wife was with him - otherwise it would have been MUCH weirder!! Were they in the general area anyway, or was it a HUGE detour to go past your place?

    BTW what car do you drive? Pink cars are so cute

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    I agree, it would've been even weirder had his wife not been with him. My town is pretty sprawling. It could've been right down the road or several miles away so I don't know how big a detour it was to come to my house. It's just unsettling. He and I have never had a very close/good relationship so I don't know why he would care to see where I live.

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    Don't over-react. My husband and I have driven past people's houses to take a peek at times too. It is human curiosity. So unless you fear your boss for OTHER reasons, just brush it off and don't feel threatened.

    By the way, that is a FANTASTIC color for a car!

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    I guess I'm just freaked because we are not close at ALL so for this to be chalked up to 'interest' seems far-fetched to me. I'm not going to DO anything (unless it happens again), I just wanted to see what others would think if they found out their boss whom they don't care for and never talk to in depth remembered directions he overheard months ago and decided to find your house. Ick. I just think it's skeevy.

    You like the color? I can't stand it! The only reason I got it was because it was only 2 years old when I got it and under $10K with only 31K on the odometer. It was either that or an ugly green, so I went with the "razzberry". It was okay for a 20 year old but now that I'm 26, I'd love to have a more grown-up looking car.

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    I'd paint my car that way even if I was 50 lol

    Siriously though, Id be kind of creeped out if my boss decided to scope out my place. Although my place is on a main road that most people I work with take to the office lol so it isn't so unusual to have people come up to me and ask "Hey do you live in such and such a place cause I saw your car there" (my car is distinctive too if you know what youre looking for ) I'd leave it alone unless he makes a habit of driving by (kind of keep an eye out for his car on your street) then I'd be taking further action.

    Just keep an eye on him, don't really spy but be more alert if ya know what I mean

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    Yes, it is true that people are nosey..............

    But, I too, find it strange that they would take the time and trouble to scope out YOUR house. How many other people do they do that to? Don't they have anything better to do?

    What was his motive aside from being nosey? I wonder if you scoped out HIS HOUSE and then told him - how they would feel about you??

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    Sounds like an odd thing to be doing IMO! He at least told you he did so, which means he isn't stalking you. Maybe he and the wife were totally bored, and decided to take a Sunday drive, and he recalled the name of your street. time you're expecting company, and think they'll be checking out the medicine cabinet...put a handful of marbles in it, and shut the door! Just be prepared when they leave to retrieve them before you or hubby have heart attacks! Stops snoopers! Forgot where I heard that one, but thought it was a riot.
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    The medicine chest comment reminds me of a commercial where some lady is snooping and the shelves fall down!

    I'd just be more aware of folks driving by your house. This sounds a bit unusual. But maybe I'm just paranoid.
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    Queenscoops........marbles in the medicine chest..........WHAT a great idea!

    Years ago, I had a large Christmas party. After everyone went home I realized that a very expensive allergy prescription was missing from my medicine chest.

    I was absolutely dumbfounded that ANYONE would steal my prescription.

    The other idea I have always liked is putting a note in your medicine chest that says something like.........


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    Gee, the whole time I was at Gini's I never thought of once snooping in the medicine chest. Kitchen cupboards/drawers and the fridge maybe but the only thing in the bathroom I ever cared about was the toilet paper!
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