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Thread: Hose freak!

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    Hose freak!

    My Archie loves the hose! Ever since he was a puppy, if we left the hose down he would chew it to pieces. And a few weeks ago when new grass was put in and I had to spray it down with a hose, Archie crept up in a herding stance, giving the stream of water from the hose 'the eye', and began chasing, 'herding' and snapping at the water spraying from the hose. He must've followed the stream of water back and fourth across the grass a hundred times! It was so cute! This just proves that I've really got to get Archie into herding... atleast let him take a herding test for fun.
    Archie <3

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    Well I think that's a great idea

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    Well what else is he gonna 'herd?'

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    LOL, my golden Daisy, loves water! and has chewed and destroyed about 3 hoses already! and a few days ago pulled the water pipe out of the ground! water was everywhere! Oh, and did i mention she LOVES water?

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