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Thread: Ebay - another freak - this is just sad :(

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    Ebay - another freak - this is just sad :(

    I saw this posted on another board. This is very disturbing to me. I wished eBay would monitor what people are doing better. That poor cat a few days ago and now this freak.

    Even if it is a joke I just think there is too much cruelty to animals to joke around like this.
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    What The Heck!?!?!

    Thats terrible, it really is. Its obvious that this lady has not a HEART AT ALL! terrible.

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    OMG, that is horrible. I think the people with an e-bay account need to do what they did with the cat. I think that we need to complain until it gets taken off.

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    That's disgusting.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    OMG! This has got to be another "joke" - nobody in their right mind would actually be selling this kind of service! If they are, then some ninjas need to sweep down on her at night and "take her to the farm."

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    The seller has put a $US500 reserve on the service, so I assume it's a joke. But she's offered to perform the service internationally - I am so tempted to put in a bid and call her bluff
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    I would also like to add, that she has 100% positive feedback. Maybe we should knock that down some? What do you think?

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    OMG!!!! I can't believe this, even if it is a joke! What kind of horrible freak (and some other bad words) would do this!?

    I think we (or some people) should complain until something is done about it
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    i'd like to send her a$$ to a farm

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    That is just terrible, I think something is seriously wrong with some people these days.

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    That's awful!
    ...and totally appalling!

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    I don't know what kind of sick joke that is, but I am wondering if the picture is for real.

    I got a very suspicious e-mail a few weeks ago from e-bay. It said that somebody had hacked into my account and they had suspended my account. They wanted me to click on something in the e-mail and give my password and such. Well I didn't do that. Instead, I went directly to ebay to see if my account had been suspended. It wasn't, the e-mail was a hoax. So I just deleted it.
    Which maybe I should have reported this to ebay instead.

    I am wondering if somebody is using this persons identity and other people identity to put up crap like this on ebay. Maybe the same person that had the crap up about the cat. Now they are trying to piss us off.

    Just a thought. I put this in my watch Item, just to see what goes on with this.

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    I've posted a complaint to EBay about this auction, but you're right, it could be someone has done this to harrass the woman.

    I've been getting a rash of these spams re. EBay, Citibank, and one other bank. I've been reporting them to the appropriate EIS departments in the hopes they can be tracked down and punished. The only email address I remember to report this spam is for ebay -- [email protected]

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    That's horrible!!!!!!

    I think this is the actual person, not a hacker, if you look at the descriptions of other stuff she sold it sounds like the same person.

    edit - if you have an ebay account, you can report auctions here ( If everyone here does it hopefully it'll be off soon!

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    I am quite sure that the person who posted that auction and the person in the picture are NOT the same person.

    I would bet that this auction was posted by the pictured woman's bitter ex-husband, or her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend of something along those lines.

    Why do I think that? Well, here are some quotes from the auction:

    "Seller's payment instructions & return policy:
    Pay-Pal. My BEST pal; in fact, we're more than just pals; it gets me more excited than my husband ever did. I combine alcohol with tranquilizers so I will certainly combine shipping. Money orders are an insurmountable stress for me; I'm already an emotional wreck. Use it as a last resort. Put me in your FAVORITES list! I have the most appalling things on the site. E-Babes, I have so much JUNK and BAGGAGE that two sherpas follow me around. (One of them is kinda cute)"

    and ...

    "It looks like I'll break down and be driving van soon BEING THAT I'LL NEVER GET LAID AGAIN... So, I'll come to your house, in my freaking fat van, in OVERALLS"

    I sense a little bitterness here .... yes?

    And, honestly, no one is going to take this seriously. For one thing, the above quoted nonsense. Secondly, why would anyone, even an idiot, think paying someone $500 plus $.30 per mile to kill their pet "painlessly" is a good deal .... when a vet will do it for $50 to $100 ... and Animal Control will pick it up and do it for free.

    Yes, it's in bad taste. But I don't think it is too dangerous.
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