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My mother didn't have enough time to do anything for me ( she was a chronic house cleaner) & I was basically was on my own when it came to getting a ride to the unemployment office to apply for my first job. It was not a safe ride either. Russell a hood from Chicago who was living up the street with a family was good enough to drive me up to St. Paul to the employment office. I took a bunch of tests while he waited for me & then he drove me back home & he skipped out of town because the police wanted to talk to him. I ended up going to my first job interview by myself (took the city bus this time) & got the job. I was a whole 18 years old then.

Anyhow it can go either way in my book. You can do everything for a child & they may not learn a darn thing, or you can do nothing & hopefully they will learn something.
Ummm, It's none of my business but, What happened to Russell the Hood and do you ever think/thank him for what he did for you?


When I first got out into the workforce, my drama/spanish lit teach pulled me aside and said, "Do you need a job for the summer, I know the EEO coordinator at a hospital up the street, go talk to her....."

I went in and spoke to her and said, "Mr Duran sent me over to talk to you about a job."

She told me that I was the only one from my high school who had come by and I was hired, show up on July 5!

I could have gone to work as a laborer taking bricks off a conveyor belt or as a stockperson in a toy store - my parents both could have easily got me a job, but I was so proud and happy that I did it on my own, I never looked back and made sure that I hustled to keep my job.