Thank you so much guys!!

Upon further consideration (considering that my area is in the middle of a very rough drought - dry winters), I'm not comfortable doing a car wash unless the other folks are really adamant about doing it. The eco-side of me feels a little hypocritical

The pennies idea sounds like another idea I'd heard of. I think the idea was to bid with $1's versus tickets since people are more inclined to give small cash and change. I'll try to see how we can work that; maybe do a raffle or auction using $1's instead of tickets.

I was also trying to see if we couldn't get a table at a farmer's market Glad to hear my ideas aren't too crazy. I will be introducing the yard sale idea and everything to my team leader in an e-mail. She hasn't responded yet, so I'll wait for her to respond before I barrage her with ideas. You guys are the BEST!