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Thread: MAJOR Fundraising Ideas - $4500

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    MAJOR Fundraising Ideas - $4500

    Hey all, I'm planning an international trip with a non-profit group next year and while nothing is set in stone, the price was set at a rather hefty price of $4500. Unfortunately, I'm not laden with cash.

    I know PT is a group of very innovative people who come up with the most incredible ideas. Unfortunately, I can't think of a project massive enough to sufficiently raise at least $1000-$2000. My goal is to raise $4500 but, of course, that's not very feasible. Therefore, does anybody here have really GOOD fundraising ideas? (I'm not talking about selling lemonade and cookies!) Any ideas are excellent. Outrageous ideas are more than welcome!

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    What kind of non-profit organization is it? What is the goal of the trip? The reason I ask if that there may be a way to tie the fundraising into what the trip is all about. Like, if you were entering a bike race or run, you could get people to sponsor you by the mile.

    A girlfriend is heading to Seattle this weekend to raise money for breast cancer research. She has entered a 60-mile walk. She is sponsored by the mile. If she complete all 60 miles in 3 days, she will raise over $11,000 for her charity. It can be done!
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