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Thread: Need Help With Fundraising Ideas

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    Need Help With Fundraising Ideas

    I'm on Student Council at my school (we're a vet tech school) and we're trying to come up with some school-wide fundraisers that are cheap and easy to do. So far we've come up with a (human) bake sale, and maybe even a doggy bake sale. We are also thinking about having a "dress down" day where if you pay $1 or something you can wear your own scrubs to school (we currently have "uniforms" each class has to wear) as well as getting some tshirts or hoodies made with our school's logo on it and selling them. Does anyone else have any ideas they can add to the list? Our school isn't very large right now; we're at about maybe 70+ students, give or take.

    We are also getting involved with many pet-related events in our area and hopefully try to sell cute things like homemade doggy treats or bandannas at a booth, so any ideas on how to raise funds for stuco would be much appreciated! Thank you everyone, so much!


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    How about all pitching in on a yard/garage sale in the parking lot?

    Some pet businesses might be happy to donate prizes for draws or raffles, in return for their sign being displayed somewhere (they'll provide the sign). Shelters and others might have information tables. SPAY AND NEUTER, you get the drift. Get the AC bylaw people out also, to educate!

    I bet the media would help with free (almost!) publicity - people LOVE a big garage sale. OR little ones! I bet a lot of stuff could come from the students' parents.

    Then have the cookies, hoodies, etc for sale. See about donated pizza or something.

    I don't know much about your town, but this would be a great community event.
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    My old vet clinic used to offer 'Toenail Tuesdays' and they offered free nail trims every 15 minutes throughout the day that was done by the techs. They had to be booked in advance and they always filled up quickly.
    Maybe you guys could offer nail trims to cats and dogs for 5.00 for one day? I think regular nail trims are about 15.00 or so these days? Or you could do it by donation and leave it up to people's discression and you might end up with larger amounts!

    You could offer a photo session of some kind with people's pets. Pose with Santa pics and call it Christmas in July!

    You could go to multiple pet related and non pet related businesses and ask for donations of items (as Candace suggested) and then have a silent auction. Each item would have a pad of paper in front of it and people walk around and if they like something, they write down a bid. If someone else likes it too, they have to write down a bid that is higher than the one before. You could have the auction for a few hours and then close it and then contact all the winners and then collect the money and give them their stuff. In return, the businesses that donated could be mentioned in a thank you ad in the local paper or you could post their name above the donated item to be viewed by everyone during the auction.

    You could also have a 'doggy wash' instead of a car wash to raise some money.
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