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Thread: Can cats see ghosts?

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    I am also 'in tune' with many animals who have passed on. I have described them to their owners and even given messages to their owners. I do that via instant messaging. I don't know why I have this 'gift', but I do.
    More people have this ability than they realise - its just a case of learning how to use it
    Give £1 for a poundie

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    Lamoni saw something ... not.

    One winter evening I was sitting in a room in the ceter of the house. The room with the stone chair Lamoni was standing in the doorway looking at the main hall. We heard footsteps in the hall - 3 feet away. Lamoni watched the sound go by from right to left. He stepped into the hall and peered around the corner to the left. Nobody there.

    A couple of minutes later the footstep sound happened again, this time left to right. He watched the invisible person walk by again. He peered around the corner to the right. Nobody there.

    When the footsteps started to come back he ran past me an dove head-long into the bathtub. I looked over there and he was just peaking over the rim and he was shaking with fear.

    The central heating duct runs the length of the house right under the hallway. We had removed the carpet just weeks before. When the furnace came on the boards would pop-pop-pop as the floor warmed. When it would turn off the boards would pop-pop-pop in the other direction. Sounded just like someone walking. Lamoni (RB) thought that it was a ghost. I miss him.

    Charles Kincaid

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    Me and my girlfriend were sitting eating dinner when our 10 week old kitten came running through from the hall startled. His heart was beating like mad and his hair was on end! We checked the hall nothing was there as expected! We shut the door frightened there was something there. could it have been a ghost???

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    Hi I'm new....

    Hi everyone,
    This is the first time I stumbled onto this is a cool site!! I do believe that ppl and animals see spirits, ghosts etc. My cat Mindy who is about 1 and a half acted very different on the day that my Aunt passed away in March.
    My mother and family had just returned from visiting her after believing that she would recover from heart surgery...3 days after surgery she complained of a pain in her chest. The nurse went to get the doctor and she was dead on the was her first time sitting up in the chair too. It was a shock because she seemed to be doing so well.
    I did not know that my Aunt had passed away and I was in my kitchen when I noticed a tiny child size china mug that my Aunt had painted for me when I was around 4...I stopped and said to myself, "I better put that away so that it doesn't break." About 30 minutes before that Mindy kept crying and following me everywhere like crazy!! She was crying real loud to as if she didn't understand what was going on and she was demanding an answer from me. I tried to cat talk to would calm her down for just a few minutes.
    Then, about 1 hour later that's when my mother came over to my apartment in tears and told me that Aunt Sondra had passed away at 12. Mindy was acting strangly around 11am to about 12:30 and didn't stop until my mother came over. So, I believe my Aunt came to visit me and I do believe that Mindy saw her and was trying to make me see her. I wish I could understand cat language because I tried everything that day to get her to calm down...the only thing that worked was when my mom came over and my mom and Aunt Sondra were close I think that is why Mindy calmed down.
    One reason why I came to this site is because I wanted to ask anyone if they had any idea on how to help my cat to stop being so scared? She is scared of every noise that my 9 yr old boy makes, sometimes thunder, certain sounds that will sound like a hiss...a growl...anything real loud like vacuums and she freaks out. She stopped making her tail real big so that is a plus, but she is so scared of her environment and my son and I are very loving towards her and give her the attention that she needs...I don't know what to do anymore. Last night she hissed at me because I picked her up and she didn't want to be I told her to calm down and she seemed to relax a bit. I thought about asking the vet if I can do anything more than what I'm doing.
    The other question I have is: she has been sneezing quite a bit the last few days...she doesn't seem sick-do cats get allergies, if so can they be the same kind of allergies that ppl get? Thanks for all of the answers and ideas ahead of time.
    Oh, one other thing, she does act a little weird she stares at the wall and tries to catch her shadow....I don't understand it at all. Thanks everyone.

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    Pets and the Paranormal

    Hey guys! I'm actually working on a television show right now about this very thing! We are investigating animals and their experience with the paranormal. It definitely exists! If you or someone you know is experiencing this with their pet or if they are being haunted by an animal spirit please e-mail me at [email protected] - We are working with world renowned paranormal investigators and animal communicators to help pets and their owners!

    Hope to hear from you guys soon! Thanks

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    I have seen spirits before - My last encounter, my grandfather, soon after he passed away. He visited me the day before his wake, and I was so upset that night and he just stopped by and let me know he was OK... It was a very calm presence.
    You're the one sure thing I've found so you better stick around...
    Best Fireman in da House´10
    dedicated to the kindest,loveliest and always helpful man that one would be honored and proud to know........R.I.P. Dear Phred

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    Kitty saw a spirit?

    I was watching Ghost Travelers or something like that on tv a couple nights ago when they had said "Do you hear that, it sounds like something dragging". About 3 minutes after they said that I heard what sounded like a soda can sliding on my kitchen counter which was right next to the couch. I timidly looked to see if there was a can but there wasn't then was scared to see my cat staring at the wall in the kitchen right where i heard the sound! He kept looking up and down about 5 times. I looked to see if maybe there was a fly or something but there was nothing. I'm sure it was some kind of spirit and boy was I scared after that!!

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    Hi, one of my cats did exactly the same last year, crawled round the house like a commando, terrified me. I hardly slept and was planning on contacting the priest to bless the house. Next morning heard there had been an earthquake at the same time puss went berserk. Check USGS website, may have happened in your area.

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    Kit-Kat returns

    I believe my cat Kit-Kat or maybe some other ghost cat came to visit me one evening. My cat Moose had gotten outside by accident (I never let them outside). It was late at night and I was on the porch calling him. All of a sudden I felt the sense of a cat around my legs and almost a feeling of a small wind. I looked down. There was no cat there. Also there was no wind that evening. It was not spooky or scary at all. It was sort of a calming feeling. Moose came back a short while after that. Maybe Kit-Kat was helping him find his way back.

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    I am so glad to read about these experiences.

    My old kitty (R.I.P. 2007), ChenMao, was a rescued kitty. She had been abandoned by her previous family and had delivered a litter of kittens in the garage of a neighbor who subsequently caught and killed them (I never knew or wanted to know how...he's evil). The day that she came to me he was setting a trap for her. She was so sad, nearly starved and obviously terrified looking for her kittens. I took her in and she became such a sweet companion for 17 years. At the time I was staying with my mom in the house where I grew up and many kitties had come and gone before (doggies too). After about 6 months I was getting ready for work and ChenMao came to me and was crying a different meow than I was used to. It was demanding. It got my attention. When she saw she had my attention she started running to my old bedroom. When I didn't get up to follow she came back and did the same thing again. I told my mom I thought she wanted me to follow her. I did...she had found a large paper bag (storage for some old towels and sheets) in the closet and was lying on top of it on her side purring and behaving much like a mom kitty nursing her babies. I stood there and wept. It was so touching. She wanted to show me her babies. Mom told me that we had never had a cat that delivered kittens in that closet so I'm thinking it was her babies.

    I had an experience in that same room when I was younger. We had a a Siamese named Melvin. When my oldest sister got married and moved out of the house she took Melvin to live with her. Melvin and I were buddies and he used to sleep with me at night. I cried when I heard that Melvin had passed on but a few days later I was in bed and had just turned out the reading light and settled in. I felt Melvin jump up on the foot of the bed and start walking towards my face (he slept on my chest). I was so happy to have him with me but then I realized that he couldn't be there. I turned on the light and there was no cat but there were indentations in the bedspread where his little feet had walked.

    When I took ChenMao to the vet for the last time I told her that her little spirit could come and visit me anytime she wanted to. I wouldn't be afraid. She had a jingle ball toy in the sliding door that rattled everytime she went behind the vertical blinds to catch a sunbeam. I told her if she came to visit to rattle that toy. I never heard her. My niece brought her dog over and he went to smell the ball but didn't touch it, he avoided it as a matter of fact. After a year and half after ChenMao's passing I adopted Brie. She didn't bother the jingle bell toy. After 2 weeks I adopted Scutter, a most challenging little kitty on so many levels. On his initial investigation of the apartment I was wondering if I was doing the right thing and he entered the living room and made a beeline to the sliding door where he promptly knocked the jingle ball to the other end of the window. I knew that ChenMao was telling me that Scutter belonged with me and I WAS doing the right thing.

    Thanks for letting me tell these stories. People usually laugh at me. My mom witnessed the nursing behavior and she said it made the hair on the back of her neck stand out. I was just very intrigued.

    Love to you all,
    Dj, Brie and Scutter

    Someday on the Rainbow Bridge I'll find Shana, Melvin, Tiki and ChenMao and maybe even Simon and Charmin and Alan.

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    cat expierences

    i have also had similar expierences with my cats. my cats often stalk, play with, look at, or meow at something several times day or night. earlier today my siamese cat princess was crying for no reason at something that wasnt there. and often my other cat star looks at something for several minutes without moving.

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    My cat saw a ghost

    I absolutely believe that animals can see ghosts. My husband died back in 1997. About a month later, I was on the living room couch with my cat Koko, when all of a sudden he stared right up at the cathedral ceiling over our heads. He definitely saw or felt my husband's presence in the room with us. I told my husband not to worry, and that we were doing okay. The episode never happened to us again.

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    I also believe. We also joke about Mit's reading Patch's book as he does exactly the thinks Patches did for me.
    The story goes back 26 years ago, not long after my wife and I were together, she found a puppy in a dumpster. My sister said that she thought that my nieces were allergenic to their long hair dog, the puppy was a short hair. So we decided to trade. In the mean time my niece finds a kitten in the front yard. Long story shorter, we came home with the puppy and a kitten. The kitten was to young and I had to bottle feed her.
    Now mind you I was always a dog person and did not really like cats., BUT this little kitten made it her mission in life to change my mind. She was my nurse, my companion, My friend and always keep a close eye on me. I had to go on a business trip for a month, this upset her so much that the diabetes started . She was about 2, so she received insulin for the rest of her life. The dog Ginger and Patches were sisters all the way. Ginger would try to purr and Patches would play fetch.
    Now Mit’s is my nurse, my buddy, and keeps an eye on me. Like Patch’s he makes sure that I go to bed on time , if I’m sick he will sit on my chest (just like Patch’s) too make sure that I don’t get out of bed (this is the only time he sits on me in bed). Some times I see him looking at a spot on the bed (my pillow) and once in awhile he will chortle. No one sits or sleeps on my pillow, that was Patch’s spot.
    Now I find that Lucky is doing some of the same things.
    I think that we have the privilege of have Patch’s looking over us and still taking care.
    GILL & Crew;

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    Found this board while doing a Google search on the subject.

    Those who know me well enough know that I have had experiences with the paranormal in the past. There were the incidents at my parents house growing up that followed me to college and didn't stop until I was baptized in the spring of 1993. In college, there was a dorm on campus that was haunted. And, at my second job out of college, I discovered that the offices the company I worked for were a former funeral home.

    Since last fall, I've been wondering if I might be going through more experiences and had been wondering if I was alone in experiencing an animal coming back that hasn't fully passed on.

    On Saturday, August 7th of last year, I had to have my first cat Chessie put to sleep. I'd adopted him when he was about four months old in April 2007. About three weeks afterwards, he was found to have a bad heart murmur. Since that was discovered, I began getting him checked regularly at MedVet here in Columbus, and he was on what gradually became multiple pills twice a day. In the little over three years he was with me and Casey Jones (my second cat), he never showed any signs of problems and acted completely normal. On the Saturday I lost him, I'd taken him to the vet for a routine blood check. While there, he suddenly collapsed from a partial blood clot that had been found in November 2009. It had broken loose and hit the artery going down his back. Needless to say, it was a very difficult time for me, and I still have difficulties dealing with his not being here.

    However, there have been several incidents that have me wondering if Chessie is still around.

    On the evening of Sunday, August 22nd, just over two weeks after losing Chessie, the first incident occurred. I was doing dishes in the kitchen and had the TV on in the living room. While drying dishes, I'd take an item over to the doorway of the kitchen to dry it and see what was going on on the show I had on. At one point as I looked into the living room, I saw Casey behaving very strangely. He was crouched down with his ears laid back, eyes wide open, and tail pulled down under him as he slowly crept up on the cat tent on the floor. From where I was standing, I could see into the tent, and it was empty. However, Casey was acting scared and seemed to see something that I couldn't, completely ignoring my standing a few feet away. As he put his head into one of the openings of the tent, he suddenly relaxed, went in, and curled up inside, acting completely normal again. At the time, I didn't think too much of it, thinking it only a coincidence that it happened at about the same time that Chessie used to curl up in the tent for a nap.

    Later on that week, a second incident occurred. This time, I was on the couch watching TV when Casey again acted scared, this time slowly crawling up on Chessie's old bed that was on the floor in front of the TV. I could clearly see that there was nothing in it, but again, Casey was acting like there was something there. Like the incident with the tent, Casey got his head over the bed, suddenly relaxed, climbed onto the bed, and curled up on it, again acting like nothing had happened. I wasn't sure what to make of it as I'd never seen him acting like that before that.

    During the evening of Monday, August 30th, an incident occurred to me. I was on the floor in the kitchen doorway working out on my AbSlide. I was taking a break and was just on my knees on the floor with my arms hanging down at my sides. My back was to the living room, where I knew Casey was. Suddenly, I felt whiskers and breathing on the open palm of my left hand. After three and a half years of having cats, I knew that somebody was wanting attention, and I began to reach back and look down to make over Casey. Nothing was there, and the feeling was gone. I turned around, and Casey was on the other side of the living room curled up in Chessie's old bed in front of the TV. There was no way for him to have been the one touching my hand since I would have heard and seen him running back to where he was. And this was before I'd adopted Smokey.

    About a week later around Wednesday, September 8th, there was another incident where Casey was scared of something I couldn't see in Chessie's old bed. Like before, the bed was in front of the TV on the floor, and I could clearly see that there was nothing there. Again, he calmed down once his head was over the bed.

    Smokey came home on Monday, September 13th, and I expected the incidents to come to an end once Casey and I had our new roommate settled in. They didn't.

    Around mid-October, Casey had a third incident with Chessie's old bed. It was the same as the other two. The only difference this time was that Smokey was curled up at my feet on the couch.

    Late in the evening of Tuesday, November 16th, I was again touched. This time, it was in the upstairs bathroom. I was in my PJs and barefoot at the sink getting around for bed. I felt whiskers and breathing on my right foot (closest to the bathroom door). I looked down to see who had sneaked in and was smelling my foot. Nobody was there, and the feeling was gone. I quickly looked around, and neither Casey or Smokey were in the bathroom. They weren't even upstairs. I found them down in the living room asleep together on the couch.

    On the Monday after Christmas (December 27th), I had a different experience from anything that had happened to that point. I was on the couch eating dinner and watching a movie. Smokey was on the other end of the couch from me, and Casey was on the back of the couch. Both were curled up and asleep. I got up to go to the kitchen. At the time, I had only three lights on: the lamp on the end table in the living room and the sink and stove lights in the kitchen. The lights in the kitchen had formed a very defined shadow of the corner of the doorway on the floor leading out to the kitchen. As I came around my recliner to go to the kitchen, I saw a shadow on the floor like something was going from right to left towards the sink. I stopped for a split second and then quickly went into the kitchen. There was nothing out of the ordinary, but I had a feeling like I was not alone. I put down the plate in my hand and looked back at the shadow of the corner on the floor. Putting a hand between the shadow and the light, I tried to determine where the shadow had been cast from to appear on the floor where I'd seen it. I found that my had to be about a foot above the surface of the stove to recreate the shadow I'd seen. About a foot off the top of the stove would be about Chessie's height.

    That night, seriously considering the possibility that Chessie was visiting me and Casey, I tried talking to him. I told him that Casey and I loved him and that if he wanted to continue visiting us, he was more than welcome since this is always his home. I also told him that as much as we loved him, he had passed on and needed to move on to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us. I told him that he was healed from his heart issue and no longer had to take pills or get heart scans done.

    Things were quiet after that, and I thought it was over until the evening of Saturday, February 26th. I was on the couch eating dinner and watching the Nascar race. Smokey was curled up on the other end of the couch. Casey came over on the floor and then jumped over me onto the back of the couch as usual. He began grooming himself when he suddenly stopped, leg in midair, staring across the room at Chessie's bed. While his ears weren't laid back, he had a definite scared look on his face and was breathing very rapidly, which had me very concerned. I tried talking to him and was only about two feet away from him. He was completely oblivious to my voice. Even when I put my hand on him, he only gave me a scared glance and then continued stare at Chessie's bed. After a couple minutes, he suddenly relaxed and resumed his grooming like nothing happened.

    The last incident was this past Wednesday evening. I was on the one end of the couch watching TV and eating dinner. Casey was curled up asleep on the back of the couch. Smokey was curled up asleep in the recliner. While I was looking at the TV, I saw out of the corner of my eye a flash of something white going up from the floor at the other end of the couch towards the top of the CD cabinet. I quickly turned my head and looked, but nothing was there. I went back to watching TV, and about a couple minutes later, I saw movement again out of the corner of my eye. This time it was on the back of the couch about a foot away from Casey. I didn't clearly see what was moving that time. It almost seemed like a ripple effect in the air. Casey was still asleep and not moving. I turned my head back to watch TV again. Suddenly, there was a loud bang as Casey shot off the back of the couch, launching himself off the wall hard enough that everything on the wall bounced. He then cautiously came back towards the couch, looking quite scared and staring at the back of the couch. I felt around where he'd been and where I'd last seen movement before he got spooked, but I didn't feel anything. Casey didn't go back on the couch the rest of the evening, instead curling up in Chessie's old bed.

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