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  1. PA--cart Beagle
  2. Oregon--cart Corgi
  4. NH-tripod pup
  5. My rescue needs a Miracle for Miracle!
  6. Indiana - abandoned Pit Bull
  7. NC--Chi on wheels
  8. KY-pup w/ broken foot
  9. An Updated Plea For Grayson Cats/Kittens.KY
  10. Need Help-cocker needs a home in NM
  11. ZAnesville Ohio Pound Such Beautiful Dogs Need A News Best Friend?
  12. Would a dog buddy be good for her?
  13. It Was Hard To Sleep Last Night
  14. A local man dying of cancer has a last wish: To find homes for his ten beloved dogs.
  15. anyone near Valparaiso, Indiana? UPDATE: ADOPTED...HOORAY!!!!!!!!!
  16. Husky with USA microchip in Australian Pound!
  17. Bichon Lost in Memphis Tenn;FOUND
  18. 2 bichons in Michigan need a home
  19. Chihuahua siblings in south suburb of Chicago
  20. Petition to save soldier's dog in Iraq
  21. Purebred Weimeraner needs adoption
  22. Pregnant Stray - I need advice on how to help her!
  23. missing transport--endangered dogs
  24. A real Benji dog needs a home
  25. Urgent Foster Home needed for taz
  26. Two Buddies
  27. URGENT! 4 mo old pit puppies to be euthed
  28. Urgent Treeing Walker Coonhound in need of saving...
  29. Can you help Lily?
  30. Ohio rat terrier pup to be gassed
  31. Husky Mix anyone?
  32. Short Documentary on Pet Adoption
  33. Pls Pls Help!! 7 Mon. Old Pittie Girl....back Legs Paralized!!
  34. Beautiful Needs A Home...UPDATE W/PICS!! SHE FOUND A HOME!!
  35. Foster a Bichon?
  36. So beautiful..........
  37. UPDATE/Her dogster page (adopted): A dog in Baltimore needs a home
  38. TRANSORT help needed (MASTIFF mix).
  39. Can anybody help me with this?
  40. 12/14 ~ Knoxville, TN to Joliet, IL ~ 6 pups, 4 kittens, and 1 mama cat! HELP!
  41. Can anybody help??? UPDATE IN DOG GENERAL!!
  42. spina bifida baby, Cinci
  43. Compassion Seeds.....1 woman 100 dogs
  44. Rena needs a forever home
  45. Transport help needed 1/3 Washington State
  46. Sweet Healthy Senior Poodle Owner Surrendered has until 1/7 at kill shelter
  47. Good dogs one a purebred yellow lab need rescue or adopters TN
  48. Best Friends - Wilbur needs foster home to recuperate
  49. Lhasa Apso rescue in FL?
  50. Shelter needs donations to keep animals warm, sweaters for dogs, donations Durbin WV
  51. Rena's still available Big Dogs Big Hearts Rescue
  52. IN--Sr GSD
  53. COLUMBUS area - Rescues?
  54. Can anyone near Sacramento take this boy?
  55. Free adoption day!!! Jan. 24th
  56. SC--deaf Aussie, her time's up 1/23
  57. Anyone in New Jersey who can help a chi?
  58. 2 Tibetan Spaniels in Charlotte NC/Australian friends want to help
  59. Puppymill raid about to happen
  60. They're half way there...
  61. 7 dogs have 1 week to live
  62. JRT mix in Sask. Canada
  63. This dog might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!/UPDATE***ADOPTED
  64. mistreat puppies
  65. Free to go home awareness
  66. 2 Huskies need a home in Cali *Update #5*
  67. Malamute/Lab pups need homes asap
  68. Back from a long walk about.
  69. Collie Rescue
  70. My Rescue Pics
  71. Looking for a Dachaund rescue.
  72. New Rescue Coming to Majestic Collies
  73. OMG Poor girl
  74. wanted: Teacup Yorkie
  75. Golden in Colliers, WV
  76. Rescue Group in West Virginia? Tibetan Spaniel
  77. Oprah Adopts New Shelter Baby
  78. Nursing Mom and 7 Puppies Cambrdige Ohio Shelter
  79. Blog for animals in need in Georgia
  80. Help Aztek keep Walking!
  81. Help now
  82. Irresponsible breeders!!!
  83. Please Crossport or if you can help these 2 Dogs out I'd be willing to help Transport
  84. **Cuteness Warning**
  85. deaf dalmation puppy
  86. Grainger
  87. Owner abandons dogs at Walmart Now in kill pound. Transport to NE
  88. 200 Dogs seized In Indiana (Update 6/12/09)
  89. Crisis Shelby County Shelter KY
  90. An old Pomi tried to adopt me/UPDATE...RECLAIMED BY OWNER
  91. Houston Homeless Pets In Crisis
  92. I am hoping some from a rescue can answer my questions
  93. Fostering two puppies
  94. Transport help
  95. Missouri Rescue - Help Please
  96. OH - Dog Needs a Home ASAP Boyfriend of Owner is Kicking Poor Rex FOSTER HOME FOUND!
  97. Transport needed, MI and IL
  98. URGENT -- Update -- PTS TODAY!! malinois in FL, time almost out
  99. Bichon in NY needs a new home
  100. Transporters needed in Northern Ohio up towards Canada...Labor Day Weekend
  101. BUDDY Needs a home
  102. 9/8 euth date for great dogs SC shelter
  103. Willie needs some funds please; update post #6
  104. AD campaign
  105. Husky hike - strongsville, ohio
  106. Greyhounds need homes
  107. daisy needs a home
  108. Want to help me save this dog?
  109. 6 Ibizan Hounds Rescued and now ready for new homes
  110. CroSS POST: SC/NC area! An unusual pair...one of each!
  111. Subject: temporary foster needed for 2 dogs and a cat
  112. The Flying Chihuahuas
  113. Just One Dog (video)
  114. Cash *UPDATE*
  115. WV small rural shelter begging for dog food. No one cares for homless animals except
  116. Rescue a dog today
  117. Long Haired Chi, and a Yorkie needing new homes!
  118. Hinesville Georgia Peaches and Raena (cats) & dogs on deathrow.RescueFriendlyShelter
  119. I need to find these labs homes
  120. Information re: Stolen dogs in tn - please read and cross-post!!
  121. China and Saddie
  122. Garner the Border Collie - Cookeville, TN
  123. Crosspost - Dog, Indiana
  124. Great Dane in the need of a home, Ohio-Done!
  125. Urgent To Find this BLEEP
  126. Oh Freedom.....URGENT! URGENT! URGENT!
  127. Pulaski, TN- 60 dogs! This guy needs some help
  128. Underground Railroad For Dogs
  129. 3 dogs need to be rehomed
  130. Almost 100 dogs brought from Tennessee rescue to Chicago
  131. 2 dogs need rehomed (Amarillo Texas) *Update #9*
  132. available tervuren
  133. Bichon in Redmond, Washington
  134. Beagles rescued from now bankrupt research facility...
  135. I Wish I Could Get Him
  136. Shelby CTY KY Urgent!!! Overcrowded. Need Firm Rescue Committment, Adopters
  137. Need to pull a bichon in Miami / Dade FLA
  138. Lawmaker Walks The Walk
  139. A Lost Dog Found (Happy Story)
  140. He Looks So Lost
  141. Sheltie in need!!
  142. SOS Emergency Please help! Euthanasia list
  143. Transport 10/09/10 Saturday- Lancaster Ohio- Columbus Ohio, and further
  144. Can anyone help?
  145. Dumped But Not Forgotten
  146. ADOPTED!!!! Chained to my front porch - New Pic #17
  147. My Neighbor
  148. EMERGENCY dogs need out NOW being PTS!!!
  149. Labs to be PTS at anytime Please help!!!
  150. W. VIRGINIA - Can anybody verify this?
  151. Puppy with seizures
  152. Any New Yorkers or Pittie Lovers?
  153. Adopt-A-Dog
  154. Shih Tzu needs medical attention asap in high kill shelter
  155. Tree Walking Coonhound is in high kill shelter with a broken leg!!!!
  156. These Dogs Need Our Help
  157. End of theroad for LarabelleSweet BlackLabMix GA Please see if you can save her life
  158. Chihuahua in MI needs home
  159. Chicago: Special needs puppy needs rescue
  160. URGENT: Melba needs out by Tomorrow Anyone Near Iving TX that want's to help her out
  161. Dog Left At House With A Note
  162. Chipping in to help with the pups
  163. 12 month lab mix high kill shelter loosing hope
  164. Jack
  165. Benson - St. Bernard Mix Pup CENTRAL Jersey
  166. Dogs puppies GA Kill Shelter Lookign for love Transport Possible I-95 NJ -NY
  167. Rescue Beagles - bunches of 'em!
  168. Do Not Adopt
  169. Dog in Calgary AB area needs home
  170. *All are facing euthanization on the next review date. *Orange County Animal Services (OCAS) Orlando FL
  171. Unique Fund Raising Method
  172. Buddy the Dog, Lab/Terrier Mix, Been at Pound for SIX MONTHS. Very GOOD WITH OTHER DOGS. MOST URGENT DOG in Pound CT
  173. Mastic Beach, NY--URGENT!! free UNSPAYED female pit to good home on Craigslist
  174. Rescued Just In Time
  175. Blind dog rescues?? Please HELP! Camden, NJ_"GREG", Blind Puppy needs help now
  176. Can someone help Tasha? (crosspost)
  177. Dog Rescue - Use and Referrals
  178. Water needed and big fire in Spain (shelter in need)
  179. CAMDEN, NJ: young chihuahua young left behind outside
  180. OTTAWA, ONTARIO (CANADA) TO RED BANK, NJ: URGENT Transport needed for dog
  181. No-kill rescue shelter in Hastings, NE
  182. How do I get in touch with dog rescue transport in the states?
  184. Adopt this cutie...help to find for him a new home...
  185. SEATTLE, WA: Zooey The Cerebellar Hypoplasia Dog in Examiner still needs a home
  186. ANN ARBOR, MI: Two Lost Dogs in the Area
  187. VERY URGENT need transport to no-kill shelter OR foster for a friend's dog!
  189. Front Street Dog shelter
  190. N. COUNTY SAN DIEGO, CA: 2 Adorable Chihuahuas For Adoption thru Forgotten Paws
  191. DENVER, CO: Special Dog needs a home please! Much like Cerebellar Hypoplasia
  192. GENESEO, IL: Sweet Black Lab mix needs her loving FURRREVER home
  193. Palm Coast/Orlando, FL 3 YO Male German Shepherd
  194. Adopt Retired Sled Dogs
  195. TAMPA, FL area: Roof caved in from storms; Animals need help on scene and people to help and take in.
  196. BERKELEY, CA:SAFE! (see msg. 2) re: Leo, Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cocker, needs a new home
  197. Los Angeles, CA: NEURO DOGGIE in S LA On 24 hour alert!!! Wobbly but wonderful Blunkett A1373574 South L.A. shelter
  198. An Act Of Dog
  200. Sansdusky OH Rural pound no volunteers Spot Beagle Mix in cage 24/7 Needs Rescue or Adoption. Transport Help maybe
  202. North Chicago, IL: Volunteers needed to help care for 30 puppies rescued from a 1-bedroom apartment
  203. Pilots are angels of mercy for homeless California dogs
  204. Saved By A Pitbull
  205. Remember Michael Vick’s Disgusting Dogfighting Ring? Well, 7 Years Later… Check this Out.
  206. Katniss- Adoptable in Florida
  207. "Riley" - Adoptable in Florida
  208. Happy Birthday, Pumpkin!
  209. A Guy Noticed Something Dying In A Trash Can. And I Still Can’t Believe What Happened After That.
  210. PROVIDENCE, RI: ADOPTED!!! Cerebellar Hypoplasia Dog Puck rescued from Craigslist
  211. A Sweet Dog Was Abandoned On The Streets Of Los Angeles.
  212. German Shepherd Rescue Indy
  213. UPDATE: Urgent: FULL animal shelter in KY!
  214. GA Videos dogs Fern, Lucy, Birdie and Rucker have NO rescue offers euth 9/26.
  215. Red Husky
  216. Black Friday: A different take
  217. Dog Rescue
  218. Life-saving partnership
  219. Man with dozens of dogs at Forsyth home ...
  220. Desperately seeking puppy love
  221. Chow Chow Female