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    Some people visit this site for the first time, and are immediately filled with delight. They enjoy learning about the pets shown, and the special bond pets and their owners share. Others ask, "Why?"

    We have assembled the following comments from our visitors to give a reason to the people who ask, "Why?"

   There are dog people, cat people, iguana people, horse people, bird people, all kinds of creature for all kinds -- but we are all pet people. Sometimes I think others think I'm too nuts about my three dogs, but when I saw your site, I realized many many other people around the world have special relationships with their pets. It seems hard to imagine feeling so close to (someone) you've never had a spoken conversation with, who's never said, I love you, but here we all are. Your site is a good argument for faith in things unseen.

   World Peace - through Our Pets!

      Atlanta, USA

      Greetings from Guatemala, Central America.

   I have on my desktop a link to Cat of the Day because I simply love cats, they're so cute and lovely and the stories owners write prove how much love pets inspire; not only they're pets but they're our special friends with unconditional love for us.

   I love the daily pictures and enjoy reading those stories every day, they put a smile on my face and give me hope to find out that lots of people have lots of love in their hearts because of those pretty little pals.

   Thank you for your great website!!



   Your site has touched my heart, and makes me feel good to know that people love their dogs this much! Almost everyday, I wake up with my new puppy, Penny, and with my mommy, and see who's Dog of The Day. All of these dogs are adorable, and seem great! I love to look at other dogs and read about their stories with their owners. This is a great site!

      Love and licks,
      Annie C.

   I have been with you for many years and adore your site!!!

   For many years it was one of the focal points of my teaching in my classroom. It was such a valuable tool and my first graders learned so much from your site about animals and their care!

   We got on every day and I am sure it influenced many children.

   I thoroughly enjoy all your pictures and stories to this day and will continue to spread the great news to other animal lovers!!!

   Florida, USA

   Every day I get on the internet and get on Dog/Cat/Pet of the Day. I like to trace back and see all the other animals. In the near future you will see a Shetland Sheepdog named Emmy. She's not my dog, but I will be contributing her. So if you would, please check her out. I have about 30-40 Dog/Cat/Pet of the Days saved in my files so I can see them every day.


   Not only are there some great stories and pictures of everyone's babies there are some wonderful people too. I always feel like I am among friends when I come here.


   Your web site is a pure gift of joy!

   My husband and I have two cats that we love and spoil like crazy, and when I found your site, just regular cats being loved by regular people (or rather, special cats loved by wonderful people), I just had to recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you for this beautiful gift to the pet lovers of the world! (Sometime soon I hope to submit my nomination for Daria and Mrs. Kensington, my two cuties, for Cat of the Day!)


   Just want to add my kudos for the greatest site!!! I especially love the "Dog of the Day" but also enjoy the Cat and Pet of the Day, too. I just couldn't live without my favorite pup, Shadow, an adorable Cock-terr Spaniel (Cocker Spaniel/terrier mix). He is such a comfort to me.


I've been reading all three sites for years! I'm such a fan that I've promoted it to everyone on my Christmas letter list. But I don't stop there. I'm not really shy so I often chat with perfect strangers when I'm in a waiting line, such as in the supermarket, post office, etc.. I start with showing these perfect strangers a picture of our little dog on a legal postage stamp. Then I ask, "Do you have a pet?" followed by clear directions as to how to find the site and a brief explanation of the "Search" link. To top it off, I casually mention that our little "Teddy Bear", a Westie-poodle mix", was Dog of the Day on Valentine's Day in 2005. A little over a year later he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and is now almost totally blind, but he's still the joy of our lives.

      Dixie Crosby
      Brier, Washington

   Why not? This is my 'must visit' site. I have read about every cat since discovering this site ages ago. I love others too, but cats are EXtra special. The recent Pet of the Day, a horse story made me cry. What strange creatures we humans are. There is more to be learned about humans on this site than at the psychiatrists couch. This is a cross Yugo-Aussie speaking. Thanks for this site.


I love coming here every day and see cute dogs etc. My dogs are gone and I love looking at other peoples and know that they will always love them and take care of them! It makes me happy to know people love much as I do!


   A friend sent me a link to your site almost a year ago, and I check it every day. I have two dogs of my own, and love them like children. They are such a joy, and brighten every day. It's great to read about other family members that are just as special. Thanks for the great web-site!!

   My boyfriend and I discovered your site just a few days ago and we are both delighted. We are college students and have been waiting for forever to be able to get a puppy. We still aren't home enough and it's hard to find a college apartment that allows pets so we'll have to wait at least another year. We both adore dogs and are huge animal fans. We visit Dog of the every day and fuss over the lucky dog! It gives us hope until we can get a doggie of our own. We also like the Pet of the Day site because often there are interesting pets and we love all animals. Your site fills the void in these cold times when we don't have a pet and our dogs who live with our parents are so far away. Thank you for making our lives a little bit brighter!


   My routine for the past two years has been to get to work, turn on the computer, and check out the "Cat of the Day". It's truly a wonderful way to start the work day!

      Indiana, USA

   Like everyone else I love your site. I look every day and it always put a smile on my face. Like today's dog that wants his teeth brushed. Some people could take a lesson from that beautiful dog. I also really like the one a few days ago a lady said she had a small white dog that is in love with the big rotti next door. I have a rotti so that really made my day. I am a dog lover at heart but every day when I look at Pet of the Day I also enjoy reading about the cats. Some of the cats are not only beautiful but smart. Keep up the good work for all the animals lovers in this world. We enjoy it so very much and if you are down it will surely put a smile on you face.

      Mariah Holly.

   I love this website because it has so many adorable pet pictures. I love to read the descriptions. If I could, I would visit this website every day!

      Connecticut, USA

   I absolutely love this site. I'm a fifteen year old animal lover who always finds time to visit this site as much as possible in my busy schedule. Every one has said how much they love the dog and cats of the day, but my favorites are the birds. I love birds and have six of them myself. All pets are such great companions and I'm glad I found a site to appreciate them.

      Erin A
      Atlanta, Georgia, USA

   Hi, I just wanted to say that I think your site is great, I stumbled on it quite by accident and it is the best accident I have had happen to me so far! The messaging board is great and it helps me a lot to know that there are people out there who love their pets so much. Thank you once again and keep the site going!! :)

   I love this web site. You all are great.

   It's good to know there are a lot of people like me. I am going on vacation Friday, and I am making myself sick. My Sami loves to go in the yard when we get home from work. However, when we are on vacation, he has to stay inside and he will be devastated. A week is a long time even though he'll have two visits a day from Lisa, the pet sitter - she comes to feed twice a day. He is my baby and sleeps on my head at the top of my pillow. I'll leave my PJ's and hope he gets some comfort from that.

   We also have Chebe - she's an orange Tabby. She doesn't care if she's in or out. She does fine as long as she has her food and treats. She was the first to suspect that something was going on with the suitcase packing, etc. She roped Sami into staying very close to us last night instead of going outside. She is very smart and I'm sure she will miss us but she would never admit it.

      Thanks for caring,

   A friend turned me onto Pet/Dog/Cat of the Day and I've been hooked ever since. I'm most impressed with the people who have opened their hearts to animals that have been abandoned, abused or neglected, thats how I got my two cats(my children). I hope this inspires more people to open their homes and hearts to help critters live wonderful, healthy loving lives.

      Edmonton, Canada

   This is just to let you know that I loved looking this site. I will be back as often as possible to look at all these wonderful animals and read the stories. This is a truly fabulous place. Thank you very much for the smiles you have brought to our faces.

      Jill .C

   I go to Pet of the Day every day mostly because my love for animals. My friend introduced me to this site and I have been going to it ever since. I enjoy looking through all of the animals for the Pet of the Day and the Dog of the Day, but I usually come here to take a look at the cats. I am a complete cat lover and nothing can stop me!

   Jillanna N.

    I enjoy coming to Pet of the Day almost every day. I love to see the new animals that come in every day. I first heard about this amazing site from my friend and I have been coming to it ever since.

   I enjoy looking through the dog and Pet of the Day sections, but I mostly come here to see the Cat of the Day. I am a complete cat lover and seeing these much varieties of cats just amazes me. Thanks for the memories and keep up the GREAT WORK!

      Jillanna N.
      Washington State, USA

   I love this site. The dogs are adorable as well as the cats and pets. I love to go here to cheer up my dad and look at the wonderful dogs and cats and animals and read the article. I don't have a pet of my own so this site is great to dream about.


   One of the reasons I love this website is that I am a foster parent to many cats throughout the year and I see many sad situations with cats. This site shows me that many people choose to go to animal rescue places to find their pet and then fall in love with them so there are many happy endings.

   I also am a grade three teacher and the children in my class love to visit the site and read about the many pets. It is a sneaky way to get them to do lots of reading and they often want to do a write up about their pet as well.

   It is truly an awesome website.

   Thank you so much for taking the time to do it every day.

      Donna R.

   My computer's set up so that Cat of the Day automatically comes up when I access the Internet. I start with the cats, then the dogs, then the other pets. It's what life's all about. Before we got our cats from Cats Protection (I live in London, England) my husband told me I could either have cats or holidays but not both as we have no-one to look after the cats when we're away and boarding fees are too expensive. I didn't even have to think about it. A holiday will give you enjoyment for a couple of weeks a year but a cat will give you companionship and happiness every day of it's life for 15 years or more. What better deal in life can you get than the love of a pet?

      Alison Moore

   What a pleasure to have found your website! Since adopting our dog, Shadow, from the local dog shelter, my love for animals has resurfaced from my childhood. I now check Dog of the Day each day to find out how others adore their pets too. Keep up the great work!!

      Cindy M.

   I'm mad about animals and i love going onto your site and looking at all the GOURGEOUS animals. It takes me out of a bad mood and fills me with joy.


      Mel Doyle

   This site makes me go all warm inside. Just listening to the love that pours out from this site can make your whole day! Because our pets are extensions of ourselves and our families, it is wonderful to somehow share in that feeling! Besides, the stories of the pets that were rescued are so great! I'm so glad that I found this site and can hardly wait until my pet is chosen to be honored!

      Smile! It makes them all wonder what you are up to! >^,,^<

   I love Dog of the Day!!! Last January, I put my dog to sleep, and it was really hard. When I found your website, it kind of cheered me up. I also just got a new puppy, and hope to send his picture in sometime. I love looking at the different kinds of pets other people have, and being a "dog breed expert", it's fun to see what kinds of dogs -and animals- other people enjoy. Keep up the good work!!!

      Katie I.
      California, USA

   If it wasn't for your website, I don't think I would EVER go on the Net! First thing I do when I go on the computer, i load up Pet of the Day, check out the pet/dog/cat's of the day and then I go straight to PetTalk to read all of the great messages and pictures posted by GREAT people who love their "FurFriends" as much as I Love my Simba!

   Your site has helped me through times of depression (Like Sept. 11, 2001) and times of boredom (but of course with Pet of the Day, it became a time of fun!!!!) This is truly a good site, please continue the GREAT site and stay loving your pets forever!

   Pet Of The Day #1 fan,
      Florida, USA

   Thank you so much for creating such a fantastic website! The first thing I do every morning is check out the Pet, Dog, and Cat of the Day. I have never missed a day since I found this sight, over two years ago! I am a animal lover, with three cats, a dog, and a blue and gold macaw on the way (he is still being weaned and cannot come live with me yet, but i can't wait until he is ready!). I love hearing the heartwarming stories of pets all around the world and seeing the beautiful photos that go along with them. Whenever I am having a bad day, your website cheers me up without fail. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

   Aloha to all,

   What a wonderful site! I can feel the love each story brings to others around the world. The site is uplifting and it teaches us how animals are so much a part of our lives. Please keep doing what you are doing.

      Mahalo Nui Loa! (means Thank You Very Much)


   I look forward to starting my day with your website. I can begin my morning with warmth and a smile, looking at the wonderful pictures and reading the great stories about animals who are loved and well-cared for. I'm so thankful to see there are so many others in the world that love animals as I do. I have always shared my life with dogs, cats, horses, and various other animals and fish. I can't imagine my life without animals.


Hi. I found out about your site from "" I live on a moshav in Israel, I have a dog and cat, I also "board" other dogs when their owners take their vacation, as most of my "customers" come from apartments they are quite reluctant to leave the freedom of life on the farm.

   I have had quite a lot of characters and could write a book about them, maybe one day I shall.

   enjoy your site very much.

      Thankyou. Miriam.

   The reason I come keep finding myself wandering back to Pet of the Day website, is because it's so cool to see what kinds of animals other people have, and because who wouldn't love looking at sweet little kitty faces? teehee....I absolutely love Pet of the Day!

      Indiana, USA

   I just love this site. Every day, I visit it to look at the "Cat of the Day". It makes me feel good to know how much people love their pets. I am glad you have this wonderful site. It's great! Thank you!

   Vlada91 and her cat, Mitzi

   I think that Pet of the Day is great. I love it, every day I go online to see what pet got Pet of the Day, and if my dog scruffy made it. Though I'm a little disappointed he didn't yet, I still look because I love the web site. Its good to see others love pets just as much as I do. I'll keep looking at it every day. And I always look forward to the next poll and pet.

   I visit every day and look at the Cat, Dog and Pet of the Day. It's amazing to me some of the animals people have as pets and even more amazing that the mice, etc. seem to have personalities and feelings. I will never feel the same about mice again after reading about the one that liked to be tickled, etc.

      Carol H.

   I love to get up in the mornings and read Pet of the Day before I go to work, because it reminds me that there are still good people in this world that love their animals. I work as a vet. tech. and see lots of things that aren't so good so your site gets me going in the am and helps me cope in the evenings. I have four dogs and one cat, and they are the best things, next to my two young boys, that have ever came into my life. So to all you good people out there thanks for all the photos and letters of your pets. Hopefully the love of pets will grow stronger each day as other people discover this site.


   What a wonderful web site!! I love reading about all the different pet personalities. I grew up with dogs and now I own two cats. But, I don't consider myself a "cat person" or a "dog person" - I'm a pet person. To me a home without a pet is colder than a home with pets. Give me the hair in my cereal and the noise and the smells and finding pet toys in my slippers anyday.

      Orland Park, Illinois, USA

   The main reason why I like PetoftheDay is because it makes me happy to see that other people love their pets, as I do. It is funny, and I think it is really neat when the cats have some of the same personality traits and quirks as mine.

   I work at a Credit Union. When kids come in I always show them the PetoftheDay site. I tell them that it is my favorite site, and it is! I have one little girl who comes over to my desk every time and asks what kind of animals do I have today. One day she asked to see a kangaroo. Well, we looked back through the months and although we didn't find a kangaroo, we did find a wallaby! It is a great site to share! Maybe one day I will send in my cat's picture! Thanks for being there!

   As an avid cat rescuer, I love your site because so many of the animals on Pet of the Day (dogs and cats) were rescued by some caring individual. I love reading the short bios and enjoy viewing all of the animals. This is a great way to share your pet with others.


   I think your site ROCKS! I torture myself if I forget to go to your site one day. I also visit petoftheday and catoftheday as well. The pictures are adorable and I love sending them to friends and family. I always wanted a pet for myself and myself only. I have a family cat and my brother and I share a hamster. I also look forward to viewing your polls....they are all great!!!!

      Nicole K.

   I am a cat lover and your site is so wonderful. I visit every day and often go back to previous pictures of cats that I find specially beautiful. Sometimes I am sadden by the number of stories of pets that have been abused before they finally found a loving home. How many that we don't know about do not get this chance. So let's love the animals sharing our lives as much as we can, and when we don't feel like taking Fido out for a walk or cleaning the cat's litter, lets ask ourselves "Do I love him\her enough to take the time?"


   I think your website is a fabulous place to visit! It lets other people know that there are many other well cared for pets out there. It also helps people learn about personality traits of certain animals if they're looking for a new pet. I got a rabbit about a month ago, and I wanted to find out if when they're babies, is it normal for them to run around, and kick their legs in the air. When I saw other pictures of kits, and the comments the owners wrote about them jumping around, I found out that that was natural for babies to jump around.

   The most valuable part about this website, is that it helps people to better understand the importance of living with an animal.

   I work at home and the Dog of the Day has been my homepage for a couple of years (back when there was only Pet of the Day). Why? Like everyone else has said, it makes me feel good at the start of the work day (especially when there's a pooch like mine pictured) More dalmatians, please!!!

      Pound Ridge, New York, USA

   I love to look at all the animals. And compare them to mine. To see if other animals have the quirks and personalities and looks. It's also neat to see how many people love there pets as much as as I love mine. It can brighten my day.

   I have only recently discovered "Pet of the Day" and began visiting. My husband and I both adore animals of all kinds, and have several pet cats. Most of them were strays or orphans that we have rescued and taken in, and they couldn't be more loving pets. We treasure, respect, and adore our pets, and it's wonderful to me to see so many others who feel the same. After reading/hearing so many stories of animal abuse and cruelty in the news, it comforts me to know that there ARE people out there who love animals and care for them. I have to echo a sentiment by Diane M. - "I see and read about so much animal abuse, cruelty and neglect that this website restores some of my faith in humans again."

   "Why" Pet of the Day? Only a non-animal lover could ask that! Because all you have to do is look at the pictures of all those beloved pets, read their stories and you'll know why. People love their pets. For some, it is their only family. for others, like me, I just love all animals! (Especially cats) To have your beloved pet featured on "Pet of the Day" is indeed an honor. Not only for the pet, but for the "Mom and or Dad" of the pet!

      Patti Roy
      Conway, Arkansas

   I love dogoftheday! It is a great website and I love sharing this website to others. Its very cool seeing how different animals live their lives in different parts of the world. This is a great website!

      Karissa+ Courtney

   Animals are my life. If I'm sad, they cheer me up, even if I'm not. My pets are my best friends in the whole world. A lot of my pets are rescues, and came to me in bad condition, seeing pictures of such happy and well cared for pets is very comforting. I'm glad to know there are other animal crazed people out there,just like me!

   Thank you Pet of the Day!


   I love this site and wish there was more like it. It makes me realise that there is people out there that love there guinea pigs as much as I do.


   The first thing I do every morning is see the Cat, Dog, and Pet of the day. I have never missed a day. I appreciate you doing this for us, the viewers. Thanks! It boosts my day to read the joy and love expressed in each story. Keep up the good work! Again, Thanks!

      Janice W.

   I think it is delightful to come home and see the pet, dog, and Cat of the Day and I have heard and read about animal abuse and since I love animals it's sad but when I look at my animals or this web site it makes me feel much better! Thanks

   I love animals I have three and when I see all the abused animals, it makes me happy to know my pets are loved and so are the ones on this web site It makes my day! I love to read all the information spots and I especially love looking at the pictures! Thanks a bunch!


   I've been coming to this site for a little while (not sure how long) it's awesome! The people here are very nice, supportive and like a second "pet" family to me. Although I have never met any of you, I feel like I've known you forever. Our common bond is the love of our pets. And a day doesn't go by that I don't check in to the site to see what's new, how I can help, or looking for advice. You all have been so warm and wonderful to me which is something you rarely find on the internet these days. Paul and Karen should be VERY proud of their "baby".

   I love the your Cat of the Day site, I have made it my home page. Whatever happens during my work day will be totally erased as soon as I put the key in my door and hear my Calico kitty's little meow.

      Brenda R.
      Toronto, Canada

   I love your website! I come to it everyday and share the joy with others smiling and laughing at some stories! I just love to wake up out of bed with a smile!

      Kelly N.

   I love going under your website it is so adorable I have three dogs myself they are all jack russels. First thing in the morning I go under your site I love animals! Keep up the good work!

      Miami Florida

   Every morning I begin my day by checking out the Pet of the Day website. My favorite pets are Dogs but I read everything about every pet so as not to slight any animal.

   I love your website it makes my day every day even when I haven't had a good night or day I also come back to see the pets, THANK YOU this sight makes my day everyday.

      Ros B.

   I just wanted to add my thanks for the web site, also! This is how I start my day at work...always starts my day with a smile and I've learned so much about other kinds of pets (other than dogs & cats)! I never realized how many kinds there are and the people that love them. It's great!

   Every time I go on the Internet I have a routine, Check e-mails, Go to Pet of the Day, And enjoy this beautiful site. This is the best pet site around.I love it!. it is soooo fun to see everyones cool pets. I go to this site every day! it is sooo cool!

   I love your site because it gives me great joy to hear the stories of love and appreciation that pets bring. I found this site in a magazine, and a-mail the adorable pictures too my friends! Thank you for creating such a Fabulous website!


   I love this website bacause I love reading about all the tricks the animals can do! My horse Buttercup can do lots of cool tricks, so i'm always looking for other horses that can do cool tricks also!!! Thanks for making this website so cool! I have shown it to all my friends!

      Sarah, age 10

   I found your site probably four years ago, and as a "Crazy Cat Lady" have enjoyed it ever since. I am a school librarian and put the Cat of the Day as my wallpaper each morning. All day long kids come in to see who the cat is for that day, and then of course we must check the dog and Pet of the Day also. I love seeing all the animals, but am especially partial to tortoiseshell cats, as that is what my "baby" is! Thank you so much!

      Sharon N.
      Shasta Lake, CA

    Dog of the Day, is my home page, I go on it the first thing in the morning, since I found it. My computer has been broke for two weeks I had to go up my sons just to view the pets. It makes me feel so good to see all the well loved pets. My Nikki was Dog of the Day on May 20, I felt like I won a million dollors, All I can say is I love you pets, cats & Dog of the Day.

      Sylvia A
      Scranton, Pa

   The first time I saw your website was this week. I was starting a new first job since graduating college, and when I turned on the computer Pet of the Day was the welcome screen. I have always had a special place in my heart for animals. Every time I am on a break or the day goes slow, I automatically go to this page and look at all the pets and the owners that love them so much. Some of the stories are so touching they almost made me cry at my desk. While I don't have a pet at the moment ( I love and miss my hamsters Maxine, Gerri, Henry and Marshmello), I do realize how much joy and love they bring, and someday I will experience that again (I can't wait) I Thanks for all the pics and stories to brighten my day.

      New Jersey

   I can't even remember how I ran across this site ... I LOVE animals ... I look at this site often because I find myself smiling constantly when I do!!!! I have sent this site to family & friends's just such a wonderful thing to have.... Thanks!!!!

   Georgia, USA

   I am seventy years old and I haven't got a cat for the first time for years. My head tells me I am doing the right thing, but my heart.......oh dear. I am sure if a stray walks in I'll be a gonner! Meanwhile I have found your site which is a sort of substitute. Thanks.


   I visit Pet of the Day, because its nice to see what other people think of different types of animals.


   Pet of the Day always cheers me up. I love to see if any of the dogs look like my dog. It is fun to see how people get and enjoy their pets.

      Kathleen D.

    Your site is still one of my favorites. It makes me feel good to know that others love their pets as much as I love mine.

       Helen B.

    The first thing I do every morning (I get in early) is check out the Dog of the Day, then go from there. On days when I need cheering up, I re-read the whole week. Then I go home and smooch and hug my boy Cody and tell him he's dog of my heart. Dogs love you no matter what. They're awesome.

    Thanks for your great website!! It makes me smile and feel great!

       Karen I.

    I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation for your web site... I and everyone I know check it out every day! Thank you very very much. Sometimes on a "blue day," only your web site adds a little comfort with all the love that is demonstrated.

       Donna H.

    This is really a fan letter to let you know I love your Dog/Cat/Pet of the Day. It is the first thing I look at on the web each week day. I believe the love and affection expressed are invaluable and it usually gets my day off to a better start.

       Virginia B.

    Just want to let you know how much I enjoy your web site. I love and treasure my dog and two cats and it's heartwarming to read all the stories from people who feel the same way about their pet(s). I see and read about so much animal abuse, cruelty and neglect that this website restores some of my faith in humans again.

       Diane M.

    I purposely moved into a "no pets" apartment, in self-defense. Otherwise I'd be up to my armpits in cats, having answered every "Muffy needs a good home" ad in our local paper! Advancing age and a fixed income force me to curtail both expenditures and activities, so I find myself in a constant state of "Purr-deprivation". As a daily "fix", your site takes the edge off the need, which I can then augment by visiting cat friends from time to time! Your site, and the vicarious peep into other people's relationships with their pets keep me from making a too-frequent, unwelcome nuisance of myself! Thank you so much!


    I live in an apartment building that doesn't allow pets. I would dearly love to have the companionship of a cat. I am retired and live all alone. I stay here because I have been in the building many, many years and the rent is cheap compared to other apartments and it helps my pension check go farther. Now that I have found you I will be checking in frequently to see and read about the pets of other people. Thank goodness for the USA TODAY Hot Sites Archives where I came across you!

       E A Williams

    I like the PetoftheDay website, because I love to hear how other animal lovers are enjoying their pets. I enjoy reading how quirky and loving animals (and their owners) can be. And what a pleasure to see the variety of animals people have, although my favorites are the kitties. I try to visit the site on a daily basis. It is heartwarming.

       Bonnie H.

    The first thing I do every morning is see the Cat, Dog, and Pet of the day. I have never missed a day. I appreciate you doing this for us, the viewers. Thanks! It boosts my day to read the joy and love expressed in each story. Keep up the good work! Again, Thanks!

       Janice W.

    I check dog of the day every day, sometimes numerous times. I have sent this link to everyone I email and most of them do the same... there is just a special kinship between animal lovers, this site is great!!!!!!!!!! It always brings a smile to my face...


    Every morning, I check out Cat of the Day first thing. It really starts my day off in a good way. I have three cats of my own. I also enjoy "Dog of the Day" and "Pet of the Day." Thanks much!!

       Scott B.

    First things first, I have visited your page every day since finding it almost a year ago. It is my favorite of all the animal sites. In fact, you are responsible for my having the most fabulous cat in the world.

    After looking at the Cat of the Day and reading all the responses, I decided I had to have a cat in my life again. I adopted Little Miss Muffet, a Ragamuffin breed, in May of this year [1999]. She has a large perfectly formed heart on her left side and I would love to have her chosen for your Valentine's day display next year.

    Thanks for many hours of pleasure.

       Jane R.

    This site makes me go all warm inside. Just listening to the love that pours out from this site can make your whole day! Because our pets are extensions of ourselves and our families, it is wonderful to somehow share in that feeling! Besides, the stories of the pets that were rescued are so great! I'm so glad that I found this site and can hardly wait until my pet is chosen to be honored!


    I first found your site shortly after I was forced to put a beloved dog to sleep. I was comforted by the love I saw other people having with their dogs. Eventually I found another friend at a humane society. However, I still come to see almost daily to see the "Dog of the Day".

       Ginny, Iowa

    I just wanted to thank you for making such a cool animal site. I am a really big animal lover. I have three dogs. Animals are great!!!!!! When you see all of these stories of how other people love their pets as much as I do just makes me feel happy that not everyone is an animal abuser. Thanks.

    Kristin C.

    Thank you (everyone who participates in the site) for making this an exceptional site. I am a fifteen year old student who wakes up at 6:00am every morning. However, I always find time to look at your site! The most enjoyment comes from reading about the owners and the humorous stories they tell about their cats, dogs or pets. I have an eleven year old cat. He deserves so much to be on the site. I'm going to do that for him...on his birthday!

    Thank you again.

       Lacy, Tennessee

    I can't understand how some people don't like animals. I have a dog and a cat at home and I couldn't imagine having better companions. Animals are there for you when you're happy and when you're sad and by visiting this site you get to read about how others experience happiness through their animals. I'm very happy that someone has taken the time to dedicate a website to the animals we love that bring so much happiness and love to our lives.

       Tricia Piatkowski
       Buffalo, NY

    Dear Cat of the Day,

    I came across your website while looking for calico cat sites. It is the most uplifting and heartwarming site, I even made it my home page. Your contributors tell such great stories of how much they love their cats. It is truly amazing to see what a profound effect our pets have on our lives.

    Keep Up The Great Work

       Brenda Rogers.
       Toronto, Canada
       (proud calico friend)

    It's a lovely site. I enjoy most finding out about cats that resemble mine, living in other countries and continents. It's amazing, and they are all adorable.

    Miri A., Israel

    It's so cute!

    Just a quick note to let you know how much I love the Pet of The Day site. I always go to the Cat of the Day first since I have 4 of my own and then to the other two sites. I always do this first thing in the morning and it always gets my day off to a great start. It reminds me of how very much I love my animals.

    I really enjoy your site I think that it is the best one out there. Keep up the good work and be sure to tell your readers to adopt a pet - they are wonderful.

    I enjoy your site so much! It is under my favorites and I GO there daily. When I work my 12-hour shifts, I love the fact that I can go to previous days! and never miss a day. I hope you keep up the good work. Thank goodness for your site. I have 3 dogs soon to be 4 because my husbands' parents are too old to take care of their newly diagnosed diabetic dog. We both are dog lovers, besides I am a nurse and my husband is a diabetic. My husband told the vet that no one killed him when he got the disease. So if she recovers we will add her to our pack. Maybe I will send her photo after she gains some weight back. Our Chauncey was Dog of the Day on 12-20-99 again thanks!!!!

    Your pet of the day site gives me such pleasure every day. I'm 81 years old and have had many cats, dogs, and horses. My pets have all lived to ripe old ages. So, at my age, I hesitate to get a pet that might outlive me.

    Therefore I get my joy in visiting all your pets every day. Please keep your site going.

       Frances in North Carolina, USA

    I like to see all of the different dogs, animals, cats. I like it when they have costumes on. I think they look so cute and adorable.

       Megan M.

    I have viewed your site for quite some time now and it is one of the first things I do in the morning. I am an animal lover and reading the inspiring stories and seeing the beautiful photos just makes my day. I have even bookmarked several that I go back to every now and then just to get that big smile on my face. Keep up the great work!


    I love DogoftheDay. Every morning before school I get my chores done and come on the computer to check the DogoftheDay. I like the other ones (PetoftheDay and CatoftheDay) but I love dogs so I like seeing DogoftheDay. I love the polls and how people will say good things about their pets.


    Why I like Pet of the Day:

    Because I have 4 pets, and I love animals! And the animals on your web site are soooooo cute!! And it's really fun to see a different one every day, it's cool. I really think that anyone who likes pets should LOVE your web site!! :-) Thanks PET OF THE DAY people! I really enjoy your web site!!!

       Tiffany U.S.A.

    I am 56 years old and never owned a pet. A beautiful and charming white cat in the neighborhood adopted me and taught me the joys a pet can bring into one's life. I had no idea! Now I love looking at, learning about and seeing all kinds of pets. The Pet of the Day brings so much fun into each and every one of my days!!!!

    I start of each day with Pet of the Day. It's amazing how it makes me feel just looking at and reading about these beautiful animals. I set it each day as my "wallpaper", and when things get bad, I just minimize everything and check out the Pet of the Day. I love it!!!

       Betty W.

    I love your site a lot. I live in a condo and am not home enough to provide a good home for a dog or cat. I visit your site daily to read about all the dogs, cats, and other pets. I enjoy reading the names of the pets as well as the paragraphs describing their lives. I wouldn't miss visiting your site each day I work on my computer.

       Gloria from Wisconsin

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