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   I visit Pet of the Day because I love animals! Some can be cute and fluffy or ugly and dirty but they are all still nice.


   Hi my name is Alice i am 11 years old. I have many times tried to get my pets on Pet of the Day but it never came up. But its still nice to see that there are people out there who love their pets as much as i do!!

   Hi    I love to visit your Cat of the Day. I guess going to your site sometimes lifts my spirits. I have always had a cat in my life. My husband and I now have a cat named Abbie and she rules the roost, and we love her lots. We are thinking of sending her picture in to your site. I also sneak a peek at the Dog of the Day, but I don't let on to Abbie that I do.

      Thanks for having a site like this it is sure enjoyable.

      Kingston, Ontario, Canada

   It was my first time to visit your site and wow! It was great! I'm a real cat lover. I have a pet cat now and I love so much. I really appreciate your site.

   Thank you so much and good job!

      P.S. I really adored the Cat of the Day Belle. She's so cute.

      The Philippines

   Dear Pet of the Day!

   Me and my six-year-old daughter enjoy your site and we get very exited whenever we see cats similar to our Siamese - which we adore so much.

   I love to visit this site because I can see a very cute pets everyday especially cats and hamsters. I have eight Syrian hamsters and two Persian cats in my room. From this site, I learn more about my pets' habits.


   I check Dog of the Day every day, sometimes numerous times.. I have sent this link to everyone I email and most of them do the same. There is just a special kinship between animal lovers, this site is great!!!!!!!!!! It always brings a smile to my face...


   I like your website a whole bunch. I like to look at the cats and dogs when they are all dressed up. I have two cats and two dogs. Thanks for making the website.

      Abby from the U.S

   My husband and I are senior citizens who were disabled in a head-on crash with a drunk driver. We are not able to clean up after a dog any more. When the last Boston Terrier we had went to Doggie Heaven, we got rid of the doggie door and cemented over the grass area in our back yard. We live in the Phoenix AZ area and the rock yards and cement gets very hot in the summer time. We are Boston Terrier and Pug lovers, especially, but love all dogs and enjoy the cats, too. Thanks for your web site!


   I really enjoy visiting this site. I love cats, but am allergic to them! It is fun to see all these cat pictures because I get the cat fix I want without actually having one! The pictures are adorable and brighten my day!

      Michigan, USA

I stop by every day to see the Cat of the Day and if I have time and/or need to relax more, I check out the other pets. If my day at work is stressful (or very stressful) I know I can take a look at the cats and feel better immediately.

    Animals teach us so much in how they deal with life and I'm grateful to be able to connect with them at work when I can't pet my own cat, Chaucer.

      Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

   Hi there,

   Every morning myself and my colleague look at the website before we start work. It is heartwarming to know there are many animal lovers out there and I especially love the ones where the 'daddies' were not cat people but now are besotted with their kitties.

      Dublin, Ireland

I love going to your site because I love looking at your beautiful animals. My first stop is Cat of the Day because I am a cat lover. I have two of my own and I refer to them as my babies. I love them to pieces and cannot imagine life without them just like I cannot imagine life without my three kids. My cats have bubble baths which the older one enjoys. The younger one is still learning to behave in the tub. I cannot wait to send their pictures in and hopefully they would make cats of the day someday soon. Keep the site going because it brings great pleasure to young and old alike.


   I absolutely adore your site- I just learned about it today and I'm glad I did!

   I'm 10 years old, and homeschooled. My mom makes all the lessons, and today she made a lesson about pets. She then told us to check out the Petoftheday, Dogoftheday and Catoftheday sites to make a small report about them!!

   The pets were Rhett the dog, Abigayle the cat and Roxanne the box turtle!

   Well... Keep up the good work!

      California, USA

   I love this web site! My favorite pets are cats, and I go here and browse every day when I have some free time. I have ten cats of my own, and they are very cuddly and cute. Also, the pets on this web site are amazingly funny! I like the big, fluffy white Persian, Buffy. She is my favorite.

   Well, thanks a lot for making this site! It's so nice to see something really worth logging on the Internet for.

      Alanna B.

   I love your site because I love pet's and I find it very exiting to see a new Pet of the Day changing every day! your site is so awesome!!!!!!!!!


   I just found out about your site and I love it. I am 12 years old and love my puppy, and I am happy to know that people would like to know about her.


   I was just told about your site this month from a work associate. I clicked on and... Boy!!!! It is the best site that I have visited. Now, I check it everyday. My favorite is 'Dog of the Day' (because I have eight), but I also check out 'Cat of the Day' and 'Pet of the Day'. It warms my heart to read about how wonderful these animals are and how much they are loved. Whether I am having a good day or a bad day... your website 'Makes My Day'. Thanks so much.

      Your pet loving fan,

   I am so happy every date to check your site. Many times I go back to look at the beautiful cats again. My husband and I are now 83 and slowing down . However we still love cats and right now we have none of our own. That is because we baby sit cats and kitties for our friends and wonder how they would get along with a "home cat". We also take care of our daughter's four cats when she goes on trips, and that is very often and some are very long. So we still are able to play and delight in the unusual tricks that cats can do. Keep up the good work. We love the pictures.


   I love all animals, with fur or feathers. I have three cats, and would also like to have ferrets, budgies, & dogs, but my budget, landlord, and husband keep me from adopting more. The local animal shelter is full of beautiful animals that need homes. It's good to hear there are still loving people out there that care about animals. If I can't have a variety of animals at least I can see them on your site. I won't miss a single day. Thanks for your website, it is much needed.

      New Jersey

   I love animals, especially anything with fur or feathers. If I could afford it I would have a wide variety of pets. At this time I am owned by three beautiful cats, but would also like to have ferrets, birds, dogs, etc. While I can't possible have all these pets at least I can see them on your site. I also like to read how other people love their pets.

   Just wanted to let you know that I love your web-site. It's great to see that there are other people who love their pets as much as I do. My husband and I are not able to have any children, so our dog and cats are our children.


   I just wanted to say how much I enjoy getting on Pet of the Day. Every day I look forward to getting home from school so that I can see all of the cute little pets. I have three dogs in my life and they have shown me how cute and fun animals can be! I must admit my favorite thing to do is look at the Dog of the Day though!

   Firstly, to anyone who wonders why we should discuss and share the concept of pet dogs I have a simple answer: Dogs possess a capability that many humans do not: The capacity for unconditional love. If you want your children to learn about unconditional love (and the responsibility that lies on you as the "beloved owner" ) -- there is no better way than having a dog.

   Why the website? Well, to me it was a great way of learning to tell the difference between different breeds, finding out what mix my dog could be.

   Thanks for having this wonderful website.

   Since my Yogi Bear has been in Kitty Heaven for a while, it's nice to know that others can see him and hopefully enjoy his story. October 30, 1999. And, Boo Boo is still with us and seems to be doing very well in his senior years - he is now almost 16.

   I also love to see other people loving their pet partners so much!!!

   Have a Blessed day!


   IT'S GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Houston, Texas, USA

   I love Cat of the Day. It's one of my favorite web sites (next to Dog of the Day). Every day I go on Cat of the Day and read about other people's cats. I'm glad other people love their cat as much as I love my three cute kittens!


   What a wonderful haven for discover and spend some time in. I just cannot wipe the smile off my face as I click on the images and read each and every animals' story. They're always so loving no matter what - it's good to see a site dedicated to our animal friends which treats them with the respect they deserve. Thank you for a fantastic effort,

   animal lover
      Sydney, Australia

   I look at this site everyday. If I'm having a bad day I look at the pictures on this web site and feel happy and forget my problems. These dogs remind me of my dog who always makes me feel cheerful and all together good. It's great to look at the dog's pictures as well as information about the dog so you fell like you know the dog!

   At the beginning of each day, when I go to my computer, I visit your website. It is my favorite because it makes me feel sooo good...all warm and fuzzy!

   Thanks for making the site available for all of us to enjoy.

   I find it interesting to see animals from all over the world. My home is located in the state of Michigan, in the USA. I am the owner of five friendly felines.


   I love Pet of the Day because even if I am having a bad day I can go to this website and I am filled with joy. To see all the wonderful animals and how much their owners love them makes me so happy. Animals are such a special part of our lives and I think this is the perfect way to show it. Great idea!!

      Sincerely, Laura Smith

   Your website is so cool! I like to know that people actually love there pet that much to enter them for Pet of the Day. It puts a smile on my face to see the Dog of the Day. They can be so cute and it really brightens my day! Your website is fun to look at, and the pictures are so cute!

      Ashley A.

   I love your site a lot. Keep up the great site.

      Ashley N.

Almost every morning me and my pet rabbit (princess) panda check what's on Pet of the Day, we love it because there's such a range of pets (some cute others ugly) we especially like looking at the rabbits. I think its great to have a website like this and really enjoy looking at it and so does panda. I give my greatest thanks to the person who came up with it.

      Dublin, Ireland

   Just came across your site today, sure I will visit it many times more. I had to have my cat Jasper put down in Sept. 2002 after sharing 10 1/2 years together. Due to my health I will not be getting another one, plus I could never replace Jasper, he was unique. I will come to your site to visit when I miss him.

      Ontario, Canada

   Pet of the Day is a really nice way to show everybody the love people have for their animals.

   I love this website. I look at it quite frequently. I love cat and dogs. The cat that was on Cat of the Day on Friday 14th June 2002 (stormy) looks just like my cat sparky. Stormy is about a month younger than my cat. The type of dogs that i like are, Boxer's, Rottweiler's, Doberman, English pit bullterrier's and Great Dane's. I loved stoney who was Dog of the Day on June 3rd 2002. He is a boxer. I also loved Kahlua, An English mastiff, Rottweiler mix. Who was Dog of the Day on May 16th 2002. I look at this site because two of my cats were run down last year and i sometimes see cats that look a bit like them. I really enjoy looking at this Web site and I hope to see some more gorgeous cats and dogs in the future.


   All I can say is WOW!! I just found your website and cannot believe I've never seen it before now. Such awesome pictures of the greatest pets. It's comforting to find that there are so many of you out there who are as "goofy stupid in love" with your pets as I am with mine. I adore my eight big dogs & yeh, my basset hounds dress up in thong underwear, doesn't everyones? The trust & loyalty I share with my dogs is embedded so deeply within our souls. I've never known a more beautiful, safe feeling, ever. They protect & guard over me while I sleep. Their happiness and comfort is my main concern. My yellow lab sleeps "spoons" with me and all he asks for in return is to feel my hand rub his head while we sleep and he snores in my face. If everyone could have a dog to love them, this world would be such a sweeter place. That is the true "why" they are here you know. The bring us peace.

   Thank you for such an incredible place to come. Just gazing into their eyes, you realize they knew exactly what they were doing when they chose the humans they wanted to share their lives with. They know they are very, very loved. It's in every photograph you share and it gives me faith when everything else in the world seems so out of control sometimes.

      Sincerely, A.layna
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