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Why? Page Three

   When I wake up the 1st thing I do is see what cat you've chosen to be Cat of the Day I love cats so much but unluckily enough I cant have one which makes me upset but when I go to your site you always make me smile :) again. I love seeing which smiling face will be looking at me each day and I know my day will be hitting off to a great start :)

   Thanks Cat of the Day people you've made me one happy girl.

   Dear Pet of the Day,

   I absolutely love your website! All my friends do too. I love animals and I have a miniature schnauzer at home! I will probably nominate him in the near future, so be expecting a picture of the cutest dog in the universe!


   I visit because, I love animals (especially cats & kittens!) & I don't want them to die. I also have two cats. 1 I like the other I don't. One's name is Ginger the other, Misty. I also go to Pet of the Day to learn about animals. Also, just for fun! That's why I go to!

      Brittany age 8

   I like the PetoftheDay website, because I love to hear how other animal lovers are enjoying their pets. I enjoy reading how quirky and loving animals (and their owners) can be. And what a pleasure to see the variety of animals people have, although my favorites are the kitties. I try to visit the site on a daily basis. It is heartwarming.

      Bonnie H.

   I have just been introduced to Cat of the Day by my friend. I have loved her cat pictures that she sends me at work, and I am always asking for more. When she found this one, she promised that it will bring me days of endless cheer, and I am sure that it will. There is nothing sweeter or more beautiful than a cat. I have two indoor cats and one outdoor wild cat whom we take care of, but pictures and stories of other cats are always welcome.

   Thank you -

   I have had pets (dogs and/or cats) all of my life. Two years ago we lost out beloved red/white purebred Husky, Raja, to disease and this year we had to put down our 16 year old terrier/pommeranian, Megan, due to old age. A friend at work showed me your website and all the adorable dogs and cats and it has nurtured me until we now, again, have purchased two puppy rat terriers to love. I have a plaque in my home that says "A house isn't a "home" without a dog" and I truly believe that! Until I'm at home with my "babies" and need a fix of puppy love, I visit your web site and end up with a big smile all over my face. It just makes me feel so good, and I'm so thankful others out there feel the same as I.


      Minnesota, USA

   I have just found your site and it is wonderful. I adore cats. I have a young Siamese called Sophia and a British Blue called Saffron. They get called Saffy and Fia (amongst other things!) I previously had two much loved Siamese, Simon and Sophie. I love to read about other people's cats and find out about the things they do and their bonds with their owners, in particular, as Saffron was a rescue girl, it is nice to hear about the new lives some of these lovely cats have with their new owners. It's a nice uplifting start to the day to see these beautiful felines. I might nominate Saffron and Sophia!

      and yowls from the girls Saffron and Sophia
      Chesterfield, England

   I love this site. I visit it because I have three dogs and 1 hamster. I might even be a vet when I grow up. This site is truly for people who have a pet or dearly wants one. Plus, you can learn about things and the kind of animal that would fit you!

   Someone that is about to get a pet could come this site and learn fun and exciting things animals can do. This site is fun and every day you can see a Pet of the Day. All are cute so you would be happy. I know I am!

      Kelli E.

   I like to see the Pet of the Day because I love animals and want to know more about them.

   I love your websites (I mean, who doesn't) because I love animals I have a dog of my own and my sister has a bird. Also, my sister is going to study to become a vet. so I've become quite acquainted with quite a few different animals your website is soooo cute!

      Claire A.,
      Pennsylvania, USA

   I love your site because it allows every pet owner to express how each and every pet is special in their own way. I, for one, never really thought about how very unique all of my five-soon-to-be-six pets are. Thanx, petoftheday!

   I am a newcomer to your web site. I have been checking out your web site for about two months now. I love it! My friend and I come to work every morning and the firs thing we do is look up Cat of the Day. We usually end up putting it as our wallpaper for the day. I started looking back at the past months and I just fell in love with all of them. This web site makes me want to go out and adopt another pet. I have a cat, dog rabbit, and a horse. The rabbit my daughter bought at a pet store. The dog she brought home one day while she worked for the animal shelter. The cat she brought home one day while she was at the day care she works at. She has since moved out and we have all of the animals. But we love them all. My horse is not at my home I have to board her but she is loved and cared for just like the others. Maybe some day I will send you a picture of the crew we have. Until then keep those animal pictures coming.

      Brenda Webster
      Highland Heights, Kentucky, USA

   Hi from Perth Western Australia! I came across Pet of the Day through our daily newspaper in the "What's On The Net" section written by a lovely young man who adores cats. Since then I rarely miss a day without going first to your lovely site and viewing these beautiful creatures. I intend sending you a photo of one of my five soon, when I work out how to do it! Regards,

      Sue K.
      from Sunny Perth

   The very first thing I do every morning is go to the Dog of the Day and check out who made it today. I just love this site and all the dogs and I love the stories told with each one. Sometimes I am so happy for the dog especially the ones that were abused and mistreated I cry. I am so glad there is so many good people in this world that loves their Dogs.

   I enjoy the Pet of the Day Website very much. It shows me there are a lot of people who have a tremendous love for their pets. I will never understand people who say it is just a dog, cat, bird, etc. Pets give so much, and ask for so little.

   I especially enjoy the pictures. One is cuter than the next.

   I have a dog and a bird; and cannot imagine how different life would be without them.

   Keep up the good work you are doing, and hopefully some day I will see my dog as the Pet of the Day.

      Ohio, USA

   I love your website. I check it each morning for the new "Dog of the Day." It's nice to know that so many others love their dog as much as I do. I hear so much of the bad things that happen to animals, and it's nice to read the good stuff too. Thanks

      Colorado, USA

   I have set Cat of the Day as my homepage. It never fails to bring a smile to my face first thing in the morning--it's especially exciting when a local cat is featured. My apartment doesn't allow cats, and I love to live vicariously through the stories. I have turned all of my friends onto Pet of the Day, (or P of the D as we call it), and my lifelong dream is to someday have a house, two cats, and have them featured on C of the D.

      Casey in Portland,
   Oregon, USA

   I love to see the Pet of the day, or the Dog or Cat of the Day. Its good to know other people pamper their pets like I do to my dogs! All the animals are really adorable, have very funny personalities!


   I love your website! I love my two dogs and I like to see how much other people care for their pets. I check the website every day and sometimes when I'm bored I go back and look at all the beautiful dogs. Thank you very much!


   I love your website it is sooo cool to see how much people love their pets with every thing else going on. It is amazing to see how many people love their pets as much as I do.I have billions of animals at my house because we love animals very much.

      Nicole S.

   This website is great it shows me some of the cutest cats and it makes me grow to love cats more than I do already.


   I like to see the Dog of the Day (and the Cat and Pet of the Day) because I love small puppies and all animals. On the Dog of the Day, I like to see the talents of the dog and their picture. Animals can become your very best friend, like my animals. They are truly a gift from God!!!

      Georgia, USA


   I just love your site! I try my best to visit your site every day. My favourite is PetOfTheDay. I also enjoy reading the Dog and Cat of the Day pages. The best thing about your site is that I can go to previous pets if I miss a day. I keep hamsters and birds at home. I wanted to have my favourite albino hamster on the PetOfTheDay but she passed away last year in December. I really miss her but it comforts me just knowing how much others love their pets.


   Cat of the Day is the first thing we look at on the internet each morning. It is an excellent site, and it is a great help to us to realise that we are not the only cat-crazy people in the world! We have 10 cats, all rescued or strays, and despite their difficult backgrounds they all live happily together here with us in the countryside.

   Keep up the good work!

      Chris & Patricia
      West Cork, Ireland.

   I really love this website. It shows me all the lovely pets in the world and how they can fill people's heart with happiness. Every morning when I get up I go to this website to see what animal has been chosen. I enjoy looking at there picture and reading there lovely lives. Thanks for creating this website.

      Jauhara =x=

   Dear Dog of the Day,    I love to read about the other dogs and their lives. I have one dog of my own and two cats as well. I love your site and read it whenever I can. Keep up the good work!


   I am 13 3/4 years old. I like today's Pet of the Day. Bobby Lee sounds like one funny character. I was especially delighted since he is an African Grey, which are my favorite animals! I don't have one yet, but I have two cockatiels. This is my first time at this site, but I would like to visit some more. Thanx!

      Heather C.

   Hi! My mommy told me bout this site. She went go get some water so me wanted to say like da web site!

      Cinnamon the cockatiel

   When I found your site, I visited for three hours straight! Although I have three cats that I dearly love, your site has made me want to get another! I can't imagine my life without my cats. They are so much a part of my life. I plan to send you a picture of one of my cats. I am so glad I found your site. People just don't know what they are missing if they don't have pets!

   I always had pets at home. We moved a lot from one country to the other and my dogs and cats came along. 'Specially one cat who became my real companion for 15 years. I am 70 years old now and live in Montreal, being Canadian. We spend few winter months in Cyprus. We cannot have a pet anymore as we live in a senior's residence. This is so sad. I envy all these people taking their dogs for a walk etc..... it comes: my joy is your site. Every day I look at the Cat and Dog of the Day and it fills my heart with joy. It is in a way as if they were also my pets. I read their stories and enjoy so much the photos. Maybe I will send you one day the picture of my last pet. She deserves to be admired. Continue the good work. God bless


   I love your website because I love any kind of animals. I am thinking about submitting my cat, pepper. I look at the site every day. I really like to read the paragraphs of the animals. And I like to see what there names are. It is a good way to think of a name for a pet.


   I go on Dog of the Day because I love animals especialy dogs! I also go on to see if my dog has been nominated. I think Dog of the Day is a really cool website and now my friends go on it. If it weren't for my cousin I wouldn't be talking right now!!!

   Your website is the bomb I have a lot of pets and I love them! Every time I look at the pets cats & dogs and read every thing and I got that ohhhhh that is so cute feeling. This website really cheers me up. I wish this popped up on my screen everyday!

      hadyn c

   This is the best website for making me smile every single day. Every morning the first thing I do is check out the Cat of the Day, because we have at present 13 of our own. This website never fails to make me smile, no matter what mood I'm in. I love it.

   Then I check out the Pet of the Day and the Dog of the Day. It's is very, very heartwarming to see there really are others out there that love animals and treat them with love, kindness and the respect they deserve. I don't see the people who's pets these are, but you are all wonderful human beings and thanks from me for saving animal lives.

   Cats always make me smile! I usually check the sight every work day at lunch and some days I really need that smile. You provide a wonderful chance to see the beautiful cats the world contains.

      -- JG

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