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    I should e-mail him pretending I'm interested and ask about the bloodlines and how he came to making the "purebred" minature dals.
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    they even talked about toy dalmatians!
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    Quote Originally Posted by buttercup132
    I should e-mail him pretending I'm interested and ask about the bloodlines and how he came to making the "purebred" minature dals.
    Suki Wingy already did, and got a not-so-nice reply back...


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    I don't see what an email is going to do at all.

    Yup it's sad, but we've all seen the designer dog breeds before. I don't see why we need a new thread on this topic every other week.

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    -siiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh- This is crazy, ridiculous, stupid... this really makes me mad.

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    Wow, that is just disgusting...


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    Quote Originally Posted by Giselle

    Edited to add: You must be kidding me. This thing has got to be a spotted Chihuahua...
    That pup looks sickly to me..
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    What I don't understand about the "breeder" is how he's justifying his prices
    Mini's - Males $950 Femles $1500 "toys" Males - $1500 females $2500!
    But he also states that all pups need to be spayed/neutered and can't be bred - so why the high price for a female?

    Here's my theory - he bred down dals until they were significantly smaller and then they got mixed with smaller fine boned dogs - IGH, JRT, CHI, etc. and unfortunately, I bet he only kept the ones that came out white with black/blackish spots and called them mini dals.

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    I was looking everywhere for the prices..... OK so how many litter does he have every year?
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    I'm not Believing it!!!

    Reminds me a lot of the scam running in the Beagle business. We (my family) have had Beagles forever. About 5-6 years ago, I began seeing Newspaper, Magazine and Internet Ads for "Pocket Beagles". Apparently there was a movie which featured a "small" Beagle and was characterized as a "Pocket". Suddenly, there were all these Pocket Beagles available from all these so-called reputable breeders. ALL REALLY EXPENSIVE TOO!!!

    Bottom line, there are no "Pocket Beagles" in existence today, and haven't been since Queen Elizabeth days in merry ol' England. The breed died out due to a loss in popularity and favoritism for a larger, faster hound. If you really look at a lot of these advertised pockets. you can see an uncharacteristic resemblance to a Chiauhua. Some people who buy them even complain of their defensive disposition complete with body shakes and all - sound familiar?

    I think I see Chiuahua in these dogs too!!!

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    Dalmatian mini

    Quote Originally Posted by sammy101 View Post
    I was reading on another board and they had a thread about miniature dalmatians.I dont know if i believe it or not.
    what do you think?
    Be careful my Dalmatian mini lasted less than five years. No vet could fix him.

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    Mini dal owner

    Quote Originally Posted by Suki Wingy View Post
    Please email Gene at your own risk. He sent me a very nasty email with about a swear every two words. He called me a Lieing Fing B**ch but the whole word when I emailed him a whole thing CALMLY asking about the genectics and everything. I can't find my original email to him, although it was about the how tri-color is pretty uncommon and brindle is extremely rare in DalmatiAns, How they are very common in whippets and how the "dilutes" (blue) look like IGGYs to me. Also it is very obveous that they were crossed due to the messed up spotting. The standard and Dal
    Club of America emphsizes spotting and general shape to be the true type and specialty of the breed. I mentioned AKC as a refrence about twicee.

    this is from WDLB:
    I received a reply from Gene the mini dal guy. I will censor it, although he did not. Really sounds like someone you would want to do business with, doesn't it.
    Dear E.M. First off, What I do with my BLOODLINE is none of your f***in
    business. Why don't you stick your nose into the other miniature breeds'
    business. Show me any AKC dalmatian and I will show you a fault. I sell
    unique pets which have taken me over 18 years and a hundred thousand dollars
    to produce. I can garantee my pedigrees, AKC can't, because I know for a
    fact that AKC breeders have switched papers, registered puppies to a
    deceased parent and it goes on and on. AKC, no thanks, I'll let idiots like
    you support the handful of millionaires on the AKC board. You stupid
    fool.You don't have s**t for brains.My BLOODLINE is MINE, not yours or
    AKC's, but MINE and it is the only game in town. We go by my rules or you
    don't play. Other breeders can breed their imperfect dalmatians for show,
    breeding,etc.,etc.. The Worlds Only Miniature and Toy Dalmatians are bred to
    be a personal companion and PET. And, I don't have to have your f***in
    permisssion or I don't have to have AKC's f***ing permission. Before, you
    start comdeming something, that you don't know anything about, I would get
    on a plane and ask permission to come and see in person this new and
    exciting breed, before I made a fool out of myself, but thank god I'm not
    you. Gene Connell, Master Dog Breeder

    And my relpy:

    Well thank you very much, Master Dog Breeder, for your impulsive reply. I would very well guess I am rather more intelegent than you. It took me a long time to write out what I though was a well written, calm letter. I guess not. I am by no means wealthy, I just have seen the sweat and toil people put into making sure their dogs are as close to the standard as possible. I was not saying in any way that they are perfect. I think that if someone wanted just a pet they would adopt one of the millions of healthy stable pets on death row. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, and I wish you a good day.

    I almost want to find something to take him to court for.
    Hard to do that he dyed in 2019.
    I learned the hard way by buying one. Mine last 4 years , no vet could help him.

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