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Thread: Toy vs. Miniature

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    Toy vs. Miniature

    Does anyone know what makes some dogs toy and some miniature (i.e. Min Pin vs. Toy Fox Terrier) Does it have to do with height or weight?
    Someone who has a chihuahua and a toy fox terrier asked me this today and I couldn't give them a good answer. As best I can tell if toy is in the name, the dog is less than 10 in. Miniatures (such as the Min Pin) are still in the toy group, but are miniature as opposed to toy because they are taller than 10 in.? Am I anywhere close?

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    I can't speak for the other breeds, but in the case of poodles a toy is 10" or less at the shoulder, a miniature is between 10" and 15" at the shoulder, and a standard is anything over 15". I am only guessing but I would think each breed probably has its own standard relating to size.

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    I am not real sure, I think that Tango is a toy breed though. He weighs about 8-9 lbs.

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    Hmmm... I am not sure... I am kinda guessing that toy is smaller...
    Look under AKC at You can look there, but I am not sure.
    Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The AKC in this country decides what breeds are placed in what categories. They also decide what is a "miniature" and in Beagles' case, they show the different sizes under two separate categories, even with just a 2" difference. There's the 15-inch, which must be taller than 13 inches, but less than 15 inches at the shoulder, and the 13" which can be from 13" to almost 15" tall, so the names sizes seem to depend completely on the breed standards set by the official Kennel Clubs.

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