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Thread: anyone have miniature pinschers

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    anyone have miniature pinschers

    Hi I am new here. I like it here so far. I own 2 min pins and a cocker spaniel among neumerous other critters. the pins are my newest additions and I was wondering how many pin owners are on here too.
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    Nope, no min pins here currently but I've been thinking about possibly getting one (rescued, of course) one day. It's one of the only small breeds I think I may get. I'm more a big dog person but I've met quite a few of them and have completely fallen in love with them.

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    No Min Pins in our house either. But just give me time!

    I have a Toy Fox Terrier (very similar in personality to a Min Pin), a JRT mix, and a Shih Tzu.

    I would love to see picstures of your pets!

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