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Thread: no vets open,i thinkmy dog been poisoned

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    no vets open,i thinkmy dog been poisoned

    i was playing with my dog late last the morning he was still ok,this afternoon he aproached me,he was weak like he couldnt hold himself up,hes alert but stumbling,he also has an appetite,hes not foaming out the mouth or anything,and i see no injuries,i just hope he makes it through the night hes weaker now,he cant stand up at all,hes a five year old rott weighs about105 pounds,i noticed two days ago he was eating a little grass.any advise on what i can do will be still looking for a 24 hr vet,no luck.

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    I don't think grass could do that to him. It must be something else. Do you know your dog's vet's phone number?? If you do, call him right away!! He can tell you what to do, or maybe even come to look at your dog. If he can't stand up it's urgent.

    Please give him hugs for me. Please get better boy!! {{{HUGS}}}


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    Do you or a neighbor have any posionous plants in their yard he could have chewed on??


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    Hmm.. I don't know. Sometimes dogs eat grass to settle their stomachs or make themselves throw up. I would suggest just keeping him hydrated and keep looking for a vet..
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    Thanks Ashely!

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    Keep him hydrated and find an emergency vet. Don't try to give him something to make him throw up because you don't know what he got into. Did you notice if he picked up anything on the ground outside and ate it?
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    What color are his gums? Are they pale? This sounds similar to what I went through with my dog. She was very anemic. We still don't know what caused it and she's better. Have you tried finding an emergency vet? I don't think I'd wait till morning.

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    Hows he doing today?
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    Any news?


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