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Thread: please help urgent

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    please help urgent

    i have a 5 year ol rottie yesterday he was fine,today hes wobeling he like cant hold himself up ,hes alert playful even has an appetite not throwing up not foaming like hes almost paralized,today is sunday no vets open ,could someone with vetenerian back ground please help

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    I am sorry I have no experience, especially with Dogs, but it does not sound too good, has he been poisoned or anything, is there not a 24 hr vet close by, surely, i would advise you get him there pronto. Good luck, I hope it is nothing too serious.
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    You should post this under Dog General as more people will see it there. There are no vets here, and the best thing to do is call an emergency clinic if you are worried. Better to be out some $$$ than be burying your dog if it's serious.
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