I'm copying and pasting this from a list I'm on...anyone near (or know someone) near Sylmar CA that can locate this dog & her pups? Or at least feed her nutritious food till her pups are found?
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Subject: Sylmar , CA. - Mama dog & puppies in Sylmar need help! Needs to
get off the streets!

From: Harmon, [email protected]

[email protected] (@edd.ca.gov)

Sent: Thursday, January 26, 2006 8:27 PM

Mama dog & puppies in Sylmar need help

Dear friends,

I was asked to pass this email along.

Thank you for reading it. Hope everyone is well!

Please send out an alert for this dog that
needs to get off the streets, as animal control won't get her.


Smaller (Corgi size)

Black with a little white in the face

Longer hair

Recently has or had puppies (she has nipples)-please look for puppies if
you catch her. Has been there since Sunday for sure (possibly earlier)

Timid, would get close to people but wouldn't let anyone touch her


Near Home Depot in Sylmar, California

13000 block of Foothill Blvd,
Sylmar , CA. 91342

Exit McClay off of the 210 and go East

She lays/hangs out on the West Side of the parking lot near Quizno's on
the grass

The Home Depot cleans out the parking lot at 9 am, she leaves and then
comes back afterwards.

Hangs out in the area and eats out of the trash.

Kindest regards,

Robin Harmon
Volunteer Coordinator, LA Programs
Best Friends Animal Society