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Thread: Going to FLORIDA!!

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    Going to FLORIDA!!

    Woo hooo! My mom is getting a rather large bonus on her paycheck this week, so she is taking me, my brother, my sister and Gavin to Orlando, FL to see SeaWorld! I'm so excited! We are going the week of November 21st-25th.

    Question: Is there anything else in Orlando that would be cool to see? We will be there for a whole week, we need lots to do!


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    Disney World!!!!!!!!!

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    Hmm..Orlando has a lot of stuff to do. Other than the obvious theme parks, there are nightly carnivals, plenty of attractions, and great food. There is the Ripley Believe It or Not museum, and the House of Blues. One of the most famous attractions that I loved was Arabian Nights-a great dinner show featuring arabian horses and stunts. The cirque de soleil is also a popular show. There's also the Dolly Parton dinner show...a cattle round up dinner show I believe. Gatorland is cool too...a zoo with wrestling and such of crocs and alligators. And CityWalk is great eating, plus little shops and some clubs. (Although you probably won't be going to clubs with your mom )

    Oh, and the carnivals can be cool to check out-if your the daring type, right in the middle of Orlando there is a huge ball that you get into, and it slingshots you up into the sky. Plus all regular carnival rides, games, etc. You should have fun.
    Have fun!!

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    Have fun, Megan!


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    I haven't been yet but am really wanting to go here: They say it's really good but it's kind of expensive. There's also Universal Studios. You should really go there! They're having Halloween Horror nights there now.

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    Darn, too bad you're not coming a few days later or else i'd come and stalk you. I'll be in Utah though. There are a lot of tourist traps and theme parks over that way. City Walk in universal studios is a lot of fun. Margaritaville is a blast (and they have goooooooddd virgin margaritas. ) There's not cost to get into City Walk, but all it really is, is a bunch of shops/clubs/etc.

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    i was there 3 weeks ago*sigh* and i really really enjoyed seaworld alot.we used our AAA card to get the discount ticket price. i liked the shamu show (sit mid back, stage left, unless you want to get wet LOL) and the animal-dog/cat show, since they use rescue animals and the dogs enjoyed doing the show(smiles and waggy tails) . in symrna beach, about a 30 miles toward daytona beach, we had a really great dinner at a place called "The Garlic", great food, good service, pretty setting and it was the best resteraunt meal we had. i'll find out the name of the car rental place if you want it, we got a good, inexpensive, comfortable car with unlimited milage. have a goooood time, and remember the sunblock.
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