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    Question for anyone who knows anything about Florida right now.

    My son, his wife and her whole family are scheduled to fly to Kissimmee tomorrow morning for a week. I think they are crazy. It's one thing to be there accidently when something happens, but complete another to fly into a situation that might get bad.

    They are supposed to stay at a time-share condo until next Saturday. All I can see is the weather forecase of rain, rain and rain.

    What are the conditions there right now? What are the warnings being given out? Supply shortages? Gas shortages? Power situation?


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    I'm not sure how it is in Kissimmee right now but here it's sunny.
    There are thousands without power still from the last hurricane, floods, tree limbs everywhere, gas becomes almost nearly impossible to get when hurricane come closer and closer.

    Almost all of the staple items are out of stock in the grocery stores.

    The current Hurricane may not effect him over there, but the last one went right over there.

    Maybe he could call the condo place and ask about the situations there.

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    Right now it's not to bad. Suns out, but rain is coming later on today, of course.

    Really I think you friends are nuts to want to come down here. They say Tues we will get hit again and if it goes the way it's looks like, Kissimmee will get hit with some of Ivan. Right now they are evacating the Keys. No real warnings up yet for Florida, but they are telling us to get ready and stock up now. By Sat they say they should know more and the warnings will start.

    As for shortages, they are limiting us on gas, most stations are only getting reg gas in. Our BP stations are only allowing $20 fill ups. Yesterday, I got gas around 3 and at 6 they where out of gas again. So it's hit or miss around here.
    They will only do so much for gas as they need to keep the tank stations full in case Ivan hits. They can't afford to have the storage tanks empty in a hurricane, it needs the weight.

    Food is starting to come in now, yesterday most of the stores got supplies in and today some more are due in, but I expect they will be gone fast with everyone stocking up for Ivan.

    Power in Kissimmee is on and fine, so they are OK in that area.

    Honestly though tell your friends from a Florida gal that she says they need to stay home. This is not the place they want to be. And if Ivan does hit Florida, they will suffer just like the rest of us. No gas, no food and no power. It's not a fun way to live or visit. Also if Ivan does hit, we can't take any more rain here, so they should expect roads to be shut down. Long lines of cars trying to make it 5 miles down the road, within 1 hour. 3 hour waits for gas, no stores open etc etc.

    Really tell them, they don't want to be here. In some ways it's almost like another world here, all the things that you take for granted are gone or limited. We joke that soon it will be like that dumb movie Mad Max. Now I'm starting to think it might not be a joke. People are already fighting for gas, food, water etc in some areas and if Ivan does hit it will only get worse.

    Everyone should stay away for Florida if they can.
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    I agree. I can't believe they are even considering coming down here. I wouldn't even be here myself if I didn't have to work.

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    As long as they don't do anything to cause themselves to be a burden to others, it might be ok. If anything, I'm sure there are some places down there hurting for business that would welcome the tourist dollars.

    It might not be so dumb though, to tell them to pack some basics, like toilet paper, energy bars, emergency type stuff so that they can be self sufficient.

    They should call ahead though, to see how things are.

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