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Thread: poor cecil

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    poor cecil

    my brother got a cockatiel 3 months ago. one night he was playing with it (supervised) and put it back in its cage. he went to take a shower and when he came back the bird was dead! does anyone know why she died so suddenly??

    RIP little Cecil


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    There could be a number of reasons for a bird's sudden demise. They include:

    The self-clean feature on the oven
    Non-stick cookware
    Scented candles/incense/perfume

    Without knowing more about how the bird lived and what it ate, it's really hard to tell why it died. That is why I recomment a necropsy anytime a pet dies for no apparent reason.

    Thank you Wolf_Q!

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    ok, well he buried the bird, and isn't getting another one. he lives in arizona and i don't so i wouldent know about the oven, non sitck cookware, etc.


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