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Thread: Poor, poor Minion (pics)

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    Poor, poor Minion (pics)

    Well my allergies have been giving me a hard time lately so guess what time it was????? BATHTIME!!!! He did even better then his last bath, which was just a few days after I adopted him. My husband could not help but take some photos of the poor kitty:

    Ahhhh...warm towels. Mom, don't think this means I am happy with you now just because I enjoy being dried off with warm towels!

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    Poor Baby! He sure isn't enjoying himself at all!!! The close up picture was so cute. They all are! Thanks for sharing them.

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    Awww.... poor Minion...the pictures are cute though!

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    Awww, poor Minion looks so tiny in the sink...

    Hope you are feeling better soon.
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    aww, poor kitty! but what a GOOD kitty you were...if that had been one of my cats, there would be no pics, it would take every available person to help and even then there would be blood!
    human blood LOL

    take care Minion and rest after that terrible thing, that yucky bath!

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    Awww so cute!
    I love my furkid Neko!

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    In this one that water droplet makes him look like he's crying!!!

    I won't be posting pics of me bathing Bassett, because I have to get in the tub with her!!

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    Aaaawwww poor Minion - that last pic says it all -



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    Poor, poor little boy! This unhappy and accusing look on his face! But I'm surprised that he lets you do that though, Luna would NEVER allow me to do that!

    And you're taking Bassett with you in the tub? Wow!


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    You're such a good kitty Minion to let your Mommy bathe you. My cats would never let me do this. Even though you look very unhappy, the pics are still cute.
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    How funny, Nomilynn - my daughter has to do the same thing with our kitty to give him a bath, by climbing in the tub with him. I let her take care of bath detail, and I just sit and listen to the pitiful meows coming from the bathroom......poor baby! Even with towel drying and sometimes blow drying, it takes at least a day for his fur to get back completely to normal - he always looks very "spiky" after his bath.
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    Awwwwwwwwww poor poor POOR little Minion! She looks so sad!

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    Wow -he is really good about that bath stuff. I had to give Bo a bath once - not a happy experience.

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    He looks like he behaves rather well for his bath. But if you look strait into his eyes, you can tell that he is thinking of ways to get even for this humiliation.

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    Aww, poor Minion, he looks so sad when he is soaking wet.
    Umm, I think you got something in his eye in the extreme close up photo. He looks really sad there.
    I hope it has helped your allergies and I hope he has forgiven you now.

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