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Thread: Here are the pics i promised : )

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    Here are the pics i promised : )

    Here are the new pictures of my furkids
    Cheyanne is the 4yr old whippet mix and Aspen is the cattledog/ terrier mix 7 mths and last but not least is Phoenix are new basenji he's 9 mths

    Cheyanne giving Phoenix a head lock

    After a dog at the doggie park

    Here's Phoenix watching over his big sister

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    My bed was made before they got in it.And decided they wanted it alittle more lumpy LOL Sorry for the pictures not being very clear and that there so big i'm new to the scanning and posting thing.

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    They are all so beautiful, My pup likes my bed lumpy too!!!(Or should i say his bed?)
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    It's nice to see your family. Quite a nice looking group of dogs you have there. Cheyanne is a very pretty little girl. and Phoenix is very handsome. Aspen is a smaller guy than I expected, what a cutie. So it looks like everyone is getting along fine. (?)

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    I spy a Basenji!
    people just look at me weird when i say that around here.. and ask me 'what the heck is a Basenji'

    they are such a neat breed of dog. id love to have one someday.

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    Yes finnaly everybody's getting along i never had a problem with Phoenix and Aspen but Cheyanne can be moody She's more of a people dog But she does like some dogs usally as long as there smaller then her and she usally loves Basenji's Phoenix was very very hyper when we got him so i think that's why she was little stand of ish he 's learning to calm down i think it was just from the life he was in before he was in a crate for 14 hrs a day and when he got out of course he was hyper and the former owners did'nt really know how to take care of him he would get to hyper that he would nip and believe me it hurts and they would just muzzle him instead of training him not to he's getting better at that now and as you can see in this next picture Cheyanne is putting her paw down to help him break that behavior And of course Aspen is camara ready

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    They are very cute! Thanks for sharing them with us!!
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    *DIES* I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Basenjis!!!! ^__^ such gorgeous babies you have!!
    R.I.P. Pidge & Charlie <3

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    What a great looking group of doggies!

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