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Thread: The pics I promised ;)

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    The pics I promised ;)

    Here are the pics I said I'd take this weekend, enjoy!


    Pixie watching the snow fall.

    all done, snow must be borrrring...

    Pixie and Merecedes were playing... Mercedes would put her head on the chair and pixie would jump on her. Mercedes would get all excited and run around the room

    and last I heard a crash and went to see what it was and Pixie was stuck in here. So of course she had to wait a min to get rescued as I ran for my camera

    Thanks for looking.

    Daughter Zoey is 2 !!!!
    Jasmine 1 month

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    One more look at this pic Fifa has his one arm around Pixie
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    Daughter Zoey is 2 !!!!
    Jasmine 1 month

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    Awwwwww what lovely pics of Pixie and Fifa, especially the one of Fifa with his arm around Pixie. Too adorable.

    I can just picture Mercedes running around after Pixie jumped on him. That must have been a hoot to see.

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    YOU are a PURRRFECT PT Meowmie! Grab that camera first when they get themselves in those unexpected situations to post for the rest of us to see!! TOooooo cute!! That Pixie is as beautiful as ever and Fifa is awesome!

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Cute! Pixie looks so fascinated by the falling snow, both my girls love to watch the snow too.

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    Awwww...what two sweet cats!!!

    Thanks Kay!!

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    Cute pics!

    Loved the one with the two kitties together!

    Thanks to krazyaboutkatz for the cute avatar and wolf_Q for the cute siggy!

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    Nice pictures, love the one of them together.

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    Cute photos! Thanks for sharing. Pixie is way too adorable!
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    Cute cute !! I love the "trapped-cat"-pic

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