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Thread: It's been awhile..

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    It's been awhile..

    Hi, everyone!
    Me and Camen have been so busy with summer, that we haven't had time to chat with all pet talk 'er friends.
    We"ve gone camping, boating, off- trailing. hiking.....and a whole lot of fun stuff.
    Here are a few pics of camen being a good boy lying in the moss to take some pics and one in our yard!
    Hope you enjoy and we'll be posting some more pics soon!

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    at beginning of the script.
    welcome back, kimboe!!

    wow, busy! in those pictures, looks like camen has the longest leggies. cute. I especially like camen's expression in last..

    where did you both went for camping? I just got back from utah/california camping, we had a great time too!
    rest and sleep softly sweet locke..

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    Oh i forgot how cute he is!!!!
    looks like hes enjoying the cam attenion too

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    We went to the local lakes around here in Ab
    And we're making plans to go to the mountains this weekend to see the big caves before the bats go into hibernation.
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