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Thread: Seems it has been awhile!

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    Seems it has been awhile!

    Hi there, peoples! 'Tis me, Willy.

    Mum has been a been over the top here, lately, she's been rather worried about some of us. So I'm taking over the keyboard to share some photos, been in the camera almost a month!

    I love to chill out in Poppa Nonno's lap (thanks Auntie Lin for the new name!)

    Even tho I have years of experience stealing socks, he and Mum have been trying to redirect me. Hmm, seems maybe SOME days, I let them, ha haaa.

    Diz was one morning when we had a heavy dew. Mum wasn't pleased, dunno why!

    I gotz a owie, kept licking and licking at it. Next thing I know, Mum took me to a store and put THIS thing on me.

    I been in dis around the clock for over 3 days now. I manage fine to eat, drink, sleep and play wif it on. I gotz a toy and took it up on a recliner myself, so dis thing isn't interfering wif me too much.

    I havez to take a pill inna morning and agin at night. Mum been putting it in a bit of hot dog. Dis morning I decided I had enough, refused to eat it. So now she is tempting me wif peanut butter. Well, I took it THIS TIME, but we shall see what I do in da future. Its a plastic capsule, and I doesn't like it. HMPF!

    I gotz more pics for ya to peak at!

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    Dis be Sugar. Her was sick yesterday morning, and later in da day Mum started snapping pics of her.

    Lacey stayed close by Sugar most of da day. Mum said it was sweet. I didn't see da point, dere was no treats involved!

    Mum was making all of us puppers nuts, her decided she needed pics of all of us. Well, no one wanted to look! Lacey


    Mum finally caught him

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    Wiff Tommy and Bobby in da back

    Tasha finally looked, but she wasn't pleased. Mum been chasing her around wif da flashy thing.

    Well, dat's all dere is. Dunno what getz into Mum, Sugar gets sick and her decides she gotz to get pics of all of us. Weird human!

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    Thank you Willy for helping mom out by posting these pics. We know she's been busy with all of you! You're all such cuties, two kittys included.
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    Cute pics! They are smiling!
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    Awww your mom just loves you. Great pics of the fluffs.

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    Aww, what sweet pictures of you all. Although you didn't cooperate, your mom managed to get some good shots. The close-up of Tasha is adorable!

    I hope the pill taking will be over soon and you fell all better!

    Scritches to all!

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    Thanks for telling us what's been going on Willy. Yes, sometimes the flashy box can be annoying but we just want some pictures to help us remember you. Great pictures.
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    Hey Willy, thanks for the update on you & the gang. Moms get funny
    feelings at times & want to capture all the memories of the ones she loves
    so much. She also shares them with your fans like me.
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    Hello, Willy and thank you for the fluff-update! I'm so glad you helped out mum and Poppa by sharing these photos with us! I agree exactly with what lizbud said about capturing memories and sharing them with with your fans like me! ((HUGS))
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    Great job Willy!! We know Mom is having some troubles lately. I loed reading your captions and looking at all the wonderful pictures. Hang in there, buddy, Mom will be problem free soon. Thanks again!!

    I've been Boo'd...
    Thanks Barry!

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